In this guide we’ll look at the best chicken coops for the UK market.
We’ve compared design, build quality, size and cost
to give you our top recommendations.s.

What Are The Best Chicken Coops?

  • Features
  • Made from excellent quality materials
  • Features perches and nesting box
  • Large run
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Cage made from galvanized tubing
  • Roof sheet to keep out rain
  • Good value item
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Excellent build quality
  • Weatherproofed rooves
  • Attractive, durable design
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Excellent build quality
  • Durable rot proof plastic rooves
  • Double nest boxes and large run
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Good build quality
  • Two double nesting boxes
  • Easy to clean
  • Cost

More Detailed Chicken Coops Reviews

Feel Good UK CHICKEN COOP with Integrated Run

The Feel Good UK Chicken Coop with integrated run is the best chicken coop for the UK market because it is secure, made from quality materials and is easy to clean.

This sturdy chicken coop comes flat packed and is easy to put together with clearly labelled fixings and good, easy to follow instructions. The fixings are all excellent quality and the wood is well sanded and treated with a pet-safe anti-fungal stain.

The coop features 2 roosting perches and an external nesting box with two nesting sections. The coop is large with a nice big, airy run. There is a ramp from the run to the coop making it easy for your chickens to go in and out as they please. At the top of the ramp, there is a sliding door so you can securely lock your chickens away at night keeping them safe from predators. The coop also features a slide-out galvanised tray which makes the coop easy to clean.

This large well-built chicken coop is suitable for up to 5 larger birds.

Overall, this is the best chicken coop if you are looking for a large, well-constructed coop and run to keep your chickens happy and safe.

FeelGoodUK Galvanised Chicken Cage

The FeelGoodUK Galvanised Chicken Cage creates a large safe run for your chickens allowing them security and plenty of freedom.

This run is made from 25mm galvanized steel tube and 1.1mm PVC coated hexagonal wire mesh. The cage comes with a door for easy access. The cage is relatively easy to put together but having two people to do this is useful. The set includes about 30 cm of extra wire so you can bury it in the ground to prevent predators from digging under the cage. It also comes with a roof sheet to protect your birds from the rain.

Overall, this provides a sturdy and safe cage for your chickens at a reasonable cost.

Pets Imperial® Savoy Large Chicken Coop

The Pets Imperial® Savoy Large Chicken Coop is made from quality materials and is spacious and well designed.

This chicken coop is made from good quality wood that has been treated with an animal-friendly preservative. The coop comes flat packed and is easy to put together using the clear instructions provided. It could be done alone but is easier with two people. The coop features a nest box with three compartments and 4 perches. It also has a pull out galvanized metal tray for easy cleaning. In addition, the rooves of the main coop and nesting box open for easy cleaning and egg removal. The roof of the main coop and nesting box are covered with felt to keep the coop waterproofed. The overall dimensions of the coop are 121cm(W)x 100cm(D)x 96cm(H).

Overall, this is a good quality, well-designed coop that will keep your chickens safe and happy.

Cocoon Chicken Coop with Detachable Run

The Cocoon Chicken Coop with Detachable Run includes a large coop with double nest box and a 1.4-metre detachable run.

Both the coop and the run are well designed and made from good quality materials. The item comes flat packed but goes together very easily in about an hour. Everything lines up well and it looks great when complete.

The coop has weatherproof plastic rooves which do a great job, are easy to clean and look better than I was expecting. They are also rot proof so should last a good while. The run has good quality wire that should keep your chickens safe. The coop features a nest box on each side and these both have lift open weatherproofed rooves. There is also a door at the back and a pull-out tray for easy cleaning. The dimensions of the coop are 152cm x 61cm x 110cm.

This is a great chicken coop with a lovely large run that will give your chickens plenty of space to peck around.

Cocoon chicken coop

This Cocoon chicken coop features two double nesting boxes, a pull-out cleaning tray and a sliding door to keep chickens secure at night.

The build quality of this coop is good, and it is easy to put together. It includes removable perches and a ramp. The sliding door and rear door have fox proof locks to help keep your birds safe. The legs have adjustable plastic feet that help prevent rot. The dimensions of this coop are 154cm x 66cm x 110cm.

Overall, this offers a great buy that has everything your chickens need and is sturdily made.

Chicken Coops Buyer’s Guide


Most chicken coops are made from wood and come flat packed for assembly. Some come with runs included and these have a wooden frame and sturdy wire to keep your chickens safe. Roof materials vary but are usually wood, sometimes with a plastic or felt covering. The wood used for chicken runs is usually treated with an animal-friendly preservative.


The size chicken coop you need will depend on the breed and size of your chickens. However, as a general rule, each chicken will need 2-4 square feet of space. You should also ensure there is not too much space in the coop as the chickens generate heat that keeps the flock warm. In addition, each chicken should have its own perch space and nesting box.

In addition to coop space, chickens also need a minimum of 8 square feet each in an outside run.

Fox Proofing

Your chicken coop should have secure doors so you can keep your chickens safely tucked up at night. Wire mesh across the windows will also help provide the best fox proof chicken coop while still allowing for ventilation. The run should also be protected from predators by sturdy wire mesh. Remember that predators such as foxes can dig so it is often advisable to bury the wire netting into the ground to prevent them digging under it.


Wooden chicken coops need to be treated with an animal-friendly preservative to guard against rotting. If your coop is not treated, you should do this straight away. It’s a good idea to treat your coop every year to maintain it for as long as possible.

The rooves of your coop are an important part of the weatherproofing of the coop. The best chicken coop will have a sturdy roof, often with a felt or plastic covering to prevent water ingress. If your coop doesn’t have this, you can attach felt to the roof yourself.

External run

Chickens need an outside area to keep them healthy and happy. You may be happy for chickens to have the run of your garden. However, they can make a lot of mess and are vulnerable to predators when out in the open so you may prefer to only let them in the garden supervised and at other times restrict them to a run. An external run should provide plenty of space for your chickens as this will reduce the likelihood of squabbles and bullying. The run should provide secure protection against predators.


How do you set up a chicken coop?        

To make your chickens comfortable you need to provide bedding to keep them cosy and soak up waste. Line the bottom of the coop with wood shavings. If you want, you can put a layer of newspaper down first to make cleaning easier. The nesting boxes should be lined with a generous layer of straw or suitable commercial bedding material to allow the chicken to make a comfortable nest and to cushion the eggs. You should scrub down the coop every one to two weeks and replace nesting and bedding materials.

Obviously, you will also need to provide food and drink for your chickens, and these can be placed either inside the coop or out in the run. These should be checked and refilled daily and thoroughly cleaned every one to two weeks.

If you are allowing your chickens to wander in your garden, then ensure you do not have any plants that are poisonous to them and do not use chemical pesticides in your garden.

In addition, your chickens may enjoy sand tubs for dust bathing and in warm weather, a wading tub will help keep them comfortable,

How do you clean a chicken coop?          

In general, you will need to clean your coop every one to two weeks. However, in warm weather, you might need to do this more often. You might also have to do it more often in cold weather, too if your chickens stay inside more, then. If your coop begins to smell of ammonia it is definitely time for a good clean.

Start by removing perches and taking out the dropping board. Remove all bedding. Bedding from the nesting boxes should not be dirty, so you can reuse this on the coop floor. Scrape away any dried on droppings. You can use a poultry disinfect powder on any damp patches. Ideally, leave the doors open for a couple of hours to let the coop air.

Next, replace the droppings board and perches and lay down fresh bedding.

You may need to do additional cleaning jobs depending on your circumstance, for example using a mite powder.

At least once or twice a year you should give the coop a really thorough cleaning and disinfect using a recommended disinfectant and a cleaner to prevent red mite.

The chicken run should also be cleaned regularly to prevent disease. Rake or pick up all the droppings and dispose of them. You can also use a ground sanitizer if necessary.

Keeping chickens is a joy and the eggs they provide are the freshest and tastiest you will ever experience. To keep your chickens happy, safe and laying you should provide them with the best home possible.  I love the Feel Good UK Chicken Coop with integrated run as it provides a safe, snug coop and an integrated run, perfect for easily setting up a great home for your chicks.