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The UK's bestGas BBQs2022 Review

What To Look For in a Gas BBQs

Finding the best gas BBQ will depend on how many people you want to feed. A cooking area of around 50 x 50 cm is perfect for 4 – 6 people. For bigger gatherings, a rectangular range with an area of around 70 x 40 cm will work well.

The number of burners is also worth considering. A BBQ with 1 – 2 burners will feed a maximum of 4 people. 3 – 6 burners are best for bigger ranges. They give you the flexibility to cook various foods simultaneously. Choose a BBQ with an additional side burner if you also want to cook sauces, fry onions, or boil veg

If manoeuvrability is important to you, you should choose a BBQ under 20 kg. Many of the best gas BBQs will be fitted with castor wheels and brakes, making them a lot easier to move. Extra features such as side shelves, under-grill storage and a built-in thermometer are worth looking out for, as they make cooking easier. 

There are some BBQs that make tidying up more straight-forward as well. If you don’t want to mess around after dinner, you might want to look for a BBQ with dividable griddle trays, made from stainless steel. These often fit right in the dishwasher and save a lot of work. 

I’ve chosen the Fire Mountain 3 Burner Gas Barbecue as my top choice. This large BBQ has a sleek steel appearance, 63 x 42 cm cooking area and will feed up to 10 people. It starts with piezo ignition and features three powerful burners that provide 36,000 BTU overall.  

Check out the reviews below for more details about this product and some other great gas BBQs. 

What Are The UK's Best Gas BBQs?

best-gas-bbq Fire Mountain 3 Burner Gas Barbecue
  • Reliable piezo ignition
  • 3 burners - 36,000 BTU
  • Built-in temperature gauge
best-gas-bbq Outdoorchef City 420 Gas Kettle
  • Compact, high-quality design
  • Piezo ignition
  • One main burner
best-gas-bbq CosmoGrill 6+1 Gas Burn Grill BBQ
  • 6 burners!
  • Piezo ignition for each burner
  • Large capacity
best-gas-bbq Charles Bentley 7 Burner Premium Gas BBQ
  • Large and versatile gas BBQ
  • Premium quality
  • 4 castor wheels with brakes

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Reliable piezo ignition, 3 burners - 36,000 BTU, Built-in temperature gauge,

Fire Mountain 3 Burner Gas Barbecue

best-gas-bbq Fire Mountain 3 Burner Gas Barbecue
  • Reliable piezo ignition
  • 3 burners - 36,000 BTU
  • Built-in temperature gauge
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Fire Mountain 3 Burner Gas Barbecue Review

One fate that can often befall BBQ grills is rust, but the Fire Mountain 3 Burner Gas Barbecue is made from high-quality stainless steel with a cast-iron grill plate and griddle making it more robust than a lot of models on the market.

Not only does this construction help with durability, but it also has a great appearance – this is the sort of modern, steel-finished range that looks great on the patio; the sort of unit that will get friends flocking round because they know you’ve got the BBQ sorted!

It has a large cooking area of 63 x 42 cm which is a decent size for large families and the odd gathering as well. There are also a fair few features included which help make grilling easier.

For starters, it’s powerful – each of the three burners burn at 12,000 BTU, giving you 36,000 BTU of cooking power in total. Whether you’re cooking steaks, burgers or jacket potatoes, your hungry guests won’t be waiting long.

Starting it up is really straight forward as well – no need for matches or lighters etc. – the piezo ignition means it’ll start every time as easily as a gas hob, and the heat output is instant.

On the large cooking area there is a griddle and grill, as well as a warming rack. The drip tray below catches the majority of drips; however, it is a little on the shallow side so the BBQ needs to be placed on a very level surface, otherwise fat can spill out. This is probably the biggest negative of this BBQ, although everything is generally easy to clean.

The pull-down hood has a built-in temperature gauge so you can keep it closed whilst roasting food, keeping the process quick as you don’t need to keep letting heat out to check how everything’s cooking.

Another useful feature are the two side shelves which are ideal for keeping plates or cutlery on whilst food is being prepared, and you can even hang utensils off the side.

It’s worth mentioning that there is a fair amount of DIY construction required when this BBQ arrives; you’ll probably be looking at an assembly time of around two to three hours, but the instructions are relatively straight forward, so it’s mostly just a case of being methodical. Just don’t try putting it together in a rush right before guests come round!


  • The large cooking area can cater for around 10 people, although you may need to stagger the cooking
  • The drip tray slides out easily which makes it straight forward to clean
  • Griddle trays divide into 3 pieces making them easy to clean in the sink


  • The walls of the drip tray are a little low and can overflow easily, especially if the BBQ isn't on a level surface
  • Whilst made of good quality materials, should still be covered and protected during bad weather to prevent damage
  • Assembly will likely take between 2 - 3 hours
Compact, high-quality design, Piezo ignition, One main burner ,

Outdoorchef City 420 Gas Kettle

best-gas-bbq Outdoorchef City 420 Gas Kettle
  • Compact, high-quality design
  • Piezo ignition
  • One main burner
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Outdoorchef City 420 Gas Kettle Review

Finding a gas BBQ that will fit neatly into a corner isn’t always easy – especially as the gas canister often takes up additional space.

Fortunately, this small, round Outdoorchef City 420 Gas Kettle only measures 90 cm high and 67 cm across, and it can run off a small 5 kg canister.

As a result, it’s one of the best gas BBQs for small areas like balconies and decking, plus it can also fit into the car to be taken on camping trips. It only weighs 12 kg which makes it a lot easier to transport and generally lift around than many other gas BBQs.

The cooking area measures just under 40 cm, which might seem small compared to other BBQs featured on this page, but it’s actually still large enough to cook a whole chicken in, so that gives quite a good idea of its size.

Even if you have a bit more space, but you just want a straight-forward, easy-to-use BBQ, this is a good option to cook for 2 – 3 people at a time, and it’s suitable for beginners too.

There’s one burner, which is controlled using a dial on the front of the unit, and it’s easy to light as well thanks to the piezo ignition. Even though it might not have the several burners of other models, it can still reach temperatures of around 250 °C, which you can check without lifting the lid, using the built-in thermometer.

Whilst everything else seems well thought through, the one lacking feature is the absence of a place to hang the lid. If you do choose to take it off partway through cooking, it can be tricky to find a safe space to rest the hot metal dome. A bit of forethought can help, so it’s something to be aware of before you start cooking.


  • Compact size makes it suitable for small balconies, patios and gardens
  • Large enough to roast a whole chicken inside
  • Entire BBQ weighs just 12 kg, so it’s relatively easy to move around the garden
  • Serves approximately 2 - 3 people at a time
  • If you get a pizza stone separately, it can be used to cook pizzas


  • Not suitable for large get togethers or families due to the small 39.5 cm cooking area
  • The instructions are relatively vague, pictorial images, so assembly can take longer than you might expect
  • There's no place to hang the lid which means it is difficult to take off the BBQ in the middle of cooking
6 burners!, Piezo ignition for each burner, Large capacity ,

CosmoGrill 6+1 Gas Burn Grill BBQ

best-gas-bbq CosmoGrill 6+1 Gas Burn Grill BBQ
  • 6 burners!
  • Piezo ignition for each burner
  • Large capacity
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CosmoGrill 6+1 Gas Burn Grill BBQ Review

With six individually-controlled burners, the CosmoGrill 6+1 Gas Burn Grill BBQ has more power than the majority of indoor kitchen stove tops…!

It’s one of the best gas BBQs to go for if you’re looking to have a lot of grilling control, something that can help to accurately cook a lot of different foods to be ready for the same time.

Plus, if you don’t need to use all six of the stainless-steel burners at once, you don’t have to light them all, so it’s not a case of just using fuel for fuel’s sake.

In terms of size, it’s a large model, with a 74 x 41 cm cooking area that consists of a grill, warming rock and side burner. No matter how full you’ve got the grills, you can still be frying something up on the side or cooking a sauce.

Naturally, with such a large cooking area, it’s a big unit, measuring 141 x 103 x 50 cm overall; therefore, it requires quite a lot of space in the garden, both for BBQing and storage. Whilst you could leave it outside with a cover, you’ll probably want to store it inside when possible, so it’s a case of considering how much storage room you have available as well.

One advantage of its large size is that it is big enough to have a storage cupboard underneath – this can successfully conceal a large gas canister, meaning it doesn’t have to be an eyesore whilst cooking (or at any other time either).

Flame tamers come as standard, and sit below the grill, over the top of the burners. They’re multifunctional: protecting the burners from any food drips whilst also vaporising the drips to give that flavoursome smoky effect that BBQs are so popular for. When the grills are ready for cleaning, they can be removed to fit in most dishwashers, or certainly the sink, making cleaning easy.

There’s also a grease pan to capture fat that drops from your food which is easy to remove and clean.

Finally, the double-walled aluminium hood has a built-in thermometer so you can know what’s going on inside without the need to open the BBQ and lose heat. And there’s a side table to help with preparation whilst cooking.

Of course, as a slightly cheaper model than some of the other big ranges featured here, it doesn’t have quite the same quality construction as reputable brands. However, as mentioned – as long as you are careful with storage, and clean it well, you should be able to continue to enjoy a large BBQ that can cater to many guests.


  • Storage space under the unit makes it easy to conceal the gas canister out of sight
  • Has a large 74 x 41cm cooking area that can cater to over 15 people at a time
  • Relatively easy to put together although the instructions could be clearer
  • Each burner is individually controlled, as there are 6 dials, so you can choose how many to use
  • The grill plates are easy to clean either by hand or in the dishwasher


  • Gap between the back the grill and the hood means it’s easy to drop food down the back
  • The dials are made from chrome-coated plastic which feels lower quality than metal
  • No regulator or hose included so they will need to be purchased separately
Large and versatile gas BBQ, Premium quality, 4 castor wheels with brakes,

Charles Bentley 7 Burner Premium Gas BBQ

best-gas-bbq Charles Bentley 7 Burner Premium Gas BBQ
  • Large and versatile gas BBQ
  • Premium quality
  • 4 castor wheels with brakes
Save 11% on Amazon

Charles Bentley 7 Burner Premium Gas BBQ Review

As the largest unit featured here, this Charles Bentley 7 Burner Premium Gas BBQ is a great choice for feeding large groups of people.

If you’re planning a few summer parties, or have a couple of July/August birthdays to celebrate, this is one of the best gas BBQs for entertaining. Due to its sheer size, with a cooking area measuring 77 x 42 cm, you’ll be able to make a lot of food in one go.

It has a total of seven gas burners – six under the main grill area and one to the side for cooking on with a saucepan. They’re all individually controlled by separate dials, resulting in a lot of scope when it comes to picking the right temperature or cooking different foods.

Whilst the six main burners give you a large and adaptable cooking space on their own, the additional side burner is perfect for frying onions, eggs, or whatever else people may want in either burgers. You could even heat up a peppercorn sauce for a steak…

Plus, there’s storage space underneath, as well as three hooks for hanging utensils and a sauce rack.

In terms of manoeuvrability, if you have a lot of hard, level surfaces in your garden, you’ll find this BBQ very easy to move around. Granted, it can be pulled across most other terrain too, but given that it has four wheels whilst most BBQs only have two, it’s especially simple to move across a patio or decked area.

In case of sudden rain, this easy movement can come in very handy; the brakes can quickly be flicked off, and the whole BBQ moved, without the need to tip it up and disrupt everything to take advantage of its wheels.

The warming rack runs along the full width of the BBQ and the temperature inside is maintained well when the hood is closed. Plus, you can check on the temperature without losing heat thanks to the built-in thermometer.

It should be kept out of the elements as much as possible to avoid rust – buying a suitable cover is a must, and storing the BBQ inside when not in use is advisable too.


  • The integrated hooks and small racks can be used for many different functions: holding utensils, sauces, cheeses, cleaning supplies, etc.
  • Most customers are able to assemble this BBQ in around 2 hours
  • Large 77 x 42 cm cooking area that can be used to serve food to a lot of guests making it a good choice for parties
  • It’s easy to control the heat and create a variety of temperature zones for different foods


  • Needs to be covered and well maintained otherwise it may rust
  • It's reasonable quality for the price, but many users seem to think that the parts could be of better quality
  • The interior is susceptible to rust unless it is well maintained - some people opt to cover it in heat-resistant paint)

How to Choose The Best Gas BBQ

There’s nothing better than stepping outside and smelling the delicious smoky aroma of food sizzling on the BBQ – ahh, the perfect smell of summer!

Then comes the devastating realisation that the smell is coming from your neighbour’s garden, not yours.

Perhaps they’ll invite you over? But then again… is that really what you want?

If you don’t want to rely on a potential invitation from your neighbours, you’ll be pleased to know that a gas BBQ makes it very easy to spontaneously grill food – you can go from thinking about having a BBQ, to eating from it, all in the space of an hour.

There’s none of the same faff of waiting hours for it to heat up as with charcoal BBQs. If the sun suddenly comes out, you’ll be ready to go almost instantly. Gas BBQs are gaining popularity fast and there’s a huge number on the market to choose from.

If you’re considering purchasing a gas BBQ but you’re not sure what to look out for, the following tips should help inform your decision:

There are pros and cons to both gas and charcoal BBQs, and the topic of which BBQ to go for can be quite divisive. Here’s a quick overview of the main advantages and disadvantages of each model:

Gas BBQs


  • Easy to use and quick to heat up – some gas BBQs only take around 5-10 minutes to reach an optimum cooking temperature.
  • Allow for very precise temperature setting – no mysteries about how hot or not the grill is!
  • Direct and constant heat.
  • Many gas BBQs come with side burners which mean you can heat a pan or saucepan on the side.
  • Perfect for spontaneous barbecues!


  • You have to buy and dispose of gas canisters, as well as have them visible on your patio whilst BBQing unless the unit has a way to conceal them.
  • May not create as ‘smoky’ a flavour as charcoal BBQs.

Charcoal BBQs


  • Versatile and extremely hot.
  • Often cheaper than gas BBQs
  • Indirect grilling is more frequently possible.
  • Food has a ‘smoky’ flavour thanks to the burning of the coal.


  • Difficult heat control.
  • Smaller cooking areas.
  • Takes at least 30 – 40 mins to heat up and can be difficult to light in the first place.

As you can see, the type of BBQ that you opt for really depends on your personal preference and what’s most important to you.

If you’re the type of person who wants to be able to have a BBQ at the drop of the hat, a gas BBQ will allow you to quickly have a grill that is ready to cook on.

If you’re more interested in getting that authentic smoky BBQ flavour, and don’t mind putting in a bit more work both during the heating stage and the cooking process, a charcoal BBQ might well be a better option for you.

Even if you’re trying to cook for a group – of four to six people, for example – you still don’t necessarily need a very large BBQ.

If you opt for a gas-powered unit, even a small one with just two burners and a cooking area of somewhere around 50 x 50 cm should be suitable for this many people.

Of course, if you’re someone who frequently hosts bigger parties and events in the summer, you’ll benefit from having a larger BBQ to cook more food at the same time. The biggest ranges featured here have have cooking areas of around 70 x 40 cm. Having 4 – 6 burners will give you flexibility to cook different foods at the same time, which can come in handy when hosting a lot of different guests.

Large gas BBQs with more burners will be more expensive to buy than smaller models. However, if you look for individually controlled burners, you won’t need to always have them all ignited when cooking which can at least save gas.

If having a portable BBQ is important to you, there are some gas models which are small enough to fit into the boot of the car. These can then be taking on holiday, camping, or to friend’s houses. Of course, you’ll also need to transport the gas as well, so keep this in mind when measuring if the BBQ will fit in the car.

This brings us onto weight; even some small BBQs can be quite heavy which may make them difficult to manoeuvre. Larger BBQ ranges can sometimes weigh up to 60 kg. Therefore, it’s important to check where you’re going to store the BBQ, and if it has wheels.

Whilst most BBQs can be stored outside, with a cover, through most of summer, when the colder weather arrives it’s good to store them away. Therefore, you’ll need to consider if your BBQ is too heavy for you to move in and out of storage.

Wheels are obviously a huge help across flat ground, and can also come in handy when BBQing. If your BBQ has four wheels (instead of two), you’ll be able to move it around much more easily without disturbing the BBQ itself.

This can be helpful if there’s a sudden rain storm or if the wind changes direction and smoke starts blowing over the guests from the BBQ’s current position.

Castor wheels with brakes are the best for hard, level surfaces. These are super sturdy and move easily as well. If you’ll be taking your BBQ across tougher terrain, like the lawn, it might be easier to move a BBQ with two large wheels.

Gas BBQs can come with a number of extra features which are well worth having if you’re entertaining guests.

Some BBQs come with side shelves which are great for storing bread rolls, condiments or plates and cutlery. You may also get storage space underneath, which can be used for storing equipment and tools, or the gas canister itself.

Most models have either a hinged lid, or a round one that you take off, and ideally you want a BBQ with a built-in thermometer so you can check whether the food is cooked without lifting the lid and losing heat.

You may get a BBQ with an additional side burner for use with saucepans and pans. These can be used to prepare accompaniments such as beans, onions or sauces. This means that all the cooking can be done at the BBQ, instead of requiring you to split your time between the kitchen and the outdoor grill.

Finally, look out for BBQs with warming racks which are another handy feature. These keep food warm whilst other items are cooking, and can also be used for roasting and baking (that’s right – you can even do potatoes in the barbie!).

A lot of people who use gas BBQs like to cook with lava rocks or vaporiser bars. A lot of BBQs may come with these already. Lava rocks sit on the BBQ grate and can help distribute the heat more evenly. Vaporiser bars can help create a bit more of an authentic, smoky BBQ taste.

When it comes to gas BBQs, you basically have two fuel choices – butane or propane. These are the most common gases used for home BBQing.

Butane comes in blue cylinders, and propane comes in red. Smaller bottles of propane may be sold in green bottles, under the term ‘patio gas’ (because they’re often used to fuel gas-powered patio appliances).


Propane is a popular choice for people living in colder climates. This is because it has a very low boiling temperature of -42°C.

As a result, its a great choice for year-round BBQing, including BBQs in the winter. Whilst winter BBQs may not appeal to everyone, if there is a chance that you’ll want to do one, propane is a good gas to use.

There are some people who prefer the taste of food which has been cooked using propane fuel over butane. This is something that you might like to personally experiment with, but it’s worth bearing in mind that you might notice a difference between the two.

Propane has also been shown to produce more heat than butane.


Butane will still be a good choice for almost year-round BBQing. It has a boiling temperature of -2°C which means that it won’t be a very good fuel in very cold weather, but for most of the year in the UK it will work just fine.

Butane flows especially well in warm temperatures, so it’s great for summer BBQing.

It’s marginally cheaper than propane, plus it doesn’t burn as fast. Therefore, you’ll might end up having to buy it less frequently as well. This also makes it a good choice if you have BBQs frequently, as you won’t burn through your fuel supplies unnecessarily quickly.

Using a Regulator

You will need to use a regulator hose to connect the gas to the BBQ. These are very important as they control the flow of gas to the BBQ and stop too much from being used at a time.

Some BBQs come with a regulator provided, but that’s not the case with all models. Plus, different gas canisters will require a different-size regulator. If a regulator comes with your BBQ, you will need to find out what gas canister head it fits on to. If your BBQ does not come with a regulator, you can buy the gas canister that you want, and find a regulator to fit it.

Standard green patio gas bottles will require a 27 mm propane clip-on regulator. In general, there are a lot of different ‘fastenings’ for regulators, though they will most likely be clip on or screw on.


You should clean the grills every time after using the BBQ to remove any leftover food and grease. Some BBQs have grills that can fit into the dishwasher, but you may also find that you can wash them in the sink.

When in frequent use, you should clean the entire interior of your BBQ approximately every three months. Clean the exterior once a month.

How to clean a gas BBQ: Always disconnect the gas tank before cleaning. Use a grate cleaner and grill brushes to clean the grills, interior, and vaporiser bars. After leaving the grate cleaner to settle for 30 – 60 seconds, scrape off any grease. Always be careful not to use tools that could scratch or damage any parts of the BBQ. Use a cloth to wipe everything.

Don’t re-assemble the BBQ until everything has thoroughly dried. After putting the BBQ back together, spray the grate with a non-stick finish.

Gas barbecues are:

  • Easy to use and quick to heat up.
  • Fantastic for very precise temperature setting – there are no mysteries about how hot or not the grill is!
  • Great at delivering direct and constant heat.
  • Perfect for spontaneous barbecues!
  • Versatile – most have individually controlled burners making it easy to cook different foods.

Regulator hoses control how much gas is able to flow from the canister to the BBQ. Without a regulator, you would be risking gas flowing too quickly.

Different size regulators are available to connect to different size canisters. If your BBQ comes with a regulator hose already, you will need to find out what type of gas canister it is compatible with.

If it doesn’t comes with a regulator hose, you can choose what size gas canister you would like to use, and then buy an appropriate hose.

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