In this guide we’ll look at the best hanging baskets for the UK market.
We’ve compared design, durability, size and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Are The Best Hanging Baskets?

  • Features
  • Sturdy coated steel construction
  • Comes with coco liner
  • Attractive traditional design
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Great value for money
  • Easy to plant
  • Creates an all-round display
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Great value for money
  • Attractive design
  • Clever self-watering system
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Lovely design
  • Natural rattan materials
  • Includes liner
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Natural rattan basket
  • Includes liner
  • Durable and well made
  • Cost

More Detailed Hanging Baskets Reviews

Gardman Georgian Hanging Basket

The Gardman Georgian Hanging Basket is one of the best hanging baskets because it has a lovely traditional design, is made from durable coated steel and is a nice large size.

This traditional hanging basket looks very elegant and once filled with flowers will make a stunning addition to your garden. The basket is made from durable coated steel and the chain is coated for rust resistance and has a sturdy S hook attachment. The basket also comes with a natural coco liner. The basket is 30 cm wide and is also nice and deep so holds 6 litres of compost. This means that once filled it contains enough compost to provide plenty of nutrients to feed your growing plants. It also holds enough water so that they don’t dry out too quickly.

Overall, this is a lovely, traditional hanging basket that is durable and well designed and makes a lovely addition to any outdoor space.

Penine Set of 4 x 15" Easy fill Hanging Baskets

This Set of 4 x 15″ Easy fill Hanging Baskets are simple to use, create a stunning display and offers great value for money.

These cleverly designed hanging baskets feature latched openings so you can plant around the whole basket with no damage to the roots or stems of your plants. You simply pass your plants through the apertures and then slip a lattice gate in to position to hold the plant in place. The baskets require no liner and have a reservoir to stop your plants getting thirsty and drooping on hot summer days.

The baskets are made from durable UV resistant plastic and include anti twist chains and T bar connectors. These great value baskets make the best hanging baskets for a low-cost instant display of blooms.

These great value baskets make it easy to create an incredible ball like display of flowers that have a real wow factor.

Stewart Corinthian Hanging Basket

The Stewart Corinthian Hanging Basket has a nice classical design and looks like terracotta. It also has a self-watering system to prevent drying out.

This hanging basket is well made from heavy-duty plastic and features adjustable chains. The basket also features a clever self-watering system. In the base of the planter is a capillary mat that sits over a reservoir of water. This reservoir feeds that mat preventing your plants drying out so quickly on hot summer days.

The hanging basket offers great value for money for such as sturdy and well-designed product. This is one of the best hanging baskets if you find it difficult to water your plants every day or they are in a very hot sunny spot.

This basket has a nice design and a clever self-watering system.

Kingfisher 12 inch (30cm) Dark Rattan Cone Hanging Basket

The Kingfisher 12 inch (30cm) Dark Rattan Cone Hanging Basket has a unique and natural design that will look beautiful in a cottage style garden or a contemporary one.

This hanging basket is made from natural rattan and looks superb when planted. The basket includes a liner and comes with 3 chains attached to hang it evenly. It feels quite durable though the thin plastic liner might only last a season or two, but this is easily replaced. The cone design means it can hold a reasonable amount of compost to keep your plants nourished.

This is a lovely, natural looking basket that has a nice design.

Kingfisher 12in (30cm) Dark Rattan Hanging Basket

The Kingfisher 12in (30cm) Dark Rattan Hanging Basket has a lovely natural rattan finish that will look good in any garden.

The hanging basket has a sturdy rattan construction and 3 durable hanging chains. The basket is lined with a plastic liner. The basket is a nice large size and can hold a good amount of compost to keep your plants well-nourished. The basket looks beautiful when planted.

This rattan basket has a lovely natural design that complements all types of planting.

Hanging Baskets Buyer’s Guide


Hanging baskets come in a range of materials and styles so it is easy to find one that complements your garden perfectly.

You can choose from traditional metal baskets lined with moss or coco liners, to plastic styles that include water reservoirs. You can also choose baskets made from natural materials such as rattan which look lovely in both traditional and modern schemes.

The styles available vary from classical, traditional, natural or modern.


A larger basket will obviously hold more plants, but it will also hold more compost so this will help provide the plants with the nutrients they need. Larger baskets also dry out less quickly. A 30 cm basket is a good size as it is large enough to make an impact and keep plants healthy, but is not too heavy to hang.

Chain Strength

Always choose a hanging basket with a good strong chain that can hold the weight of your filled basket. Ensure that the bracket you hang your basket from is secure, too. You don’t want your beautifully planted basket ending up on the ground!


Hanging baskets are relatively small so they dry out quickly in warm summer weather. For this reason, drying out is often more of a problem than waterlogging. However, you do want you hanging a basket to drain away excess water, so your precious plants don’t rot in a wet spell. There are many ways to ensure the right balance. A coco liner will drain well but not too quickly. To hold water at the bottom, you can put a square of plastic bin liner so that the water doesn’t run straight out after watering. Many plastic hanging baskets features a reservoir and drainage holes to keep the balance of moisture just right.


How do you plant hanging baskets?      

To plant up a hanging basket you should first insert a suitable liner, if necessary, to hold the soil but still allow drainage. Then half fill the basket with a good quality potting compost designed for baskets and containers. Then you simply put the plants in place and fill the rest of the basket up with compost. Leave about an inch between the soil and the rim of the basket to allow for watering.

How do you make hanging baskets look full?

To make a really lovely full display in your hanging basket start with a specimen plant. Choose a plant that is attractive, upright and that has a long flowering time. Fuchsias and salvias make a good choice. You can then fill the rest of the basket with plants that have a spreading and trailing habit. These plants will fill up the space, intertwine for a lovely natural look and trail down the sides of the basket for a spectacular display. Trailing petunias, geraniums and lobelia make good choices.

When should you plant hanging baskets?

For summer flowers, you should plant your basket once all risk of frost has passed. Alternatively, you can plant earlier and keep the baskets in a greenhouse until the weather is warm enough to move them outdoors. You can also plant your baskets up for winter. Make sure you choose suitable plants that can cope with low temperatures and frost such as winter pansies, heathers, cyclamen and ivy.

How often should you water hanging baskets?

Hanging baskets should be thoroughly soaked every day in warm weather. In very hot spells, or if your baskets are in a particularly hot spot, you may need to water twice a day or more. You should definitely water your baskets whenever you see your plants drooping.

You should also feed your hanging baskets every two weeks to ensure they keep blooming all summer long. You can use a multi-purpose liquid feed mixed with water.

Hanging baskets are a great way to make an impact in the garden and brighten walls and courtyards as well as adding height to your overall display. I would recommend The Gardman Georgian Hanging Basket because it is large and durable and has a lovely traditional design that would suit any style of garden.