In this guide we’ll take a look at the best children’s gardening tools.
I’ve compared design, build quality, items included and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Are The Best Children's Gardening Tools?

  • Features
  • Wheelbarrow, shovel, rake and gloves
  • Made in Germany
  • High quality Bosch children's set
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Full children's garden tool kit
  • Protective cotton gloves included
  • Sturdy wooden tools
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Fun handheld tools
  • Good value
  • Watering can included
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Fun set of children's tools
  • Vibrant pink colour
  • Tote bag included to carry tools
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Great value set
  • High quality tools
  • Petite watering can included
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Fun caterpillar design
  • 3 Piece tool set
  • Bright colours
  • Cost
  • Features
  • 5 Popular gardening tools
  • Sturdy pine handles for tools
  • Bright and fun colours
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Portable and fun set
  • Carry case included
  • Perfect for small children
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Durable plastic design
  • Safe and fun play
  • Ergonomic and functional tools
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Protective and comfortable gloves
  • One size with elasticated cuffs
  • Suitable for gardening activities
  • Cost

More Detailed Children's Gardening Tools Reviews

Bosch Toy Garden Tool Set

What’s included: Wheelbarrow, gloves, a rake, and a shovel. The wheelbarrow and full size tools are very nice and different from other sets.

Pros: It’s made from durable plastic, so there’s no need to worry about rusting. It also holds up nicely to even the most enthusiastic young gardeners. The tools are great for use in both dirt and snow, so it’s good for the whole year round.

Purpose: This toy garden set is just that- a toy. It holds up great for play, but I’m not sure that it would hold up to honest work on a regular basis. The set seems best fit for 2 to 4 year olds.

Little Pals Children Garden Tool Kit

What’s included: Full sized leaf rake, a full sized shovel, a hand rake, a hand trowel, cotton gloves, and a fantastic shoulder bag to carry all the pieces in. The bag has great pockets for the tools and other treasures.

Pros: This is the set I’ve got for my son for the summer. I love that the tools are well made with wood and metal- no plastic here. Plus, this set has both hand tools and regular sized tools. This means that no matter what chore you are doing in the garden, your child will have the right tool to help.

Purpose: While a lot of kids gardening sets seem to be geared toward the just-beginning gardener, this set is made for older children too. I’d say it’s best fit for kids from 3 or 4 all the way up to 10. The gloves will definitely have to be replaced as your child grows bigger though!

Small Foot Company 1710 Garden Tool Bag

What’s included: A sturdy canvas garden bag that holds six well-made tools. The tools include garden staples like a hand trowel and a hand rake made from wood and painted steel. Also included is a small watering can made from thin plastic with a sprayer attachment.

Pros: This set is versatile because children can use it in a number of ways. It can be used by an older child to truly help garden. The metal and wood tools can withstand real use for potting plants or a vegetable garden. For smaller children, it makes playing in the dirt, gravel, or sand more fun. Kids will love getting to use the “big-kid” tools in their own play space.

Purpose: This garden bag set could be considered a toy, but it could also be considered a beginner’s garden tool set for older children. This makes a fantastic choice for a child who is too old for the plastic toys, but not grown enough to handle adult tools yet.

Tierra Garden Little Pals Junior Garden Kit

What’s included: Patterned gloves, small hand trowel and hand fork, two garden markers with animals on them, and a small bucket. It all fits in a cute, but small, garden tote that’s got enough space for the included tools, plus more.The set is available in pink for girls and blue for boys.

Pros: Both the tool heads and the bucket are metal, while the tool handles and the plant markers are wooden. The tools themselves are fairly well made and will handle true digging considerably well. The plant markers are cute, but they aren’t very sturdy. After a few times in and out of the soil, they begin to crack and the animals will come off. The gloves are sized large, as with most kids gardening sets, but are made well enough for light play.

Purpose: This set walks the border between a tool and a toy. Considering the size of the set, I’d say it was best for children under 5. So whether you want a realistic looking toy for playtime, or an okay set for supervised child gardening, this is a good choice.

Children's Garden Tool Set

What’s included: Tools including a hand rake, a hand trowel, and a hand fork made from painted steel (beware paint chips!). It also comes with a petite watering can. The included garden tote is made from a polyester/canvas sort of material that seems like would hold up well to wear and tear, as well as moisture.

Pros: This set isn’t fancy, but it does have everything you would need to teach a young gardener to dig, sow, and care for their own plants. The watering can is great, although it does tend to leak.

Purpose: This set is perhaps a bit more than a toy, but it still isn’t the most durable set on the list. The size is nice because it works for slightly older children, aged 3 to 5. That’s not to say that younger kids wouldn’t enjoy the set, but I think that the design was geared toward the slightly more mature kiddos.

Prextex Kids 3-Piece Garden Tool Set

What’s included: A hand trowel, rake, and shovel that are so very cute and well-made. They are made from enameled metal. The handles are made from spheres that look like a caterpillar, so they are easy for young hands to grip.

Pros: These tools are a good choice for slightly older children. Small toddlers could easily use these, and they’ll no doubt love the bright colours and faces. But since the tools are so sturdy, they can handle true digging in hard dirt and will hold up nicely in the hands of a more experienced and stronger gardener, which is what a school aged child is more likely to be.

Purpose: This is a great basic set of tools, not so much toys. It could be used as an introductory tool set for gardening, or it could be a next step for a child who has a taste for working in the dirt. It also makes a nice complement to another gardening tool set, and it pairs nicely with other totes or watering cans to make your own custom kids gardening tool kit.

Windhager Children's 5-Piece Garden Tools Set

What’s included: Two full sized rakes, a broom, a shovel, and a garden claw. It’s got sturdy pine handles and metal heads, so these tools can actually do some real work.It’s everything a child would need to plant a full garden and even clean up afterward!

Pros: This garden set is a little different from the others. Instead of being intended for hand-planting or digging in the dirt, this set is more focused on work on a larger scale, hence the long-handled tools (measuring about 76cm long).

Purpose: What I like about this set is that it can help children to be truly useful in their garden adventures. This set can allow kids ages 2 to 5 learn to tackle some age-appropriate chores. They could still play in the dirt if they desire, although this is less of a toy and more of an actual tool set. But if you have a young one who has proved capable of real gardening, this would be a good set that is just their size.

Children's 9 Piece Gardening Tools Play Set & Carry Case

hat’s included: A watering can, a spade, a rake, a trowel, a dibber, and two small flower pots all made of bright plastic. They all fit into a cute little tool-box style carrying case.

Pros: This set is unique because it contains a dibber and flower pots. Kids could help to plant their very own seeds in their very own pots. The other toys are pretty standard for kids garden toys.

Purpose: These tools are all sized for toddler hands and built for toddler-level efforts.It’s typical for a cute toy set that will last for one summer. The plastic isn’t very sturdy and the pieces won’t hold up to real work. This is ideal for a very young child, around toddler age, who wants to do what they see Mum and Dad doing in the garden.

Twigz Childrens Gardening Hand Tools

What’s included: A hand rake, a hand trowel, and a hand fork in bright colors. The tools are made from one complete piece of solid plastic. The plastic is durable enough to take a beating in the dirt, but lightweight enough for use by very young kids.

Pros: This toy tool set is not a full set nor a fancy one. It’s got one simple purpose- to help kids have fun outdoors and learn about working with plants. It’s durable and universally appealing to all ages, but would work especially well for those tiny gardeners who would like to play outside. The tools are ergonomically designed for tiny hands, so this is a good set for introducing kids to what garden tools look like and do.

Purpose: Although the manufacturer says ages 3 and up on the packaging, I would say that this set is suitable to children of all ages, really. Those in their first and second year could easily use these plastic tools because they aren’t too heavy or sharp to do much damage.

Gruffalo Child's Gardening Gloves

What’s included: Kids gloves from Briers. They have a plastic coating on the fingers and palms, making them ready for even the toughest jobs. The cuffs are elasticized to keep out debris.

Pros: Whether from the original book or the new movie, children love the Gruffalo. And he makes a wonderful addition to these sturdy garden gloves. However, after some use, the image of the Gruffalo may begin to peel or fade- so be aware. Plus, I like the plastic coating over the cotton. It makes it harder for thorns and stickers to penetrate to delicate little fingers.

Purpose: These gloves will fit one as small as 3, but are probably best fit for a child around age 5. If you want a fun, but durable pair of gloves for the budding gardener, these are the best.