In this guide we’ll take a look at the best garden hose reels in the UK market.
I’ve compared rewind functionality, reliability, ease of use, safety and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Garden Hose Reel?

  • Features
  • Reliable auto reel functionality
  • Flexible 180-degree pivot
  • Trusted brand
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Automatic reel
  • Flexible 180-degree pivot
  • Frost & UV protection
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Controlled auto-wind hose system
  • Flexible 180-degree pivot
  • Easy to remove for winter storage
  • Cost
  • Features
  • 12-15 seconds to rewind
  • Flexible 180-degree pivot
  • Good aesthetics
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Good value for money
  • Flexible 180-degree pivot
  • Good for small to medium gardens
  • Cost

More Detailed Garden Hose Reel Reviews

Hozelock Auto Reel Hose

I have this Hozelock Auto Reel Hose attached to the wall at the side of my house, to allow me to water the front garden and wash the car with ease.

The wall bracket is easy to fit and the garden hose reel comes with all fixings required. The casing is very sturdy, protecting the hose from sun and weather damage all year round. However, if you want to store it for winter the reel can easily be removed from the wall bracket. The casing and bracket can be padlocked together for security if required. The bracket allows you to swing out the reel to a 180-degree angle from the wall for easier use.

The garden hose reel kit comes complete with a length of tap connector hose and two connectors, both regular and water stop types. It also includes a spray nozzle that has a variety of different sprays and jets which are ideal for general watering and cleaning jobs. The hose itself is the Hozelock Ultramax, which is a premium, three-layer, anti-kink hose.

This is a large garden hose reel that does take up quite a bit of space on the wall so bear that in mind when choosing the right product for your garden. The reel casing measures 27 x 66 x 55.5 cm. The unit is also quite heavy, approximately 16.4 kg so you might need an extra pair of hands to help you install it. Of course, once it is positioned on the wall the overall weight doesn’t matter, however, the actual hose is also quite heavy. Of course, that weight is because of the superior quality of the hose and casing.

The product does come in smaller sizes which are perfect for the more compact garden.

While this isn’t the cheapest garden hose reel on the market it is a British made, quality product that really does make chores simpler.

The auto reel is wonderful. It easily unwinds the hose to the length I want and then automatically locks so I don’t have to hold it taught. Then when I am finished, a little tug unlocks it and it automatically reels right back in. The winding mechanism distributes the hose evenly on the wheel avoiding and tangling or clogging.

This product really does make watering and cleaning a simple process due to the ease with which you can unwind and rewind the hose. The durable hose rarely kinks and will last many years.

Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Reel

This Gardena Wall-Mounted Hose Reel is another product with auto winding technology, saving you the hard labour of manually rewinding the hose and avoiding uneven winding and kinks. It comes with all the necessary fixings for wall mounting. The casing provides frost protection and prevents UV damage. It also swivels by 180 degrees for ease of use and to prevent kinking, then can be folded back against the wall neatly to save space.

The garden hose reel measures 27.9 x 68.6 x 55.9 cm and the total weight is 9.07 kg which makes it a little easier to handle then the previous product. It is in fact quite light considering it is 35m metres long.

The hose itself is of high quality, ensuring optimal water flow and making it less likely to kink. It comes with a spray nozzle.

Although this garden hose reel is at the high end of the price range the build quality is really excellent.

Kärcher CR5.220 Auto Reel Garden Hose

This Kärcher CR5.220 Auto Reel Garden Hose has all the features of the previous products including a wall bracket that can be rotated by 180 degrees. It, too, can be removed from the wall bracket for storage. The ½” hose is of very good quality and is phthalate-free. This product is very easy to fit and easy to unwind and rewind. It is shorter than the previous two products but is also more compact and ideal for small to medium gardens. It comes with a spray nozzle and features the Karcher colours of black and yellow.

The garden hose reel measures 20.6 x 18.9 x 30 cm and the whole product weighs approximately 11.5 kg.

Again, this is a product at the higher end of the price range. It is quite pricey for a 20-metre hose. However, this has all the quality you would expect from a Karcher product and I suspect it will give years of trouble free use.

Tacklife Automatic Hose Reel

This Tacklife Automatic Hose Reel is a 30-metre version with similar features to the previous models. This garden hose reel unwinds easily and rewinds gently and evenly with no snags, kinks or tangles. It takes 12-15 seconds to rewind the hose. This product is also a little lighter to use than some of the previous products though it is still well made.

The ½” hose is of good quality and the casing is well made and durable. It swings out at 180 degrees from the wall to avoid kinking. The wall bracket is easy to install though the fixings are quite hefty, so a powerful drill will help to make the installation go smoothly. The whole reel is removable for winter storage. The black and orange styling is also quite classy.

The casing is 51.5 x 30 x 45.5 cm and the overall weight is around 12.4 kg

This garden hose reel is a great option if you are looking for a lighter product that still has the ease of use of other similar products. It is also slightly lower in cost than some of the heftier hoses. This makes it ideal for small to fairly large gardens.

VonHaus Auto Rewind Wall-Mounted Hose Reel

This VonHaus Auto Rewind Wall-Mounted Hose Reel has all the features of its more expensive siblings. I was expecting the build quality to be low, but it’s durable and well made. The hose is 20 metres long making it perfect for small to medium gardens. It is lightweight and easy to use.

The retraction is powerful and works pretty smoothly, though it slows down a little towards the end as it begins to fill up the casing. However, it winds up neatly and fairly evenly with no twists or kinks. The whole reel swings out to 180 degrees like the others to make it easier to use and avoiding kinks as you pull it out.

The wall bracket was easy to install using a drill, but the fixings supplied are only just up to the job, so you might want to consider buying stronger bolts. The unit measures 41 x 40 x 20 cm

This garden hose reel is good value and perfect for the small to medium garden.

Garden Hose Reel Buying Guide

A garden hose is an essential piece of household kit for anyone who has a garden to water. Luckily hose reels make this job much simpler. Gone are the days when you had hose trailing over the garden getting tangled and kinked every five minutes.

The latest generation of hoses are even simpler to use as they have auto rewind technology. This means that you can pull the hose out to the desired length and it automatically locks in place so that you don’t have to hold it taught as you use it. When you want to extend the hose further or wind it back in a little a simple tug unlocks it, so you can move on to the next section of the garden. Once you have finished, another tug unlocks it again and it will rewind evenly back into its casing with no kinks or tangles.

There are several things to consider when choosing the best garden hose reel for your needs. Firstly, of course, is the length. You want one that will reach the end of your gardens without stretching. You should also make sure you have enough wall space to mount the product of your choice, as some of them are quite large.

If the space you choose to mount your reel is some way from the garden tap, you may need to buy an extra piece of hose to join the reel to the water supply. All the hoses in this review come with a joiner piece but this may not always be enough for your purposes.

If you are mounting your garden hose reel somewhere that other people might be able to reach it, such as a front garden, make sure you secure the reel casing to the wall bracket, if it is detachable, so that it isn’t stolen.

Hoses come in a range of prices and qualities. If you use yours regularly it is worth buying one of good quality as this will mean it should last for years. In addition, a quality hose will be easier to use and less likely to kink or fail to rewind. Superior hoses also come with better connectors meaning they are less likely to leak.

If you wish to store your hose in a frost-free environment over winter, then look for a product where the reel can be removed from the wall bracket.

If possible, position your reel out of direct sunlight. Even though the casing will protect it from UV damage it will probably last longer if it is in a position where the temperature is more stable.


Most auto rewind hoses come with a simple spray nozzle. Can I change this to a spray gun?

Yes, most garden hose reels can be used with a variety of fittings. However, hoses come in a range of diameters so check that the spray nozzle is suitable for the size of yours.

Can I leave my hose out all year round?

You can leave your hose out all year round if it is on a reel with a protective casing. Most casings protect your hose from UV damage and frost. However, your hose may well last longer if you can store it in a frost-free environment over winter. You might want to consider buying one that can be removed from the wall bracket for winter storage or for times when you are away from home during hot spells. Many garden hose reels allow you to do this simply and easily.