In this guide we’ll look at the best Christmas wreaths for the UK market.
I’ve compared design, size, materials and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Are The Best Christmas Wreaths?

  • Features
  • 40 LEDs
  • Part of a wider range
  • Very versatile design
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Best artificial Christmas wreath
  • Natural look
  • Part of a set
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Cool white LEDs
  • Thick and large wreath
  • Good decorations
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Good size
  • A blank canvas to decorate
  • Inexpensive
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Good Christmas door wreath
  • Lavender bouquet
  • Good all year round
  • Cost

More Detailed Christmas Wreaths Reviews

WeRChristmas Pre-Lit Decorated Garland Christmas Decoration Illuminated

The WeRChristmas Pre-Lit Decorated Garland Illuminated with 40-LED Lights is the best Christmas wreath because it features 40 warm LEDs, is part of a wider range and can be used as a wreath or draped.

This is a great light-up Christmas wreath that is illuminated with 40 LEDs that have a nice warm white colour. This helps to really draw the eye and becomes a very pleasant light source in any room.

This wreath is part of a larger set. This means you can purchase a range of other items to create a coordinated theme. This allows you to create cohesion within your Christmas decorations and have a classy, elegant look with ease.

This wreath can be used as a traditional wreath or, it can be straightened and draped over things. For example, you can use it to drape over a mantlepiece or twine around bannisters to create a lovely traditional Christmassy feel.

Overall, this is the best Christmas wreath to add style and sophistication to your Christmas decorations.

WeRChristmas Natural Pine Cone and Berry Decorated Pre-Lit Christmas Wreath

The WeRChristmas Natural Pine Cone and Berry Pre-Lit Wreath is the best artificial Christmas wreath if you want a natural-looking wreath that is part of a set of coordinated Christmas decorations.

This is artificial Christmas wreath looks very realistic but is hard-wearing and doesn’t drop needles onto the floor. It looks very natural thanks to its realistic holly, pinecones and berries, and gives the effect of having a real wreath in your home. This wreath is also part of a wider set. You can purchase other components of the set separately to allow you to match your Christmas decorations for a cohesive, tasteful scheme.

This is a good option for a realistic and natural artificial Christmas wreath that can be used as part of the set to create a lovely traditional aesthetic.

WeRChristmas Pre-Lit Decorated Wreath, 20 Ice White LED Lights, 60 cm

The WeRChristmas Pre-Lit Decorated Wreath, 20 Ice White LED Lights is a good choice if you are after bright white lights combined with a thick wreath that has plenty of baubles, pine cones and berries.

This Christmas wreath is illuminated by 20 cool white LEDs. A lot of Christmas wreaths use warm LEDs that create a yellow light whereas this uses white LED’s that create a nice clean light that suits modern and traditional spaces.

The wreath is nice and thick and a good size that makes a substantial feature on a door or wall. The wreath is decorated with a nice range of baubles, pinecones and berries and has a frosted and glittery finish to add some subtle sparkle to your Christmas theme.

This is a good option if you want a nice thick wreath with lots of decorations that also features bright white lights.

Kaemingk 680452 Imperial pine wreath, soft needles, PVC, diameter 50 cm

The Kaemingk 680452 Imperial pine wreath is a good option if you want to decorate your own wreath, want a nice sized wreath and are after an inexpensive option.

This is great wreath as it provides a blank canvas that allows you to decorate it to suit your personal taste and decor. It allows you to get creative with your decorations and add a lovely personal touch. Decorating the wreath is also fun to do and you can change the design each year if you choose.

The wreath is 50cm in diameter and is nice and thick giving you lots of space to decorate. It also holds your decorations very securely.
This option is also inexpensive and if you use your existing decorations, or collected pine cones and holly this makes a really low-cost yet effective option.
This is a great option for you if you are interested in decorating a wreath yourself and want a good quality blank canvas to build upon.

Christmas Lavender Wreath Garlands Decoration

The Christmas Lavender Wreath is another good option because it makes a great Christmas door wreath, its lavender bouquet is unusual and striking and it looks good even when it isn’t Christmas.

This product makes a great door wreath as the wooden twig design hangs very well and the bouquet of lavender at the bottom is subtle and stylish. The use of lavender is a little bit different from most wreaths as they often feature berries and holly.

This lavender and a wooden twig wreath looks great on your door at any time of year adding a lovely element of country charm.
This is a good option if you want a traditional style door wreath but also want something a little different to stand out from the norm. It’s also great if you want some decoration outside of December.

Christmas Wreaths

Buyers Guide


The design of a Christmas wreath is important especially if you are using it as a door wreath. This is the first thing people will see entering your home and it sets the first impression.

Having a design that blends well with you other decorations allows you to create a stylish and cohesive Christmas decoration theme. Some wreaths come as part of wider sets making it incredibly easy to stay on theme and create a nice set of Christmas decorations.


Christmas wreaths vary in size allowing you to find the perfect wreath for your space. If you have a large door or space for your Christmas wreath you will want a wreath that fills this space well and doesn’t look lost. Conversely, a large wreath in a smaller space will look too cluttered.

Materials Used

Most wreaths are made from some sort of plastic and designed to be quite hard-wearing to cope with being stored most of the year. Often PVC is used as this is hard-wearing and creates a realistic-looking wreath, so this is a good material to look out for.


A lot of Christmas wreaths come with decorations included and some come as just a green wreath for you to decorate however you want. For pre-decorated wreaths, you will want to look for something that matches the theme you are going for or blends well with items you already have.


How do you make your own Christmas wreath?

To create your own Christmas wreath, you will first need to either purchase or create a wire ring to act as the foundation for your wreath. These can be purchased in art shops and are very inexpensive.

Then you will probably want to head to the woods or back garden and collect some cuttings to decorate this frame. Classic things to decorate your wreath include holly, pine branches, and pinecones but you can have fun with your wreath and go for a non-traditional wreath using whatever greenery and decorations take your fancy

From there it’s about weaving your cuttings in with your wireframe until a wreath takes shape. You can then add lights, baubles or other Christmas decorations to finish your wreath nicely.

Snappy conclusion

Christmas wreaths are a classic Christmas decoration. They look great on doors or hung on walls to help get everyone in the Christmas spirit. Having a Christmas wreath on your front door creates a great Christmas welcome to all your guest when they come and visit you for the holidays.  I would recommend the WeRChristmas Pre-Lit Decorated Garland as it looks stunning and is extremely versatile.