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4 Best Inflatable Water Slides Your Kids Will Love! (2021 Review)

In this guide we’ll take a look at the best inflatable water slides for the UK market.
I’ve compared appearance, fun, safety and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What is the Best Inflatable Water Slide?

In a rush? Here's my top choice...

BeBoP Spin Combo Large Bouncy Castle and Water Slide

Incredible inflatable playground offering a whole world of fun!

This BeBoP Spin Combo Large Bouncy Castle and Water Slide is an incredible inflatable playground suitable for children aged 3 - 10. Made of high-quality PVC and nylon it's hard to puncture, and features a water cannon, sprinkler, splash pool, bouncy slide, and more! It measures 400 x 350 x 240 cm and comes with a blow fan, pegs and puncture repair kit.


Everything I Recommend

  • Best inflatable water slide UK
  • Suitable for ages 3-10
  • Extra-large splash pool
  • Bouncy Castle and Waterslide all in one
  • Suitable for kids age 3-10
  • Twin Lane Waterslide
  • Twin water slides with cannon
  • Suitable for three children aged 3 -10
  • Inflates in minutes
  • Kids pirate themed inflatable water slide
  • Tip and soak canopy water feature
  • Ages 3 - 10

More Detailed Inflatable Water Slide Reviews

BeBoP Spin Combo Large Bouncy Castle and Water Slide

  • Best inflatable water slide UK
  • Suitable for ages 3-10
  • Extra-large splash pool

BeBoP Spin Combo Large Bouncy Castle and Water Slide Review

Sometimes our children are so active, it feels like they’ll never tire. So, with the excitement of a kids’ birthday, there’s an even higher chance that a load of hyperactive children will be bouncing off the walls.

In these cases, an inflatable waterslide is one thing that can help tame children’s energy levels. Particularly if it’s got lots of engaging features.

For the best inflatable water slide for keeping kids entertained, I’d recommend the BeBop combination bouncy castle and waterslide. It has lots of appealing features such as a water cannon, a climbing wall, a sprinkler, a splash pool (measuring 170 x 200cm), a bouncy slide and a target.

This number of features does set this product apart from others available.

It’s an enormous waterslide, and with several different zones for kids to play in, it’s the largest of my recommendations. This is ideal if you have a larger garden, but it might not be suitable for smaller outdoor areas.

Made for kids aged 3-10, it’s unfortunate that teens and adults won’t be able to join!

Measuring 400 x 350 x 240cm, there’s enough room for four kids to enjoy bouncing, splashing and playing to their heart’s content.

To use, you inflate the unit and connect a hosepipe to create a waterslide. You could also use this as a bouncy castle once summer is over, without the water. This would give you a bit more value for money, as the product isn’t exclusively for summer parties.

Be-bop is a trusty brand, so safety anchor pegs are included. It’s important to keep inflatables pegged to the ground so they don’t blow over in high winds. Make sure yours isn’t going to budge, no matter how boisterous the fun gets!

This kids’ inflatable waterslide comes with a blower fan included, essential because it takes a lot of air to get this one up. The blower fan inflates the waterslide within a few minutes, so you won’t be waiting long.

There’s always the concern with inflatable waterslides that they’ll be ruined if they get punctured. With this product, it can safely suffer a few of these. Maybe your cat wants to get involved!

This is because the inflation mechanism relies on a constant blowing fan, keeping it inflated – so a few cat scratches won’t make a difference.

It’s made from tough PVC and nylon, so it’ll take a lot to puncture these high-quality materials. However, a repair kit is included, just in case someone jumps aboard in shoes.

There are very small pinpricks in the material to relieve pressure points and ensure the waterslide doesn’t burst at full capacity. This is a sign of good quality. It also comes with a storage bag which is strong and protective, keeping this inflatable playground secure when it’s not in use.

This product doesn’t require a ground sheet to go underneath. However, if you want to keep your inflated castle clean, you could buy one separately.


  • Can be set up and taken down in just 90 seconds
  • Use both wet and dry, in summer or winter!
  • Accommodates up to 4 kids at once, and each child will have plenty of room
  • Large size with lots of engaging features


  • Ground sheet should be purchased separately to stop the bottom from getting dirty
  • The very large size means it’s not suitable for small-medium size gardens
  • Unless used frequently, could feel like an expensive purchase

BeBoP Total Wipeout Inflatable Water Slide Combo 

  • Bouncy Castle and Waterslide all in one
  • Suitable for kids age 3-10
  • Twin Lane Waterslide

BeBoP Total Wipeout Inflatable Water Slide Combo  Review

Often when you take children to playgrounds or parties, tantrums can spark over taking turns and sharing the equipment fairly. The Bebop Total Wipeout Waterslide Combo has queue-beating twin-lanes that allow several kids to race at the same time.

By encouraging fun between friends and even competitive siblings, this product could help you dodge those fights about taking turns by focusing the kids on playing all at once.

This is another large bouncy castle and waterslide combo by Bebop, with lots of engaging features to keep your kids occupied for hours. This includes an all-important water cannon, a canopy water spray, splash pool, and climbing wall to keep kids entertained for hours!

It’s a touch smaller than the Spin Combo, measuring 330 x 245cm. But it can still be used by four children aged 3-10. However, it probably won’t be suitable for a small, or even medium sized garden as it’s still large.

High-quality and lightweight PVC, and durable nylon, protect against tears. But, if a puncture were to occur, a repair kit comes included. The Total Wipeout castle also comes equipped with a blower fan for easy inflation – a must for inflatables of this size.

As far as safety goes, this unit is made from good quality materials and comes with the extremely-important anchor pegs. Make sure to peg the castle down securely and check it regularly, as all the bouncing and excitement can work them loose.

When it’s not sunny enough for waterslides, you can still inflate the playground and use it as a bouncy castle instead – a great way to relieve boredom during the holidays and get the kids away from the PlayStation.

If used with water features, you should be careful to dry the inflatable before storing it away. If it is folded away whilst damp, mould could grow. This would be particularly upsetting if you discovered the mould a year later when the next summer came along.


  • Huge range of fun sections - twin lane water slide, cannon, water spray and climbing wall
  • Handy storage bag included
  • Use wet or dry in summer and winter
  • Blower fan, water tubing and repair kit all included


  • Some users have reported material cracking after around a year of use
  • Large size is not suitable for small to medium size gardens
  • The total weight capacity isn’t particularly high, at 152kg
  • A constant water supply is needed, meaning this slide uses a lot of water

BeBoP Neptune Towers Inflatable Water Slide Bouncy Castle

  • Twin water slides with cannon
  • Suitable for three children aged 3 -10
  • Inflates in minutes

BeBoP Neptune Towers Inflatable Water Slide Bouncy Castle Review

This BeBoP Neptune Towers Inflatable Water Slide Bouncy Castle gives you all the features you’d want with an inflatable waterslide, but at a slightly cheaper price. So, it’s ideal for those of you on smaller budgets.

Even with a smaller price tag, this inflatable doesn’t scrimp on features. It has twin waterslides, so kids can race each other, as well as a water cannon that aims at the sliders.

This is well thought-out (by someone who surely has kids of their own!) because it means three kids can all be engaged with one another, rather than arguing about whose turn it is!

Also, a cannon aimed solely at the waterslide will mean you’ll be protected from water jets hitting you!

Along with the twin slide lanes and water cannon, there’s also an easy-climb wall and a large splash pool.

It’s a hefty size at 420 x 300 x 230cm, giving plenty of room for kids to play.

The included blower fan is more powerful than most at 450W, so you’ll get the slides inflated very quickly.

Safety features are important, so it’s good to know this is made from high-quality, laminated PVC and nylon. Punctures are unlikely, but if one does occur you can simply fix it with the included repair kit (or a bicycle inner tube repair kit if you get more than one puncture).

As with my other recommendations, you can it as a water park on sunny days, and as a bouncy castle when it’s dull outside.

Storing your inflatable waterslide away when it’s still wet is a big risk, but this product’s material is quick drying to help reduce this issue.


  • Cheaper than other options on the market
  • Quick drying after use
  • Compact design - better for smaller gardens
  • Use with or without water in summer or winter!


  • The material is thinner than others on the market so rips a lot more easily
  • Accommodates just 3 children
  • Relatively low weight capacity at 114kg
  • Quite unstable so ground pegs must be put in securely

BeBoP Pirate Boat Inflatable Bouncy Water Slide for Kids

  • Kids pirate themed inflatable water slide
  • Tip and soak canopy water feature
  • Ages 3 - 10

BeBoP Pirate Boat Inflatable Bouncy Water Slide for Kids Review

The BeBoP Pirate Boat Inflatable Bouncy Water Slide is perfect for pirate themed parties. If your little one has an affinity for all things pirate themed, this choice is just too cute to deny.

This inflatable waterslide measures 457 x 292 x 284cm. It’s a good size, mainly in its length, welcoming aboard three pirates aged 3-10.

It’s ship-shaped, in bright attractive colours, with a water cannon pointed at the sliders. Good thinking Bebop – parents can keep dry out of the way of jets, plus the water runs down the slide into the splash pool so there’s less wastage.

It’s also a breeze to set up. After a quick inflation, simply attach your hosepipe to the water tubing and you’re off to the high seas, me-hearties! The consistently-blowing fan keeps the inflatable up for the duration of its use.

Although, this does mean that lots of electricity is used during this time.

Extras include a pirate flag (of course!), a netted canopy for safety and an easy-climb wall with foot holes and handles.

This inflatable comes with anchor pegs, as it should, to keep everyone safe. I keep saying it, but make sure these are used properly! As this pirate ship can only hold three children, it does have a lower weight capacity than others available. So, you should be extra careful to avoid deflation.

The all-important patch repair kit is included in case you spring a leak, and there’s a smart carry bag too. As with all water inflatables, be sure to dry it before packing it away.


  • Can be used in the colder months without water
  • Very easy to inflate and set up
  • Pirate themed adds an extra element of fun!
  • Wastes less water than other options on the market


  • Only accommodates 3 children at one time
  • Relatively low weight capacity at 114kg
  • Uses a lot of electricity

Things to Know Before Buying an Inflatable Water Slide

An inflatable waterslide provides an incredibly fun playground for kids to use in the garden. But they can be an expensive purchase. When making such an investment, you’ll want to ensure you’re choosing the right one, with good features and quality materials.

There are so many different designs, offering several possible features: water cannons, climbing walls, splash pools – the lot! These water playgrounds can be super versatile, as they can be used as bouncy castles when it’s no longer summer.

There’s quite a lot to consider when buying an inflatable waterslide, so I’ve put together the following pointers to help you make an informed decision. 

The bigger the better, right? Well, not necessarily!

The size of the waterslide you should buy will be dictated by the size of your garden. Specifically, the flat area of your garden – you certainly won’t be able to put these inflatable playgrounds on any slopes or uneven ground.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so you should physically mark out the available space in your garden, using a piece of string or skipping ropes to get an accurate measurement.

Remember that you want to leave a border, as you don’t want the inflatable pressing against your shrubs and flowerbeds. Also, allow for extra room around the edges that are OK to get wet – kids are capable of projectile splashing water for many metres, and you won’t want it anywhere near your washing line!

It goes without saying, but ensure you have enough space to keep the inflatable waterslide well away from flower borders, pet enclosures and fence lines. The neighbours won’t be happy if they have unwanted peepers looking into their garden all day.

It’s great when all the kids can get onto the waterslide at once, but this can come with some risks if the inflatable isn’t up to the job.

Too many kids on the waterslide will either burst a seam or cause it to tip over. The manufacturer’s instructions will recommend a maximum capacity and if it says three kids aged 3-10 then stick to it – or you might watch your investment deflate before your eyes.

Once everyone knows you have a waterslide, they’ll all be angling for an invite, but don’t invite four kids if the waterslide will only hold three. The consequences could make it a waste of effort and money.

You’re better off spending more on a bigger waterslide so everyone gets a turn, and definitely don’t turn a blind eye to the manufacturer’s capacity recommendations.

The best inflatable slides are manufactured with strong PVC that’s difficult to puncture. Inflatables take a lot of beating from energetic kids, so they need to stand up to the task.

Look for good quality PVC or a heavy-gauge vinyl. Commercial strength nylon is a suitably tough material for waterslides too.

The tubing that connects the waterslide to your garden hose should be thick, and the connectors need to be of top-notch quality. It isn’t a waterslide without water, and connections that keeping falling apart will quickly put a dampener on everyone’s fun.

Any material, no matter how tough, will perish if you leave it outside for months on end. Sunlight damages PVC, so once the kids are done playing with their inflatable slide, allow the material to dry and pack it away. Store it somewhere dark and cool.

Be honest and really think about how often you’ll use the waterslide.

If it’s so much of a faff that it’s left packed away or makes an annual appearance at a birthday party, then you’re better off saving your money for days out.

However, if you have kids that are packed with energy, or you’re an outdoor kind of family, getting the inflatable out on a regular basis will give you lots of value for money.

You might end up spending a few hundred pounds on an inflatable water castle. So, you should compare that cost with how much you’d spend taking your kids out over the summer.

Days out might cost at least £100 a day, if not more. So, a waterslide can be pretty good value in comparison, if it’s used many times over the years.

Parents with work commitments over the holidays, like a work-from-home day, might find that a waterslide gives them the peace and time to accomplish their tasks whilst keeping the kids occupied.

Pay particular attention to age or weight limits on the manufacturer’s instructions.

Waterslides are great fun for all ages, but too much weight makes them dangerous, toppling over or violently bursting a seam.

Most inflatables will accommodate kids between the ages of 3 and 10, but bear in mind that a 10-year-old weighs much more than a 3-year-old! If you have three 10-year-olds on the inflatable, it’s pushing the boundaries and there might be an accident.

Ah, the age-old problem of storage!

Many good quality inflatable waterslides are sold with their own carry cases. However, it’s almost impossible to fit them back in unless you have the patience of a saint.

If like me, you tend to lose interest after 4 minutes, you’re going to need a bigger box or a shed to store it in.

Make sure the waterslide is completely dry before packing it away or it’ll grow mould and become unusable.

Keep it stored away from extreme temperatures and bright lights, otherwise the material will become thinner, making a deflation more likely next time around.

Inflatable Water Slide FAQs

Most of the better quality waterslides are sold with a blower to make light work of inflation. If yours doesn’t include a blower, you’ll need to get one – blowing it up with your bike pump or lungs will take all eternity!

Blowers are electrically charged, so you might require an extension lead if the inflatable is placed away from your house.


If it’s made according to accreditation and used as the instructions indicate, waterslides are safe. That goes for all outdoor equipment.

There is the extra issue of water and small children to contend with, so make sure they behave sensibly and never leave them unsupervised.

It’s really important to adhere to the age limitations given by the manufacturer. If it says it’s suitable for kids aged 3-10, don’t let a 2-year-old on.

Though the inflatable waterslides featured on this page are large, they have limits on the number of children for a reason. So, avoid letting on lots of kids at once, as it increases the risk of deflation whilst it’s being used.

With good quality inflatables punctures are rare, but they can happen. That’s why the top makes include a decent puncture repair kit.

There are three main ways to avoid punctures:

  • Never wear shoes, remove watches and jewellery including hair slides, and avoid playing with hard toys.
  • Don’t let your dog join in – sharp claws and PVC do not mix.
  • When you set up the waterslide check thoroughly beneath it for stones or pieces of wood – anything that could rip the material. Try putting children’s foam carpet tiles down, underneath the inflatable.
  • Don’t drag it along when deflated, as this increases the likelihood of a puncture.

Inflatable waterslides attach to a hose pipe. The water is not recycled but collected in the splash pool. Any overflow will therefore soak into your grass.

This is good news during droughts or hot days, but repeated sessions might make the area muddy. Think about moving the waterslide around or setting a time limit on how long the hose can run for.

Putting some tarp down will reduce the damage to your lawn. However, you should make sure the type of tarp you use will not damage your inflatable, as some materials are not a good match for each other.

Inflatable waterslides are tons of fun for kids because they universally love playing in water – we’ve all witnessed how much enjoyment they can get from even a simple paddling pool.

From adventurers that throw themselves down the slide, to quieter kids who like to float and splash in the pool area, there are lots of ways to enjoy an inflatable waterslide.

And let’s not forget the peace they can bring to a harassed parent – that sort of tranquility is priceless.

However, the best inflatable waterslides can be expensive, so it’s worth weighing up your options – would you get more joy out of a few weekends out and about?

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