In this guide we’ll look at the best cat scarers for the UK market.
I’ve compared design, effectiveness, safety and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Are The Best Cat Scarers?

  • Features
  • Motion-activated
  • Wireless
  • Wide range
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Solar-powered
  • Ultrasonic speakers
  • Different settings to target specific animals
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Features lights and sound
  • Solar-powered
  • Good motion detection
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Inexpensive
  • Looks good
  • Deters animals
  • Cost

More Detailed Cat Scarers Reviews

Pest XT Jet Spray Motion Sensor Activated Cat and Fox Scarer

The Pest XT Jet Spray Motion Sensor Activated Cat and Fox Scarer is the best cat scarer because it is motion-activated, is wireless and has a wide detection range.

This cat scarer uses a motion sensor to detect when a fox or cat is in your garden. It then turns on a jet of water to scare them off. This is the best water cat scarer as it creates a good jet of water that will scare off any cats or foxes and deter them from returning. The motion sensor has a range of 10 metres and the pack includes two scarers allowing you to cover a large area.

The cat scarer doesn’t require mains power making it very convenient and easy to use. It does, however, require a garden hose connection.

This is the best option if you want to cover a wide area and want a cat scarcer that actively scares cats away rather than just a deterrent.

Solar Powered & USB Charging Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Scarer

The Solar Powered & USB Charging Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Scarer is the best solar cat scarer as it utilizes an ultrasonic speaker and has a variety of settings.

The solar-powered option is very convenient as you never have to charge or plug it in. You simply set it up and it maintains itself via solar charging. This device is the best ultrasonic cat scarer as it uses 4 speakers to produce sounds to scare animals away. No chemicals are used, and no harm is caused to the animals.

The speakers have different settings that can be tailored to target different animals. You can turn on all the setting to scare everything away. Alternatively, you can turn on certain settings while leaving others off, so you only scare away the animals you don’t want in your garden.

This is a great option for you if you want a simple, yet customizable solution to scare specific animals away.

Solar Cat Repellent, OUTERDO Ultrasonic IP67 Waterproof Animal Repeller

The Solar Cat Repellent Ultrasonic Waterproof Animal Repeller is another good choice because it utilizes both light and sound, use both solar and battery power and has good motion detection.

This scarer has good and accurate motion detection that picks up movement very well. It also has great range at 30ft. The unit uses both LED lights and ultrasonic sounds to scare away animals and it works very effectively. You can customize the setting to target specific animals. This means you can change the settings so you don’t target certain animals which is handy if you love wildlife or have your own pets that you don’t want to scare.

This product uses a battery that can be charged and solar power when available. This keeps your scarer working even when the weather isn’t sunny as the battery can take over. When the weather is good the battery will be recharged for you.

This is a good option for you if you want a good range motion-detecting cat scarer that will work all the time thanks to its combination of solar and battery power.

Nrpfell Large Falcon Decoy Bird Deterrent

The Nrpfell Large Falcon Decoy Bird Deterrent is a good passive option because it’s inexpensive, looks good and it deters animals rather than scaring them.

This is a good inexpensive option that works out much cheaper than the fancier and more technology-based animal scarers. This option looks nice and can make a nice garden ornament. This option deters animals rather than scaring them making it a good choice if you don’t like the idea of scaring animals.

This option is good if you want a nice-looking inexpensive option and you don’t like the idea of actively scaring animals and just want to deter them from visiting your garden.