In this guide we’ll look at the best bubble wrap for greenhouse insulation.
We’ve compared design, size, build quality and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Are The Best Bubble Wraps for Greenhouse Insulation?

  • Features
  • Triple laminated
  • 750 mm wide
  • UV tolerant
  • Cost
  • Features
  • 750 mm x 30 metres
  • Laminated
  • Comes with five-year warranty
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Low-cost option
  • 750 mm X 30 metres
  • Also suitable for packaging
  • Cost

More Detailed Greenhouse Insulation Bubble Wrap Reviews

Elixir Gardens Greenhouse Bubble Insulation Wrap 750mm

The Elixir Gardens Greenhouse Bubble Insulation Wrap is the best greenhouse insulation as it is a premium grade triple laminated product, is UV tolerant and comes with fixings.

This is a professional grade bubble wrap greenhouse insulation that is triple laminated for durability. The insulation also features 3% UV additives that stabilize the product and make it longer lasting.

The bubble wrap insulation is 750mm wide and can be bought in whatever length you need. It is easy to fix to aluminium greenhouse frames using the fixings provided. It can also be attached to wooden greenhouse with drawing pins and to other surfaces with tape.

Using this greenhouse insulation can extend the growing period by up to six weeks and allow you to get planting a month in advance. The insulation will protect tender plants from low temperatures and frost.  The insulation also works well all year round if you have a heated greenhouse, keeping all that lovely warmth in and protecting you precious plants.

Overall, this is the best bubble wrap for greenhouse installation as it is a superior quality product that will last many seasons.

Gardman 30m Bubble Insulation

This Gardman 30m Bubble Insulation is an economical buy and comes with a five-year warranty.

This bubble wrap is laminated for extra durability and is flexible and easy to cut and fit. The bubble wrap is quite thin and lightweight but remains quite strong and tear-resistant. The roll is 30 metres X 750 mm. It can be used to insulate a greenhouse to protect tender plants from frost as well as reducing heating costs. It is also suitable for other garden structures or even in the home.

This item comes with fixing clips to allow you to fit it to aluminium greenhouse frames with ease.

This bubble insulation is economical to buy, easy to fit and effective.

Apollo Insulation and Packaging Bubble White 75cm x 30m

This Apollo Insulation and Packaging Bubble wrap is a low-cost option that still provides a good quality insulation that will help retain heat in your greenhouse.

This bubble wrap insulation come in a roll of 30 metres and is 750mm wide. As well as providing insulation in your greenhouse this product can be used as packaging and to protect items in storage. The bubble wrap is lightweight and flexible but still relatively strong and tear-resistant.

This is the best bubble wrap insulation if you are looking for a low-cost option that is still quite strong and serviceable.

Greenhouse Insulation Bubble Wrap Buyer’s Guide

Reducing risk of frost damage

Insulating your greenhouse with bubble wrap insulation is a low-cost way to get more out of your greenhouse. Bubble wrap insulation can protect plants from freezing weather and extend the growing season in an unheated greenhouse. This means you can start planting around a month earlier than in an unprotected greenhouse. You will also protect plants for up to six weeks longer at the end of the season.

You should use an appropriate horticultural bubble wrap to insulate your greenhouse because it is more durable and is treated to withstand UV light. Many insulation kits come with fixings. Alternatively, these can be bought separately. You can also install bubble wrap insulation with tape.

Bubble wrap insulation can also be used to reduce the risk of frost damage in other garden buildings such as sheds and workshops. In addition, you can use it to protect plants in pots from frost and also to reduce the risk of pots cracking in very cold weather.

Heat retention

As well as providing frost protection in an unheated greenhouse the best bubble wrap insulation will also retain heat in a heated greenhouse. This will reduce the amount of heat you need to provide, saving you money and protecting the environment.


How do you install bubble wrap insulation to your greenhouse?               

Firstly, you will need to measure the space to work out how much bubble wrap insulation you need. Allow around 10% extra for overlaps and wastage.

Clean the windows of your greenhouse thoroughly because you want to reduce the amount of light lost in the greenhouse.

If you have an aluminium greenhouse you can buy special clips to hold the bubble wrap. These clip into the channels on the glazing bars and then onto the bubble wrap. If you have a wooden greenhouse you can use drawing pins to secure the insulation. In other situations, such as when insulating a small metal-framed greenhouse, you can use tape.

If you have a large greenhouse that you want to heat over winter, you can use the insulation to create a suspended ceiling. This will reduce the volume that you need to heat. Alternatively, start at the ridge apex and work down to the vertical glazing bars cutting strips of insulation to size and fixing with suitable fixings, pins or tape. Then fix the insulation to the walls and finally the door. If you want to create a heated zone in your greenhouse you can suspend a curtain of bubble wrap insulation to section off an areas. This is extremely useful if you don’t what the expense of heating an entire greenhouse but want to protect a few, special plants.

The best bubble wrap for greenhouse insulation is one that can help you make the most of your greenhouse, extending its usability to all year round. I would highly recommend the Elixir Gardens ® Greenhouse Bubble Insulation Wrap because its is triple laminated and UV stabilised so should last many seasons, and will provide effective protection for your plants.