In this guide we’ll take a look at the best Artificial Christmas Trees for the UK market.
I’ve compared appearance, effect, size and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Artificial Christmas Tree?

  • Features
  • 7 ft Victorian pine tree
  • 1,577 PVC Tips for a full bushy effect
  • 500 LED lights that flash, twinkle and chase
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Real pine cone decoration
  • Snowy effect
  • Extra long needles
  • Cost
  • Features
  • 6 foot by 4 foot
  • 100% PE Tips
  • Room for decorations
  • Cost
  • Features
  • 7-foot high x 35 inches
  • Spray ‘crystals’ for shimmer and shine
  • Easy storage
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Lush green look
  • Very Easy to assemble
  • Good value for money
  • Cost

More Detailed Artificial Christmas Tree Reviews

7 Foot Pre-Lit Victorian Christmas Tree

This 7 Foot Pre-Lit Victorian Christmas Tree is traditional and modern in one perfect bundle. It wins top spot for the best artificial Christmas tree for the money!

It’s a whopping 7 foot high and 4’ 6” inches in diameter so a bit wider than most and about as big as they come, but you won’t struggle to put the tree up because it’s a hinged construction that’s easy to manoeuvre.

Continuing the ‘easy’ theme this tree is pre-lit with 500 LED lights that use less power and are tougher than standard lights. The fact you won’t have to lasso a loop of free-standing lights around the seven-foot tip should bring a sigh of relief.

Its LED lights are warm white, which is the cosiest plain colour around, and they have eight different pattern settings ranging from static to chasing and twinkle. The pattern is set with a simple multi-function controller.

The all-important tip count is big. Its 1577 tips, the largest amount in my recommendations, that combine to give a realistic look. It’s nice and thick like a real tree but without all the mess.

The metal stand is foldable and plenty sturdy enough to support its own weight plus the ornaments you chose to decorate it with. It looks cat proof too.

This is a lovely tree for big rooms and well worth that bit extra for the massive tip count – but then if you’re using this for 10 years or more it’s a total bargain. It’s the best artificial Christmas tree on the list.

6 Foot ‘Natural-Snowed’ Christmas tree

Here’s a 6 Foot ‘Natural-Snowed’ Christmas tree that encapsulates a traditional Christmas.

It’s ‘naturally snowed’ and decorated with snowy glitters to resemble a traditional winter’s day. It looks great with an artificial robin sat in the snowy bits – just a suggestion!  The branches are real pine imitation with extra-long with thick needles to help decorate – thick needles mean less slippage.

This is an obliging six foot high by 35 inches that fits into most spaces in an urban home. There are no lights BUT real pine cones instead – what more could you ask for at Christmas? Snow you say?

Well, here’s the snow! The tips of this tree are capped in silver-white glitter bristles for a snowy effect. They catch the fairy lights and twinkle. It’s is a very nice touch that’s popular with lovers of bling and all things shiny.

Prettiness aside this is a practical tree too. It has a folding metal stand that supports its weight, and it breaks down into three pieces so it’s easy to put up and take down.

A great value pretty tree that kids, in particular, will just love. Its lovely design makes this one of the best artificial Christmas trees for the UK market.

6 Foot Real Feel Christmas Tree

This 6 Foot Real Feel Christmas Tree is a sturdy and plain but attractive artificial Christmas tree that won’t interfere with your decorating theme.

Measuring six foot high, this is a good size for most homes as it won’t overcrowd the room or scrape the ceiling of a standard sized sitting room.

It’s made from PE rather than PVC which lends a natural look and feel to the branches. There are 1100 tips which is a good number on an artificial tree. They measure 12.5cms long and 0.4cms wide ensuring it looks nice and full too.

The tips fan out into a star-shape that leaves lots of room for baubles, plus the bottom two rows have double branches so the skirt is fluffy – a petticoat if you will, to give it volume. This tree is a decorator’s dream because it doesn’t presume to interfere with your carefully crafted colour theme.

Branches are hinged in 3 sections to help you put it together easily (and the dreaded taking down) Storage is simple – just pop it back in the box for next year.

Lots of lights will hold on the thick branches, or fewer lights and more baubles depending on your taste. Decorate it whichever you way you please, there’s no distraction or snowy extras to work around.

This is a dependable artificial tree that looks realistic and without any gaudiness. If you are looking for a classic Christmas tree this has to be one of the best artificial Christmas trees to go for!

7ft Snow Covered Pine With Crystals

This 7ft Snow Covered Pine With Crystals is a fairytale tree straight from a Victorian Christmas scene.

Measuring a huge 7 foot tall by a skinny 35 inches it’s taller and thinner than some offerings and great for a narrow space like the landing or a sitting room with high ceiling.

Best of all this snow-covered pine imitation tree has sprays of glitter crystals attached to branch tips. This frosting shimmers in the fairy lights to bring the festive spirit.

The crystals are spread throughout the tree alongside glitter-sprayed pinecones that sit on a slightly white section of the branch. This highlights the cones which is a nice touch. It’s feeling very jolly in here with all this glam and glitter.

As with all the better artificial trees, this snow-covered offering breaks down into component parts for easy construction and packing away.

The stand could be better in my opinion. It’s plastic, but so long as you don’t let children or egg-nog filled friends hang on the branches then it’ll hold its decorated weight.

Some folk don’t like an ‘over-the-top’ pre-decorated tree, but frankly, if you can’t let your hair down at Christmas you aren’t doing it right. Let the glitter commence.

Sandal Stars 6 Foot Fibre Optic Christmas Tree

This Sandal Stars 6 Foot Fibre Optic Christmas Tree is a great value artificial LED tree for smaller spaces.

This tree is a bargain – and bargains are all the more welcome at Christmas time when your wallet slowly haemorrhages cash.

It’s a six-foot tall skinny tree which makes it a great fit in small rooms, and the 220 tip branches are flexible to help get it into position easily. If you have an oddly-shaped corner or need some room on the stairs, bend the branches to fit.

Fibre optic lights are spread evenly throughout the tree, so the infuriating annual ‘light-gap’ is banished forever, in fact, you don’t even need to decorate this one.

The coloured lights range through green, blue and pink in various patterns. It’s very modern and lovely with the lights turned down. Your sitting room is transformed into a proper Santa’s grotto with this Christmas cracker.

It has fewer tips than others and this is reflected in the price, but it still looks pretty lush and green – you just have more room for decorations in the gaps. Some prefer it that way too after 50 years of collecting expensive baubles.

Again, it has a plastic stand which I’m not keen on, but the tree is lightweight so it doesn’t matter so much.

All in all, it’s a lovely little festive bargain that brings lots of holiday cheer. If you are on a budget this might be one of the best artificial Christmas trees for the UK market.

Artificial Christmas Tree Buying Advice

Buy the Right size

Get your tape measure out and see what height will fit your chosen space. A lot of us like to get the biggest tree we can but when it’s brushing the ceiling that Christmas feeling evaporates fast. The best artificial Christmas trees should fit around six inches shorter than the ceiling.

It’s worth thinking about the width too. It’s no good if the bushy branches cover half your TV screen – I mean, Goldfinger is on again and who wants to miss that? Slim-line trees are very popular in smaller living spaces for that exact reason.

Make sure the space you’ve reserved has a plug nearby so you don’t have to trail cables all around the room – they don’t look festive, the dog chews on them, and people trip over.

Building The Tree

Are you handy with a screwdriver and are there several people willing to help out with lifting? Great, knock yourself out with whatever you please.
refill. If you need to work for longer than a large tank might be the best air compressor for you.

If, however, you’re not so handy and popular look for a lightweight artificial Christmas tree, preferably one that’s hinged or builds up to its full height from three sections.

You will need to fluff your artificial tree. Trees fresh out of the box look sad, flat and fit for the bin, but they only need re-arranging. Pull those branches up, fluff the tips and make it look good – that’s better.

Lighting and Extras

Decorating the Christmas tree is a marvellous fantasy. Carols, mulled wine, and unlimited chocolate orange segments. A lovely evening is enjoyed by all.

In reality, it turns into a bun fight. The kids are bored, you’re tangled in lighting, can’t find the bauble hooks and everyone takes advantage of your predicament by eating and drinking everything in sight. The perfect Instagram photo does not materialise because no-one is speaking.

If this is you think about purchasing a pre-lit tree.
refill. If you need to work for longer than a large tank might be the best air compressor for you.

Pre-lit trees prevent that raised temper when you find the lights are slung tangled in the box, and take away the hard work from wrapping them around the tree – no more fir needle in the eye at last!

Experts say you’ll need 100 lights per foot of the tree – so six-footers should have around 600 lights. Really it’s a matter of personal taste, you may want more.

If you like lots of lights buy a pre-lit tree with plenty of bling because they only use one plug. Remember that five sets of lights mean five plugs to find a home for, and then where are you going to plug in the Hoover? It’s cheaper to run the lights this way too.

My recommendations include some fake Christmas trees with extras such as cones, glitter, artificial snow and other festive touches that mean you don’t even have to decorate it. Simply fluff, plug and bingo – more internet shopping and mince pie eating times.

A Sturdy Base

Your tree should look fabulous of course, but don’t forget the basic needs such as a sturdy base. This may be covered with wrapping paper or a sleeve because it looks naff, but it’s an important part of the tree.

A flimsy base that doesn’t support its own weight is a disaster. Imagine it falling on Auntie Vera’s head or collapsing onto a toddler. A study metal stand ensures it won’t topple over or lean when your ornaments are in place.

A weighted base or stand also protects against the dreaded cat attack. ‘Christmas Tree O Christmas tree, Your Ornaments are History’, sings Fluffy as she scales the heights and your vintage baubles smash on the hardwood floor.
refill. If you need to work for longer than a large tank might be the best air compressor for you.

Spend As Much As You Can

Cheap artificial trees can look properly fake and their quality is often poor. I know it’s a drain on your anaemic Christmas time pocket, but the best artificial Christmas trees can last a decade.

One of the benefits of buying an artificial tree is keeping it long-term. The better ones can last ten years or more, so it can work out cheaper in the end.

Cheap trees are packaged with a host of problems. They may not be fire retardant for starters and the flimsy tinsel branches just don’t cut the festive look. You need as many tips as possible and plenty of branches too.

That said, we don’t all have hundreds to shell out on a decorative tree and some of the cheaper trees are actually pretty good, manufacturers are getting better with design and materials. Check out my fibre optic recommendation for example. It’s cheap but looks great.

Flame Retardant

You must look for a flame-retardant tree. Real trees dry out and become flammable, but cheap artificial trees can cause fires too.

Artificial Christmas Trees FAQ

Are Artificial Christmas Trees Better for the Environment?

You might think that real trees are better for the environment, but not necessarily so.

There isn’t much in their carbon footprints. This is because an artificial tree can be used for ten years or more which offsets its transport and construction costs whereas real trees create a yearly carbon footprint. Not everyone lives near a garden centre and all those trips to buy a real tree add up.
refill. If you need to work for longer than a large tank might be the best air compressor for you.

Am I Allergic to my Christmas Tree?

Quite possibly.

Real trees can emit scent and pollen when they warm up even during winter.

If you find your eyes are watering, or you’re sneezing and itching at home then it’s time to try an artificial tree.

What are ‘Tips’ On A Fake Tree?

Tips refer to branch off-shoots and their combined density on a tree. More tips mean a fuller denser look, fewer tips means its less bushy.

In general, more tips are better, but if you have lots of decorations a lower tip count is just fine.

It’s worth checking the material of those tips too. They are usually made from PE or PVC. PVC needles are attached to branches, whereas PE tips are part of the whole tree. PE usually looks more natural and lasts longer, depending on how you look after the tree.
refill. If you need to work for longer than a large tank might be the best air compressor for you.

Where Should I Store My Artificial Tree?

We all, I included, put our fake Christmas trees in the loft, but this is the worst place for them.

Temperature changes up there cause problems. It’s boiling in the summer, frozen in the winter and everything in between during spring and autumn. These changes create condensation which damages the plastic and metal components.

You may also have rodents or other visitors up there that chew or nest in the cosy branches. This leads to a tatty looking tree in December.

The best places to store your artificial Christmas tree are a cupboard with a steady temperature (under the stairs for example) or beneath a bed.


Christmas trees are the face of Christmas all tightly packaged into one corner of the room. They are such a focal point that it’s totally worth showing them some love whether you like the scent of a real tree or the tidy convenience of an artificial one.

December is a special time of year that comes around faster as we age, so I’d recommend you make life way easier by investing a great quality artificial Christmas tree that makes you smile every time you enter the room.
refill. If you need to work for longer than a large tank might be the best air compressor for you.