In this guide we’ll take a look at the best garden pergolas for the UK market.
I’ve compared size, design, build quality and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Garden Pergola?

  • Features
  • Superb quality
  • Stunning design
  • Easy to construct
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Superb quality
  • Elegant design with no visible screws
  • Easy to construct
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Great value for money
  • Creates a cosy private corner in your garden
  • Rot and weather resistant
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Good value pergola
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit any garden
  • Made from tantalised timber for rot resistance
  • Cost

More Detailed Garden Pergola Reviews

Wooden Garden Pavilion Gazebo Pergola 3m x 3m

This Wooden Garden Pavilion Gazebo Pergola is the best garden pergola if you are looking for a sturdy, long lasting and beautiful pavilion structure for your garden.

This wooden garden pergola is an impressive garden structure that provides a beautiful, large, high-quality pavilion for your garden. It includes a roof, base and posts, with decorative and sturdy trellis between the posts. All in all, it is a beautifully designed and built garden building.

The garden pavilion is constructed from FSC certified pressure treated timber. The kit comes with all fixings and has clear instructions. It is easy to put together but will take a while as it is a complex structure.

When completed you will be delighted with this beautiful, quality wooden pergola and it will make a superb addition to any garden. This is a really solid wooden garden structure that will grace your garden for years to come.

Wooden Garden Structure Pergola 3.6m x 3.6m

This Wooden Garden Structure Pergola is made from quality materials and has a simple elegant design that looks great in any garden.

This garden pavilion is made from pressure treated timber for durability and the heavy duty redwood corner posts are solid and sturdy. The upright posts are extra-long so you can concrete them into the ground for extra stability.

The wooden garden pergola is easy to put together as it has a notched design. This also means there are no unsightly screws to spoil the finished look. It requires only a socket set and screwdriver to assemble and this can be done in about an hour.

Once built this wooden pergola make a sturdy and beautiful addition to any garden.

Festnight Corner Garden Pergola Arbour

The Festnight Corner Pergola has an attractive design, good build quality and is excellent value for money.

The wooden pergola is constructed of impregnated pinewood to make is rot and weather resistant. The fan-shaped top makes this a really attractive addition to the corner of any garden and makes the best use of awkward spaces. The wooden pergola also features panels to create a cosy, draught proof and private space. In addition it has integral trellis panels to enable you to grow climbers over it.

This wooden pergola is easy to construct though it does come in a daunting number of pieces. However, the instructions are clear and with two people you should have it done in a couple of hours. For best results, I would anchor this pergola to the ground for extra stability.

This garden pavilion is a beautiful addition to the garden and the perfect structure to create a cosy, private corner.

SMILES Large Garden Pergola

The SMILES Large Garden Pergola offers good value for money and is a durable structure that adds a lovely feature to any garden.

This wooden pergola comes in a range of sizes so you can find the perfect structure for your garden whatever its size.

The garden pavilion is made from tantalised timber making it rot and weather resistant. The wood components are sturdy and of good quality. This wooden pergola is relatively easy to put together with an electric screwdriver and it comes with all fixings required.

Once constructed this pergola looks really lovely and makes a great addition to the garden.

What Is a Pergola

A wooden pergola is a garden structure, usually made from wood, that consists of columns that support a roofing grid of beams and rafters. This roof may be left open or covered so as to create an area that is sheltered from the elements. Pergolas are usually freestanding, but they can be attached to a house of other garden building.

Garden pergolas provide height in the garden and make a lovely feature. When positioned toward the end of the garden they provide a structure that draws your eye through the garden.

Wooden pergolas provide a structure for climbing plants and when covered with climbing plants such as clematis, wisteria or climbing roses they create a beautiful, shady, scented area for seating. Sitting in a pergola covered with beautiful climbers really immerses you in the garden.

How to build your own pergola

A pergola is constructed from upright posts and roofing beams and timbers. Some may have decorative features and extra angled supports to create a nice design. The following is a simple but effective way to create your own pergola.

Dig holes 30cm x 30cm wide and 60cm deep for each post.

Prop a post upright in two of the adjacent holes.

Put a cross member on top of these two posts and check it is level.

Repeat this with the remaining uprights until all are level. You can backfill the holes or attach pieces of batten to hold the structure steady while you concrete in the posts.

Concrete in the posts with a stiff mix of concrete. You will need a friend to hold the posts level as you do this.

Make sure that the post is level using a plumb line and repeat for the remaining posts.

Once the concrete has set firm you can add the rest of the framework.

You will need to attach two cross beams parallel to each other onto the top of the uprights. You can do this with coach bolts. These cross beams can have mortices into which the roofing beams will sit.

Finally, fasten the beams across the roof of the pergola either into the mortices, or, if you haven’t created these, with suitable fixings.

Once the structure is completed you can add trellis, stain your wooden pergola and add plant wires as required.