In this guide we’ll take a look at the best football goal posts for the garden.
I’ve compared size, durability, build quality and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Football Goal Post?

  • Features
  • Best kids football goals
  • Totally waterproof
  • Perfect size for youngsters
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Sturdy locking mechanism
  • Very durable and strong
  • Easy to construct
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Truly portable
  • Lightweight
  • Best pop up goals
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Great price
  • All year weatherproof
  • 42mm tough steel poles
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Dual goal posts
  • Pop up goals fold flat
  • Great value
  • Cost

More Detailed Football Goal Post Reviews

FORZA Football Goal Locking Model

Forza makes the best kids football goals and this locking model is the best one around because it’s durable, lightweight and locks together for utmost strength and safety.

Forza’s locking goal posts are made from durable shatterproof 68mm uPVC so they’re fully waterproof. This is a great feature as the majority of us don’t want to take down a football goal every evening.

These kids football goal posts have a 2mm UV treated HDPE football net that’s designed for optimal weather-resistance. You can definitely leave this one outside all year round.

The unique locking system is a great design feature. Because it’s not just made from poles that slide inside poles it’s more stable and easily able to withstand some hefty whacks from the kids and dad’s overenthusiastic crossbar smashes.

Forza goals feature high impact construction which is a really important feature in children’s goal posts. Because one badly aimed thwack can break them.

Overall, these Forza goals measure six ft by four ft which is the perfect size for youngsters, but despite their toughness and size they weigh barely anything so you can move them around when the goalie patch gets worn.

Don’t be worried about putting Forza goals together though, it sounds harder than it is. It’s very easy to set up with clear instructions and a great customer service team to help if you get confused.

This kids football goal post package comes with a pack of net clips to keep the net secured tightly to the posts, and there’s an option to buy extras such as a goal target sheet to help practice those penalty shoot outs.

Forzas goals are a bestseller on Amazon for good reason. They’re durable, waterproof, and can stand up to the hardest strikes.

You won’t need to buy replacement goal posts for the garden ever again. These are the best kids football goals for the UK market!

SAMBA Locking Football Goal

Another great name in the goal post world is Samba. They offer a locking football goal that can withstand mighty strikes and plenty of sportsmanlike shoving.

This one of the best kids football goal posts because it measures 6ft by 4ft which is the right size for smaller children.

It’s made from robust uPVC posts with 68mms diameter for high impacts. Samba goal posts are often used in schools and clubs so you know it’s a good piece of equipment.

The Samba kids football goals are easy to fit together and they’re simple to dismantle too.

The locking system keeps all parts in place and when it’s time to take the goal posts down, you press the locking button to take it apart. It’s easy, but if you want to move the goal fully assembled it’s lightweight enough to shift without taking it apart.

This set comes with the football goal posts, a strong rot-proof net, net clips, and ground anchors to keep the goal firmly in place even if the keeper bashes into it.

If you want all-year round kids football goals for the garden these are tough enough to go the distance and good-looking enough to make a garden feature.

QUICKPLAY Kickster Academy Football Goal

The Quickplay Kickster Academy football goal is a real technological innovation in kids football goals.

Other kids football goal posts may say they’re portable, but these pop up goals go beyond that because it actually squashes down into a bag without being fully taken apart.

Now you might think that because you can fold it down it’ll be small and useless? Not so.

These pop up goals are full size and when a ball or player smashes into them they bend and return to their original shape. Quickplay use patented high-tension technology to achieve this effect.

The rot-proof net is also set up with extra bounce – it has a shock absorbing bungee attachment system to keep the net going for longer.

These pop up goals are very quick to set up. They take 90 seconds to put up!

Using the pre-attached pole system, the goal posts simply slot together, there’s no thinking about which piece goes where. Use the provided ground stakes to pin it in place and voila – the kids are good to go.

Tested to British standards and a popular choice for reviewers this portable goal post weighs half that of a standard portable goal and packs away into its own bag with shoulder strap.

If you need quick set up and portable goal posts that won’t fall over or break then these are the best pop up football goal posts for you.

FORZA Steel42 Football Goals

Here’s another Forza goal post recommendation because they’re just so good I couldn’t stick to one.

These Forza goals are some of the most durable around. They are made from 42mm galvanised steel that can be left outside and used all year round – there’s no end of season for your kid’s football practice.

The heavy-duty football goal posts and tough crossbar can take the force of an adult football game and barely notice.

The net of this football goal post is a 3mm twisted HDPE UV stabilised net. That means you can leave it outside all year round and it won’t rot.

As with all Forza goals, the Steel42 has a built-in locking system. Those tough steel bars fit tighter than standard goalposts and securely bind the structure.

It doesn’t matter how hard they’re hit they won’t fall over. Use the ground stakes to make sure it’s in place before you start though!

These kids football goals measure 8ft by 6ft which is a slightly bigger size than my other recommendations and good for youngsters reaching the end years of primary school.

As with all the best football goal posts for the garden, the Steel 42 comes with bungee cord net attachments and anchor pegs to keep it safely in place.

Dimples Excel Portable Soccer Goal

If it’s a fun and easy life you want from football goals post these twist-to-stand portable goals are for you. Take them to the park, the beach, a friend’s house or move around the garden to a sunny spot with ease.

These kids football goal posts are made from tough fiberglass poles and durable Dracron material that’s twice as thick as standard football goal netting, these goal posts can take a heavy hit.

Anchor them down with the eight included ground pegs and you have a ready-to-go football pitch on your hands.

Putting up these pop up goals is simple but it takes some getting used to. You need to twist open the goal to get it standing – this bit is easy. To pack it flat again, twist it in a figure of eight. There are instructions if you get stuck, but when you’ve done it once it’s simple to repeat!

When standing the dual goal posts are 4ft by 3ft by 3ft but folded up they only measure a tiny 38 inches and fit in a carry bag you can sling across your shoulders. These are the best pop up goals for kids around!

Football Goal Post Buyer’s Guide


When it comes to material you should think about whether you need to leave football goal posts outside all year round.

If so, aluminium posts are very popular as they’re rustproof and take the hassle out of putting them up and down if it rains, plus they are lightweight enough to move single handed.

If you’re looking to splash out on professional standard goal posts then look at steel which is the gold standard and much stronger than aluminium. I wouldn’t recommend steel football goal posts for smaller children though, as they can hurt themselves bumping into the posts.

UPVC is another popular goalpost material. It’s weatherproof and can take a lot of force, but it’s simple to pack away. Many upvc goal posts have locking systems to keep them firmly in place.

At the cheaper end of the scale, there are all-synthetic fibre goals which are quick to pop and up and down. They don’t last in all weathers but fold up easily so you can take them places or store them in the shed.

Nets are often overlooked when it comes to choosing the best goal post for the garden, but netting takes just as much abuse as posts, especially if your kid is a good shot.

The thinnest netting grade is 1.6mm. It’s cheap and won’t last long, a better option is netting that measures 5mm – this is what they use in professional matches. It’s more expensive but it’ll last you longer.

Polypropylene is a modern and popular material for goal netting. It’s a type of plastic that’s much more hardwearing than fibre or twine nets. If you can find HDPE – that’s high-density polyethylene, it’ll last even longer.

Whatever you choose, pull nets clear of the ground when you’re not using them to prevent wildlife from getting trapped.


Goalposts are available in different sizes to match the age of your children. The Football Association has regulations if you want to use them!

  • For kids under seven – an 8×4 foot goal
  • For kids aged under twelve – 16 x 7-foot goal
  • Full-sized goalposts are for kids aged over 15

Of course, you can ignore this advice as it’s only regulation for professional games, and after-school clubs, but you’ll find the sizes make sense compared to your kid’s height.

However, it does depend on the size of our garden. Nowadays gardens tend to be compact, so getting goal posts in there might be tricky.

Choose kids football goal posts that are big enough to have fun, but don’t ruin your outside space. A 6-8 x 4 foot goal is big enough for primary school kids to enjoy.

One other aspect to be aware of is the space inside the goal.

If you have an aspiring goal-keeper they will need room inside the net to make a save. If grandad is stuck as goalie it doesn’t matter so much.


Are you planning to leave the goal posts outside in all weathers?

If so, choose aluminium, steel or upvc posts with a polyethylene net.

This will ensure the goalposts don’t rust or rot in our wet and damp weather, or get brittle in the sunlight and snap. If you choose these durable materials you won’t need to treat the goalposts with anything.

If you’re intending to bring them indoors, you can choose any material you like but I’d recommend you choose something that’s easy to take apart, such as a upvc locking system goal – which leads us nicely to…

Ease of Construction

If you’re one of those people that develops ‘the red mist of rage’ over half-cooked instructions choose something simple like a pre-set locking system or fold away goal posts.

Here are the options and their level of construction difficulty.

  • Folding portable goals – the easiest and cheapest option. They fold out and fold down again. All you have to do is fit the ground anchoring pegs.
  • Locking goals – these are already partially fitted and you just have to slot the bars into place so they seal and become durable. The Samba recommendation above has a button that unlocks the frame. They are portable and lightweight enough to take places.
  • Lightweight free standing – you need to fit these together, but once in place they can stay put for years. This type of goalpost can be anchored with ground pegs.
  • Steel free standing – large steel goals need construction and must be securely anchored. If you don’t plan to move them, the feet can be concreted into place.

If you choose a well-known brand, they will have a construction video on the home website for you to follow.

Difficult instructions usually come with cheap imported goals using Google translate. Forza and Samba have excellent customer service teams that’ll talk you through construction over the phone if you get stuck.