In this guide we’ll take a look at the best electric lawn mowers for the UK market.
I’ve compared cutting ability, energy efficiency, design and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Cordless Electric Lawnmower?

  • Features
  • Powerful yet ultra lightweight
  • Fast charging batteries provided
  • Hardened steel blade air flow technology
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Includes high-speed charging kit
  • Long handle folding for storage
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Intellicut technology keeps constant cutting power
  • Dual port charger, charges 2 batteries simultaneously
  • Excellent value for money
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Excellent build quality
  • Supplied with 2 powerful 36V lithium batteries
  • Sturdy, easy to empty 35L grass collection bin
  • Cost
  • Features
  • 2-in-1 function: collecting box & mulching
  • Powerful cutting technology
  • Includes two 2Ah batteries and charger
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Powered by 2x 18V Lithium+ batteries
  • Vertebrae handle Design for improved comfort
  • 5 Cutting positions, single point height adjustment
  • Cost

More Detailed Cordless Electric Lawnmower Reviews

Bosch Rotak 430 Cordless Electric Lawnmower

This lawnmower was easy to put together and set up without any need for tools. The build quality is good and the hardened steel blades are of excellent quality. The mower is light, weighing just 13.7 kg. The 36-volt Lithium Ion batteries are fully charged in 140 minutes and 80 % charged in just over an hour which means you can get a small to medium sized lawn cut in one session.

The cutting width of this mower is 43cm which is a good size for medium to large lawns and decreases the workload when compared with smaller machines.

This mower gave a really good cut and felt pretty powerful in use. The cutting height is easy to adjust to a variety of settings from 20-70mm. On the highest setting it even cut through nettles and tough weeds with ease and it made short work of my lawn, even though the grass was damp. The mower is light and comfortable to use and manoeuvre around obstacles with ease. I found the batteries lasted for around 20-30 minutes depending on the length of the grass. The 50-litre grass box means you don’t have to empty it too often either.

This product comes with two batteries which is handy as one can be charging while the other is in use.

This mower is suitable for lawns up to 600 square metres.

This is a powerful mower that can tackle long grass and large lawns with ease.

Einhell Lithium Cordless Ion Lawnmower

This is a well-built machine that seems durable and long lasting. It was easy to put together and came with decent instructions. The unit weighs 14.5 kgs making it light and easy to manoeuvre. The folding handle makes it easy to store.

The mower comes with two 18-volt Lithium Ion batteries and two chargers and these are interchangeable with other Einhell power x-change tools. The high-speed charger can recharge the batteries in 1 hour. I found the batteries lasted for around 20 minutes each.

The machine gave a good cut and the 33cm cutting width would be okay for a small to medium garden. The cutting height is adjustable from 25-65mm at five different settings.

When cutting longer grass you need to start with a higher setting otherwise the machine cuts out. So, on a longer lawn, you may need to do a couple of runs to get the grass at the length you want it. However, if you cut the lawn regularly this isn’t a problem and as it is so quick and easy to use it’s no problem to cut the grass once a week. The 30-litre grass box does need emptying quite regularly.

This mower is recommended for lawns up to 200 square metres.

This is an excellent mower for smaller to medium sized gardens and offers great value for money.

Black & Decker Cordless Lithium-Ion Lawnmower

This mower is easy to put together and the build quality is excellent. It weighs 20.5 kilograms giving it a solid feel but still being light enough for easy use and manoeuvrability. The unit comes with 2x 36-volt Lithium ion batteries giving plenty of power for larger lawns and it includes a fast charger, so the batteries are ready to use again in super quick time. The batteries last about 35 minutes on average length grass.

Again, with this model, I found it best to cut long grass at a high setting first to save the battery and prevent it from cutting out.

This mower has a cutting width of 38 cm and the cutting height is adjustable to six settings between 30 to 80mm and is easily adjusted with a simple lever. The grass collector has a capacity of 35 litres. The retractable handles make the unit easy to store in even a small shed.

This mower is suitable for lawns up to 600 square metres.

This is a high-powered machine that is suitable for large gardens and can handle longer grass if used at a higher setting first.

Greenworks 40V Cordless Electric Lawnmower

This mower comes with 2 x 2Ah batteries and a charger and offers plenty of power. The build quality is great, and the composite cutting deck seems sturdy. The cutting width is 41 cm and the machine has 5 cutting heights of between 20 and 70 mm. The cutting blade is made of quality stainless steel and produced a good even cut on quite long, damp grass.

This mower is reasonably light, at just 17.1 kg, and easy to use and I found it offered excellent manoeuvrability. The handle is easy to fold making is simple to store.

This mower has a mulching function which is useful if you like to mulch your lawn to feed it and retain moisture. The mulcher chops the cuttings up into tiny pieces before redistributing them on the lawn. If you choose to collect the cuttings instead the 50-litre grass box means not too many stops for emptying.

This mower is recommended for gardens up to 300m² with the batteries supplied. You can also buy additional larger batteries that would make it suitable for bigger areas.

This is a good value machine with plenty of features. It would be ideal for a medium sized garden.

Ryobi 18V ONE+ Hybrid Fusion Lawnmower

This innovative hybrid mower comes with 2x 18V Lithium+ batteries but can also be connected to mains power. This makes it useful if you have a range of cutting conditions. You can use the battery power for smaller more detailed areas and switch to mains for larger or more overgrown areas.

When used with the batteries I found the batteries lasted a long time, so it would only be occasionally that the electric power would be required. I think the mains power would be handy at the beginning of the season when grass is a little overgrown and then you could keep the lawn neat for the rest of the year with just the battery power. This multi power function would also be handy of you have a large garden and an allotment or other areas away from the home, as you could use the battery option when mains power is not an option.

The mower has a 36cm cutting width and is small and light enough to be easily manoeuvred around the garden and among flower beds, features and trees. The cutting height has 5 different options and is easy to adjust.

The unit also features a mulching function which is handy as the collection box is small.

This is a versatile machine offers good value for money and would be handy if you have a range of different cutting requirements.

Electric Lawn Mower Buying Guide

The size of your garden and the type of mowing you do will affect your decision when buying a cordless lawnmower.

If you have a very small garden than most machines will be up to the job, especially if you mow your lawn regularly. For larger gardens or those with overgrown grass, then choose a machine with plenty of power. You may want to check out our guide to the best petrol lawn mowers here.

It is useful if a machine has two batteries so that you can charge one while using the other. If you have a very large area to mow, choose a mower that comes with a quick charger, so you can switch the batteries over several times and get the job done in one go.

Collecting grass is a big part of the job when mowing the lawn. If you have a larger garden check that the mower you choose has a reasonably sized collection bag so that you are not stopping every few minutes to empty it. Alternatively, choose a machine with a mulching function which will shred the cuttings finely and redistribute them over the lawn helping to fertilise it and retain moisture through the (hopefully) dry summer months.


How should I store the batteries for my cordless mower to make them last as long as possible?

While you can leave the batteries in your mower if it is stored in a dry place, some of the power may drain out of them during this period. Ideally, remove the battery after use and store it indoors where it is not subjected to extremes of temperatures or damp.

I’ve heard that lithium-ion batteries only last for a certain amount of time. When is it likely that I will need to replace mine?

Lithium-ion batteries will last about 3 to 5 years before they need to be replaced. The exact amount of time will depend on usage and storage.