In this guide we’ll look at the best hose spray guns for the UK market.
We’ve compared design, build quality, performance and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Are The Best Hose Spray Guns?

  • Features
  • Aluminium and brass construction
  • Features 7 spray patterns
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Solidly built spray gun
  • Comfortable rubberized handle
  • Features 7 spray patterns
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Variable spray
  • All metal head
  • No drips or leaks
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Eight spray patterns
  • Robust metal body
  • Versatile and comfortable to use
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Zinc alloy body
  • Comfortable rubberized handle
  • Features 9 spray patterns
  • Cost

More Detailed Hose Spray Guns Reviews

Draper 25342 7 Pattern Aluminium Spray Gun

The Draper 25342 7 Pattern Aluminium Spray Gun is the best garden hose spray gun as it features an aluminium body, brass fittings and seven water spray settings.

This is a really good spray gun that is strong, robust and comfortable to use. It features seven spray patterns including a mist which is gentle enough to use on seedlings. There are also plenty of powerful settings that make it great for hosing down the patio or cleaning the car. Even though my water pressure is not great, this spray gun is really powerful and has a great reach. The brass fittings are excellent, and there are no leaks or drips. The gun also features a trigger lock which holds the water, thus causing less strain to the hands.

This is a great water spray gun that is more than worth the money.

Spear & Jackson BWF26 Multi-Function Spray Gun

The Spear & Jackson BWF26 Multi-Function Spray Gun is an excellent choice because it has seven spray settings, a comfortable ergonomic handle and a durable brass connector.

This spray gun is as light and comfortable to use as a cheap plastic spray gun but is much sturdier and more durable. The ergonomic handle has a rubberized grip that makes it much more comfortable to use than many hose sprays. The product comes with a brass connector and this provides a leak free connection. The gun features seven spray patterns so covers all your garden watering needs from seedlings to lawns and trees. On the jet setting, it does a great job of hosing down patios and cleaning the car. The gun also features a trigger lock which holds the water on thus causing less strain to the hands.

This is the best hose spray gun if you want something light and comfortable that is still well built and durable.

FANHAO Garden Hose Spray Gun

The FANHAO Garden Hose Spray Gun looks stylish and futuristic, has a 100% metal and brass head and features 4 different settings.

This spray gun looks great and has an ergonomic design. It is well built from excellent quality materials so should last for years. The gun features four settings which go from a fine mist to a jet spray. It fits onto the hose easily and there are no drips or leaks. The spray is easily locked on to make it easier to use with less strain to the hands.

This product offers a stylish and robust hose spray that should last a good few years with proper care.

Hozelock Multi Plus Spray Gun

The Hozelock Multi Plus Spray Gun has a powder-coated die-cast metal body, a comfortable ergonomic soft-touch handle and eight spray patterns.

This spray gun has a solid metal head but also a comfortable ergonomic rubberized handle that make it nice to use.  The gun features eight spray patterns that will cover all your household and gardening needs. The spray gun also features a patented variable trigger flow control – the harder you squeeze the more water you get. It also has a two-stage locking trigger so you can lock it on at 100% flow or at 40% flow.

This hose spray gun is versatile and comfortable to use.

LUFENG Hose Spray Gun

The LUFENG Hose Spray Gun features 9 spray patterns, is really solidly built and also comfortable to use.

This spray gun is made from zinc alloy to resist rust, corrosion and wear and it feels really durable. The rubberized grip and ergonomic handle make this spray gun comfortable to use. The spray gun has 9 spray patterns which are marked on the edge so you can easily find the one you need. The different settings will provide you with just the right spray or jet for everything from watering seedlings to washing the car. It has a lock-on trigger for reduced hand strain.

This is a sturdy and durable spray gun that offers great value for money.

Hose Spray Guns Buyer’s Guide


Of course, the amount of water produced by your spray gun will depend on your water pressure to some extent. However, some spray guns make the best of even low pressure to give you a good spray and a wide range. If you have very high water pressure it is worth choosing a spray gun that you can adjust so as not to blast your delicate plants too hard.

Spray pattern

The best garden hose spray gun will feature a range of spray patterns that will make it easy to do a variety of jobs from watering delicate plants and seedlings to washing the dog to cleaning the car or patio.

Grip comfort

If comfort is important to you, then choose a hose spray gun with an ergonomic handle, comfortable rubberized grip and an easy to use lock-on function. If you choose an all metal handle it will not be so comfortable and will be very cold to the touch so I would recommend using gardening gloves when using this type of spray gun in winter.

Ease of attachment

Most hose spray guns are simple to attach to the hose with a click on connector. This makes it easy to change attachments whenever you need, perhaps to attach a sprinkler.

No leakage

No one wants water dribbling from their spray gun and trickling down their hands and legs. For this reason, you want a nice secure connector that will create a nice tight seal. Plastic hose spray guns tend to leak after a season or two so choose a solid metal body for a longer lasting, leak-free spray gun.


How do I attach a garden hose spray gun?         

The best garden hose spray gun for the UK market will use simple click connectors. The gun will come with a connector at its base. If you have a suitable adaptor on you hose you can just click the different attachments such as spray guns and sprinklers into this connector. If you don’t have a connector on your hose these are easy to buy, just search for gun/sprinkler connectors. They are available in plastic or brass but the brass ones tend to be more durable and less prone to cracking and leaking.

How can I stop my hose spray gun from leaking?

If the leak is coming from the actual spray gun you may need replacement O rings or washers. You will need to dismantle the gun to replace these, but it is not too difficult to do. If the hose is leaking at the connection, then you may need a new connector. If your spray gun is plastic, then it may have worn out beyond repair and need replacing. Plastic hose spray guns rarely last for more than a couple of years without wearing out.