In this guide we’ll take a look at the best climbing frames for the UK market.
I’ve compared design, build quality, activities included and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Climbing Frame?

  • Features
  • Amazing fun for kids
  • High quality construction
  • 10 Year guarantee
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Includes swing, slide, den and ladder
  • Perfect for fuelling kids imagination
  • Fun climbing frame and den
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Lots of fun activities
  • Suitable for several children
  • 10 Year guarantee
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Exciting and challenging den
  • Easily moved to cut grass
  • Cost

More Detailed Climbing Frame Reviews

Wooden Playhouse Outdoor Climbing Frame

This wonderful Wooden Playhouse Outdoor Climbing Frame is by far one of the best climbing frames available for your garden. It includes a tower, slide, swings, rock wall and ladder. It’s the perfect playhouse for kids ranging from 3 -14 years.

The set features 2 comfortable swing seats and a thick durable wavy slide. In addition, it includes monkey bars that are grooved for extra grip as well as professional grade climbing stones. The tower, with its platform, roof and hidden den provides plenty of room for imaginative adventures of all kinds. The natural wood means this looks great in the garden, unlike some rather garish plastic toys.

The climbing frame provides a range of activities to exercise your children’s bodies as well as their imagination as they can play lots of role play games using the climbing frame as a base.

The climbing frame is constructed from pressure treated timber which makes it durable and maintenance free and the frame is guaranteed against rot and insect infestation for ten years. The slide is made from extra thick moulded plastic making it durable, weather resistant and easy to clean.

The frame comes flat packed for self-assembly and includes all fixings required as well as ground anchors to secure the item. The climbing frame conforms to Independently Tested Safety Standard: EN71. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, though it will take at least two people a few hours to put together.

This is a large climbing frame at 4.65m wide, 3.80 metres deep and 2.80 metres high. This makes it suitable for older children as well as up to six children at a time. Make sure you have enough space in your garden to provide a safety zone around the playset too.

Although this climbing frame is quite an investment, it provides a huge range of activities for children and will keep children of all ages entertained for hours on end. As it is suitable for a wide range of ages it will also provide years of entertainment. When considering this, and the excellent build quality, I think this piece of play equipment is one of the best climbing frames you can buy.

MultiFlyer Outdoor Climbing Frame

This MultiFlyer Outdoor Climbing Frame includes a swing, slide and rope ladder as well as a platform, climbing wall and integrated sandpit. It also features plenty of handrails and a fun steering wheel and telescope in the tower.

The playset is constructed from pressure treated wood for a long and maintenance free life. It comes with all fixings and clear instructions. The tower is covered with a roof made from all-weather tarpaulin. There is also the option to buy an additional swing to replace the rope ladder if you choose.

This item was quite tricky to put together and required two people and a drill. It is suitable for children aged 3 years and over and the overall dimensions are 4.80 x 2.62 x 2.63 metres.

This is one of the best climbing frames that can offer hours of entertainment and lots of opportunities for physical exercise as well as imaginative play. It is well constructed from durable materials and offers a lot of entertainment for the money.

SquirrelFort Outdoor Climbing Frame

This SquirrelFort Outdoor Climbing Frame includes a wide range of activities and is suitable for children age from 3 to 10 years. The set includes a tower, slide, swings, monkey bars, rock wall and ladder.

The frame is constructed from pressure treated timber for a long, maintenance free life and it has the added reassurance of a 10-year guarantee. The swing seats and wave slide are made from durable weather resistant plastic and the tower is covered by a green all-weather tarpaulin roof. The space under the tower can be used as a den or a sandpit.

The dimensions of the frame are, width: 4.10m, depth: 3.25m, overall height: 2.51m but remember you will need to leave a safety zone around the play equipment. It is supplied with ground anchors for extra safety.

The set comes with all required fixings and clear instructions. It is straightforward to put together but will take a couple of hours and require two people and a drill. Once built it looks nice in the garden, too.

This is one of the best climbing frames to offer a great range of activities for kids and will provide many hours of entertainment.

Lifetime Dome Climbing Frame

For something a little different, you might like to consider this Lifetime Dome Climbing Frame with professional grade climbing grips. Its perfect for the young adventurer and provides an opportunity to develop strength, climbing skills and confidence. The climbing frame is suitable for children from 3 – 10 years.

The item is free standing and low maintenance being constructed from weather and rust resistant heavy-duty powder coated steel. It has a diameter of 10 feet when assembled, but you should also allow for a good safety zone around the item. The frame does not require any ground anchors and can be moved reasonably easily when necessary, such as for mowing the lawn.

The item comes with clear instructions and is easy to put together as all the poles are labelled. It would be possible to build it on your own, but it is easier with two people. Bear in mind that the box is very heavy.

Although this climbing frame does not have as many features as the multipurpose sets, it does provide a safe but challenging piece of play equipment that is great for building strength, coordination, climbing skills and confidence. You can also throw a tarpaulin over it, so kids can use it as a large den. It is also a well built and durable product that offers great value for money.

Climbing Frame Buying Guide

The best climbing frames provide an excellent way to encourage your children to get lots of fresh air and exercise. Climbing frames can also help your child develop motor skills, coordination, balance and strength as well as boosting their confidence and self-esteem.

It’s not always practical to take your children to the park or adventure playground so having a climbing frame in the back garden is a great option. The best climbing frames come with a variety of additional activities such as swings, monkey bars, dens and slides so they provide plenty of at-home entertainment.

When choosing from the best climbing frames, you should, of course, be guided by what your children love to do, while also encouraging them to expand their horizons and take on new challenges. Many climbing frames provide a great range of physical activities as well as plenty of scope for imaginative play.

The size of your garden will, of course, be a significant factor. It is often wise to choose the largest set you can fit in as this will offer the most range of activities as well as being suitable for more children and a higher age range. However, you should allow room for a safety zone around the equipment and this should be free from hazards such as hard surfaces, walls and overhanging trees.

You should always check that any climbing frame is made of strong, sturdy materials, is anchored if necessary and meets appropriate safety standards.

Allow plenty of time to put play equipment together as some climbing frames and dens have a lot of parts to assemble.


What kind of surface should I position my climbing frame on?

Climbing frames can be safely positioned on a lawn. Alternatively, they can be placed on an area that has a safe surface such as rubber matting, play bark or rubber mulch.

Can I position a climbing frame on a bumpy lawn that has a slope?

For safety reasons, a climbing frame should always be positioned on a reasonably level surface. This doesn’t mean it has to be a perfect bowling green – a few lumps and bumps are fine; however, a steep slope would not be suitable.