In this guide we’ll take a look at the best chimineas for the UK market.
I’ve compared design, size, safety and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Chiminea?

  • Features
  • Large and stylish chiminea
  • Mesh hinged door/guard
  • Best chiminea for logs or charcoal
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Stylish and well built chiminea
  • Easy to remove grill
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Extra large cast iron chiminea
  • 112cm tall and 28kg heavy
  • Removable grill rack
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Modern and stylish chiminea
  • 125cm high x 35cm wide
  • Wood burner with wood store underneath
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Red mottled Clay Chiminea
  • Hand-made with traditional methods
  • Includes rain lid and sturdy steel base
  • Cost
  • Features
  • 150cm tall contemporary chiminea
  • wood log store underneath burner
  • Sturdy and robust design
  • Cost
  • Features
  • High quality and robust chiminea
  • Heat resistant powder coating
  • Log store underneath burner
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Hand-made clay chiminea
  • Authentic and traditional design
  • Includes sturdy base
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Upright propane gas fire pit
  • Large enough to conceal a 20lb canister
  • Attractive and stylish design
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Minimalist and stylish design
  • 1 Metre tall pyramid
  • Latched, hinged mesh door
  • Cost

More Detailed Chiminea Reviews

Kingfisher BBQ Time Log Burner Chiminea

This Kingfisher BBQ Time Log Burner Chiminea is a modern take on the traditional chiminea, it is made of quality black steel and would make a stunning focal point in any garden.

It sits on four sturdy legs and is rectangular, unlike traditional chiminea shapes it offers warmth on all four sides, each one is also protected by a black mesh guard which prevents sparks and spitting.

This chiminea has a large hinged door for easy access and is large enough to handle medium sized logs, wood and charcoal and comes with a removable ash tray to make cleaning an easy task. This beautiful piece wins first place for the best chiminea for the money!

Oxford Barbecues X-Large Steel Chiminea

This Oxford Barbecues X-Large Steel Chiminea comes in a distinctive design, manufactured from black coloured heat resistant steel.  It is 134 cm high and comes flat packed but is very simple to put together.

This chiminea can take charcoal and comes with a grill supplied to let you easily use it as a practical BBQ.  The grill is then easily removed, allowing you to fill the base with wood and use it as a handy light and heat source for those late summer evenings.

At just 11.4 KG this chiminea is also fairly lightweight, allowing it to be moved around if required, even after construction. It’s the best chiminea that is both portable and versatile to use.

Deuba Cast Iron Chiminea

This Deuba Cast Iron Chiminea features a solid, cast iron design and is the best chiminea for people who want to ensure they have a particularly permanent addition to their garden.

This is a large BBQ and patio heater and weighs an impressive 28 kg.  It’s robust and very sturdy, as you would expect, with a removable grill rack furnished with a wooden handle that is cool to the touch.

The rustic good looks cover up a very functional piece of kit, which can one minute be cooking your BBQ and the next minute be filled with wood or coal and used as a convenient patio heater. If you are looking for the best chiminea to do it all this might just be the ticket!

La Hacienda Circo Black Steel Chiminea

If you’re looking for something a little different in your chiminea and you love a modern look then this La Hacienda Circo Black Steel Chiminea might be the best chiminea for you!  It certainly has the ‘wow’ factor and stands out a mile alongside more traditional chimineas.

It is made from black steel and comes in two parts for easy installation.  The wood burner sits on top of a handy wood store which lets you store your fuel within easy reach.

This modern interpretation on a classic theme is built primarily for warmth as there is no BBQ grill included, but it will certainly be a talking point at any gathering. In my opinion it’s the best chiminea to compliment modern gardens!

La Hacienda Dark Red Clay Chiminea

It’s back to a more traditional shape with this next offering from La Hacienda, in fact it seems to go back even further as you’d imagine that this red mottled clay chiminea wouldn’t look out of place 400 years ago in a Mexican villa.

This La Hacienda Dark Red Clay Chiminea is hand crafted using traditional methods, so each one is a little bit unique.  It stands safely on a steel base which levels the fire at your eye line level when you are seated.  This ensures the heat is delivered more evenly, letting you enjoy the great outdoors for a little longer this year!

La Hacienda Manoa Chiminea

Whilst the previous model from La Hacienda was clearly based on a more traditional kind of chiminea, this La Hacienda Manoa Chiminea is another modern interpretation of the classic design.

It has been designed from a minimalist perspective but is also practical with its space for wood storage underneath the fire area keeping your fuel within easy reach and organised.

It is sturdy and robust, made from black powder coated steel which is manufactured to withstand the highest of temperatures.  It stands at 150 cm tall and its simple laser cut design is sure to impress everyone who sees it.

BrackenStyle Square Steel Chiminea

This BrackenStyle Square Steel Chiminea not only looks stunning but is incredibly practical too.  It is made from hand crafted high quality steel ensuring that it is robust and will remain a long lasting focal point for gardens of any size.

It is covered in a heat resistant powder coating which not only protects it from heat damage, it also ensure that it won’t rust during the winter months.

Not only does this chiminea produce a fantastic sized fire to keep you warm, it also has a significantly sized wood store ensuring that you won’t have to go far to keep your fire burning through the night.

If you are looking for a practical chiminea that also doubles as a log store this will be the best chiminea for you!

La Hacienda Clay Chiminea Barbecue

La Hacienda are a company that specialise in chimineas of all shapes and sizes.  From traditional shaped chimineas to modern looking black steel versions as well as handmade clay models that look like they’ve been passed down through the generations.

This La Hacienda Clay Chiminea Barbecue is closer to the older looking clay versions but comes in a very distinctive yellow and brown pattern, giving it a unique feel.

Although it’s an older style design, it is also very practical too.  The whole chimney portion can be removed and the included grill can be added, turning it into a handy BBQ.

Slate effect Gas Fire Pit Chiminea

If you’re serious about your traditional patio heating and want to make a significant investment in something a little different, then this Slate effect Gas Fire Pit Chiminea might be the best chiminea for you!

The fire pit itself sits on top of a column which has been designed with a slate effect.  The column itself is large enough to conceal the 20 kg propane gas bottle that powers the flame in the pit.

The flame is clean, without sparks or debris, and can easily be controlled from high to low.

This model also comes with a sturdy waterproof cover.

Charles Bentley Large Steel Mesh Pyramid Chiminea

This Charles Bentley Large Steel Mesh Pyramid Chiminea features a design that infuses simplicity with modern and blends the design of fire pits, patio heaters and chimineas all into one.

It is a one metre tall mesh pyramid made from matt finished black steel.  It is ideal for use with wood and charcoal with the mesh surround providing adequate protection from sparks and ash.

There is a latched, hinged door at the front of the pyramid to allow the fire to be stirred safely with the included poker.

Other features include a cast iron log grate and an ash tray, which is removable to make cleaning as easy as possible.

Chiminea Buying Guide

Chimineas have grown massively in popularity over the last few years, especially here in the UK. It’s not hard to see why; they’re attractive and functional.

The best chiminea makes a wonderful centre piece for your decking or patio, and keep you warm on those cool summer evenings.

Chiminea types – There are basically three types of chiminea to choose from and all three feature in our list above.  A traditional fire clay chiminea which originates from Mexico and is based on fireplaces that were used for cooking and heating.

A cast iron chiminea is a more modern invention and is based around the indoor wood burning stoves that have become popular in recent years.  Steel chimineas are the latest development, they are based on the traditional clay designs and are generally made using iron as well as steel.

Safety – If you have pets or young children then safety will need to be a consideration when choosing the best chiminea for your garden.  Models with a spark guard will keep curious fingers and noses away from the fire itself, so should be considered.

Another thing to consider is that although the outside of a clay chiminea will become hot, it will not be hot enough to give a serious burn.  Iron and steel chimineas on the other hand are likely to give serious burns even long after the fire has gone out.

Fuel – Iron and steel chimineas can take any kind of fuel including wood, charcoal and coal.  Clay chimineas on the other hand cannot take charcoal or coal as they burn too hot and may damage it.  It is recommended that the bottom of a clay chiminea is always lined with sand to protect it from the heat, even when using wood.

Usage – Some chimineas are suitable for cooking a BBQ on, others are not.  Some come with a built in grill, others don’t.

Chimineas should be considered as primarily a source of heating.  If they are suitable for barbecuing then by all means use it, but we would suggest doing it sparingly, as you won’t beat a properly design BBQ for performance.

UK Weather – We all know that the UK summer lets us down years after year, this is why we invest in things such as chimineas, so if it’s not raining we can still enjoy the outdoors.

One thing to consider however, in order to protect the chiminea from the elements, does it come with a cover?


We all like to enjoy the outdoors and especially our own gardens.  In the UK, however, it would be nice to be able to warm them up a bit.

The best chiminea is a practical and traditional way to keep warm whilst outside and provides a fantastic opportunity to be able to use your garden for a much longer length of time during the year.

Consider your needs and make a choice from some of the excellent models featured above.