In this guide we’ll take a look at the best fence panels for the UK market.
I’ve compared size, design, build quality and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Fence Panel?

  • Features
  • 3’ X 6’ overlap fence panel
  • Treated to resist rot
  • Best fence panels for windy areas
  • Cost
  • Features
  • 6’ X 6’ overlap fence panels
  • Dip treated to resist rot
  • Double braced and fully framed
  • Cost
  • Features
  • 6’ X 3’ close board fence panels
  • Pressure treated for excellent rot resistance.
  • Look beautiful and are long lasting
  • Cost
  • Features
  • 6’ X 6’ Horizontal weave panels with trellis top
  • Pressure treated for rot resistance
  • Durable and beautiful
  • Cost
  • Features
  • 180 cm X 180 cm (approx. 6’ X6’)
  • Treated to prevent rot
  • Beautiful design
  • Cost

More Detailed Fence Panel Reviews

Waltons 3x6 Wooden Fencing Panels

These Waltons 3×6 Wooden Fencing Panels are the best fence panels if you are looking for strong and sturdy panels for a reasonable cost that are guaranteed against rot for ten years.

Overlap fence panels are a cost-effective way to secure your garden boundaries. These fence panels are constructed from 8mm timber cladding and made in traditional horizontal overlap design. The fencing is also double braced meaning there are two supports along the length of the panel. The panels are also fully framed around the outside edges making them strong and durable. The overall size is 3’ X 6’.

The timber used in these fence panels is FSC certified and is pre-treated to resist rot. For longevity, and to validate the guarantee, you should treat these fence panels with a preservative after installation and then yearly.

These are the best fence panels that have a classic, rustic design and will look great in a traditional garden and offer great value for money. These are also some of the best price fence panels available.

Weatherwell Lap Wooden Fence Panels

These Weatherwell Lap Wooden Fence Panels offer sturdiness and durability and are dip treated for longevity. These are some of the best fence panels that offer great value for money and excellent security.

These fence panels are 6’ X 6’ foot and offer shade, privacy and security. They are dip treated in a nice shade of rich brown so look good in any garden. The panels are made of overlapping durable softwood and have double bracing and solid framing. The bevelled capping allow water to drain on either side of the fence panel to reduce the risk of rotting.

These fence panels feel durable, are easy to fit and look good once installed. These are some of the best price fence panels available for the UK market.

Close Board Heavy Duty Pressure Treated Fence Panels

These Close Board Fence Panels offer a more durable fencing solution to overlap fence panels and look lovely in any garden.

Close board fencing panels are a little more expensive than overlap fence panels, however, they do offer a solid solution that is durable as well as beautiful. They are constructed from vertical feather edge boards fixed to several horizontal rails.

These fence panels have been pressure treated which offers excellent rot resistance and they come with a top cap which resists rot as well as creating a nice finish.

These fence panels are really strong and durable and have a beautiful finish that would suit modern and traditional gardens.

Waltons 6x6 Wooden Fencing Panels

These Waltons 6×6 Wooden Fencing Panels are the best fence panels if you want your fence to be more of a design feature in the garden as they have an arched top with integrated trellis.

The fence panels are constructed from 8mm pressure treated pine cladding to provide excellent rot resistance and are guaranteed for ten years. The wood is also FSC Certified. The sturdy construction means these solid panels will give years of use as well as being a beautiful feature in the garden. The trellis top provides privacy without creating too much shade and allows you to grow climbing plants over the fences with ease.

Overall these are some of the best fence panels that offer privacy and security whilst also being a beautiful feature in the garden.

Festnight Square Garden Fence Panel

These Festnight Square Garden Fence Panels with Trellis are sturdy and beautiful and include an integrated trellis that will look beautiful covered in climbing plants. These are some of the best price fence panels on the market.

The fence panels are made from impregnated pinewood which makes them rot resistant. They also have a sturdy construction with vertical supports and solid framing all around. The trellis top is ideal for supporting garden climbers and will allow you to create a private and beautiful haven in your back garden.

These are some of the best fence panels for windy areas and make an attractive addition if you are looking to add privacy, security and an added design feature to your garden.

How Do I Replace a Fence Panel?

To replace a fence panels you should start by measuring the existing panels and ordering a new one of the same width and height.

You can choose from overlap fencing which is the cheapest option or you can go for more durable close board fencing. Alternatively, there are a range of decorative fence panels that have a trellis part included and these look really good as well as providing support for climbing plants.

Once you have chosen the best fence panels you can afford you will need to remove the damaged one. If the panel was attached with fencing clips these can simply be unscrewed. If the fence panel was attached with nails, you will need to lever it away from the fence post. Alternatively, you can saw through the nail and hammer in the remnants. Once the fixings are removed you can pull the fence panel away from the posts. If there are any remaining nails in the fence post remove these or hammer them in.

The new panel should be secured with fence clips. This removes the need to put nails or screws into the new fence panel and risk damaging it. In addition, it will make life easier when you next need to change the fence panel. You will need to drill holes in the fence post and attach these clips. Then you simply enlist the help of a friend to lift the fence panel into place.

You can now paint or treat your fence with wood preservative if required to prolong its life and achieve your desired finish.