In this guide we’ll look at the best heavy duty garden bags for the UK market.
We’ve compared strength, material quality, durability and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Are The Best Heavy Duty Garden Bags?

  • Features
  • Pack of three
  • Durable polypropylene fabric
  • Double-stitched handles
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Pack of three
  • Durable polypropylene fabric
  • Free gardening gloves included
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Pack of three
  • Durable polypropylene fabric
  • Excellent value for money
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Pack of two
  • 1-ton capacity
  • Hardwearing
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Military canvas fabric
  • Waterproof and tear-resistant
  • Comfortable handles
  • Cost

More Detailed Heavy Duty Garden Bag Reviews

GardenMate pack of 3 large 272L garden waste bags

The GardenMate pack of 3 large 272L garden waste bags are the best garden bags because they are made from strong woven polypropylene fabric, have four sturdy carry handles and have a large capacity.

These bags are made from 150g/m2 fabric, which is lightweight, water repellent, tear-resistant and resistant to UV damage, so the bags will last a long time. These garden bags feature a flexible hoop to hold the bag open while you fill them making them super easy to use. The bags also feature 4 carry handles, two at the top and two at the sides for tipping, which makes them easy to empty. The handles are reinforced with double-stitched webbing for a long life.

These bags have a large capacity and are ideal for collecting large amounts of light material such as leaves, trimmings and weeds. They are easy to fold down and store when not in use.

This product offers a great solution to clearing up your garden as they are light yet durable, easy to store and offer great value for a pack of three.

Norjews 272L Large Garden Waste Bags Pack of 3

These Norjews 272L Large Garden Waste Bags Pack of 3 have a huge capacity, are made from durable fabric and come with a free pair of gardening gloves.

This pack of three garden waste bags are made from 150g/m2 polypropylene fabric which makes them hardwearing and water-resistant. They are also strong and tear-resistant so should give a good few seasons of use. The bags feature four handles each, two at the top and two on the sides for easier tipping.

The bags have a flexible hoop that can be threaded through the top to hold them open. This makes single-handed operation much easier. The hoop can be removed, and the bags folded down for storage.

This product offers good value for three bags and comes with a free pair of gardening gloves which are of good quality.

GIOVARA 272L Garden Waste Bags

The GIOVARA 272L pack of 3 Garden Waste Bags have a nice large capacity, are made from tough, tear-resistant fabric and offer excellent value for money.

These garden waste bags are made from tough, tear and water-resistant 150g/m2 fabric with four strong double-stitched webbing handles. The bags feature a flexible hoop to hold them open for easy filling.

These durable and capacious bags offer great value for money.

2 x New FIBC Bulk Builders Garden Jumbo 1 Ton Bag

This pack of 2 x FIBC Bulk Builders Garden Jumbo 1 Ton Bags offer the best large garden bags as they can literally hold a ton of waste and feature four heavy-duty looped handles.

These large bags hold plenty of waste, ideal for hedge cuttings or other garden waste. They are also strong enough to hold a lot of weight, too. One bag will fit in a standard car boot making it easy to dispose of garden waste at your local recycling centre. The four handles mean it is easy for two people to carry the bags. However, when packed with garden trimmings the bag is light enough for one person to carry.

These bags are hardwearing and can hold a huge amount of waste making them the best heavy duty garden bags.

125L Garden Waste Bags Heavy Duty Leaf Bag with Military Canvas Fabric

This 125L Garden Waste Heavy Duty Leaf Bag is the best reusable garden bag because of its heavy-duty military canvas construction that will last for years of use.

If you value quality materials and good construction and are looking to reduce the amount of plastic in your life, then this is the garden waste bag for you.

The bag is made from a very strong military canvas and is waterproof and tear-resistant. The bags feature double-stitched webbing handles with rubber grips that make them strong and comfortable to use. The bag has a hoop at the top to hold the bag open for easy filling. These bags are great for use around the garden as they are very strong. They also make great storage bags and would be ideal when camping. The bag holds 125 litres of waste and is easily manageable by one person when full of light garden waste.

Overall, this product is environmentally friendly, good looking and durable making it one of the best reusable garden bags.

Buyer’s Guide


Garden waste bags come in a range of sizes and most have a large capacity for holding huge amounts of garden waste such as hedge trimmings and grass cuttings. The size you choose will depend on the waste you have, the size you can carry and the room in the boot of your car. However, if you have a reasonable amount of waste then a pack of 3 bags that each hold 272 litres will have your garden waste needs covered.

If you choose a large bag, you may need two people to carry it.

Strength and durability

The best garden bags are designed to be extremely durable. Many are made from polypropylene fabric that is tear-resistant, water-resistant and UV resistant so they should give years of use. Look for bags that have double-stitched handles for extra durability. Many garden waste bags are designed to carry lighter waste such as trimmings. For heavier waste, such as soil, you may need a heavier duty bag, but be careful not to fill it too much as this will make it too heavy to carry.

An alternative to polypropylene bags are those made of canvas. These offer a great alternative to plastic and look great while being super durable, too.

Garden waste bags are a great addition to your garden because they are durable and reusable, easy to fill and empty and keep your home and car clean and clear of garden debris and moisture. In addition, these bags can be used to store a range of items and can also be used to protect garden items from inclement weather.

I would recommend The GardenMate bags because you get three, they are super strong and they have the ideal capacity for light garden waste.