In this guide we’ll look at the best badminton nets.
I’ve compared size, durability, build quality and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Are The Best Garden Badminton Nets?

  • Features
  • Everything you need to get started
  • Good quality net
  • Sturdy pegs and poles
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Height adjustable
  • Good carry bag
  • Fast and easy to put up
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Height adjustable
  • Portable
  • Good materials
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Simple fast set up
  • Comes with everything you need
  • Good and portable case
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Height adjustable
  • Very portable
  • Inexpensive
  • Cost

More Detailed Badminton Net Reviews

Jaques of London Badminton Set – Premium 4 player Set

The Jaques of London Badminton Set is the best garden badminton net set because it comes with everything you need including 4 rackets, shuttlecocks and a thick gauge durable 20ft net with sturdy poles and pegs.

This set includes everything you need to get you started on playing badminton in the back garden. It contains cork top shuttlecocks, 4 good quality rackets and of course the net. The set includes the best garden badminton net in this price range as it is made from a thick gauge synthetic material. This makes it very durable and allows it to be left out in all weather conditions without becoming damaged. The net is 20ft wide allowing it to be used for full-size doubles badminton.

The stainless steel poles and pegs that are used to support the net are of very good quality. This means they can also be left outside in all weather conditions if need be.

Overall, this is the perfect badminton set for families and serious badminton enthusiasts as it contains everything you need to start playing badminton and is a good quality item.

Traditional Garden Games 3 m Badminton Volleyball and Tennis Playset

The Traditional Garden Games 3 m Badminton Volleyball and Tennis Playset is one of the best badminton sets because it is height adjustable, has a good carry bag and is very fast to set up.

This set includes ones of the best badminton nets because it is strong and adjustable.  The net can be set to the legal badminton net height or a lower height to cater for children. You can also lower it to allow you to use it for volleyball or tennis. The net itself clicks together making it very simple and fast to put up and down. It doesn’t require ropes or pegs to position the net.

The canvas carry bag is a great part of this set. It is nice and light with good handles and is feels durable. It allows you to pack the whole set up together and take it with you, maybe to a friend’s garden or the beach.

This is a great option if you are looking for a good portable set that is fast and simple to put up and down and offers versatile playing opportunities.


SONGMICS 4m Tennis Badminton Net Adjustable Height

The SONGMICS 4m Tennis Badminton Net is another good option because it is height adjustable, folds down easily and is made of good quality materials.

This net is height-adjustable to three different heights. The heights include badminton, children’s badminton and volleyball. This makes it a versatile net suitable for multiple uses. The set is very portable as it can fold up quite small and be put into its included carry bag. This process is quick and simple allowing it to be put up and taken down quickly with no fuss.

The set is made of good quality, strong materials. The net itself is made from good quality synthetic materials allowing it to resist the effects of the weather including sun damage. The height-adjustable fixings are made from durable nylon and the powder-coated poles rust-resistant.

This is a good option for you if you are looking for a portable, high-quality badminton net that can be used by the whole family.

SportPlus Sports Net Set

The SportPlus Sports Net Set is also a good option because it is simple and fast to put up, comes with rackets and shuttlecocks and has a great carry case that holds the whole set.

The net itself is very simple to set up and also very fast. The base has two poles that you attach and then the net is fasted to these two poles with clips. This set includes 2 shuttlecocks and 2 rackets. This means you can start playing badminton as soon as it arrives.

The case is solidly built and well designed to hold everything the set includes.

This is a really good option if you want to take a badminton set with you on days out or holidays to add a fun activity. It’s very easy to transport and can be set up very quickly.

Oypla Large 5m Adjustable Foldable Badminton Net

The Oypla Large 5m Adjustable Foldable Badminton Net is another good choice because it is height adjustable, folds very small and is inexpensive

The net is adjustable for both badminton, tennis and volleyball. This makes it very versatile as you can play all three sports with ease. The net folds away very small into its own carry bag with a shoulder strap, allowing you to easily transport it with you to the beach or on a camping trip.

The net its good value, saving you money but still providing a good quality product that can provide hours of fun for the whole family.

This is a good option if you want a versatile, inexpensive option to add entertainment to family days out or holidays.

Buyers guide


For playing by official rules of badminton, you will want a net that is 20 foot as this is the width of a doubles court and the poles always go on the doubles line even for singles. For the official height, you will want a net that can extend to 5-foot height.

Sometimes, particularly with portable nets, they might not meet these exact specifications but that doesn’t mean they should be discounted. If you want a portable net to use as fun for all the family that can be taken to the beach or on holiday with you you might not mind that it doesn’t meet professional regulations.


Having a good durable set or net that can withstand the test of time and wear and tear is important for you to get longevity from your set. The longer it lasts the better value for money it becomes.

With portable sets that are taken down and put together often, having durability especially in terms of the attachments is very important. If attachments like clips and clamps are not durable they will show signs of wear and tear or even break quickly if you are using your set frequently and moving it often.


Weatherproof sets are great as this allows them to be left out all year round. If you have a garden set that is up all the time ready for an opportunity to play you will need it to have rust-resistant poles and a good quality net that will resist the weather.

Good options for the poles include powder-coated metal or durable plastic as these options are weather and rust-resistant. A strong gauge nylon net that is UV resistant will last you for many summers of use.


Having adjustable heights is a very beneficial feature as it allows your net to be adaptable. Sometimes they are freely adjustable and sometimes they have preset increments. This can help you go from playing adults badminton to children’s badminton to volleyball. Having adjustable heights often makes it easier to incorporate children and make it a more family-friendly activity.


How high should a badminton net be?

The standard height for a badminton set determined in the laws of the game is five foot and 1 inch at the edges and 5 foot in the middle as the net should droop slightly between the two posts. They should also be 20 foot wide to cover a full-size doubles court.

However, if you are including children to make it is more family friendly then having a lower height will help children to play along without it being too difficult for them.

Sometimes you will sacrifice height for a set that is more portable. Sometimes sets don’t meet the official height as this allows them to fold up smaller and become more portable and manageable. This might be more useful to you than meeting the official height requirement.


Badminton is a great sport to keep you fit and healthy as it involves a lot of running and changing direction. This can help improve your fitness and strengthen your heart. It is also great for your reflexes and hand-eye coordination, both things that are very good for your brain health, too.

Having a badminton set can also be great fun for the whole family. It can improve the entire families health and fitness while also bringing the family together and creating happy memories.

Badminton sets can help add interest to family holidays, camping trips and days out at the beach by giving you an activity that is fun for a group of people but that is easy to carry and set up. An adjustable net can be used for volleyball at the beach.