In this guide we’ll take a look at the best toddler sandpits for the UK market.
I’ve compared design, features, build quality and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Kids Sandpit?

  • Features
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Fun design and shape
  • Best sandpit for toddlers
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Great for imaginative play
  • Attractive and high quality design
  • Includes sunshade and storage
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Versatile wooden sandbox
  • Includes wooden benches
  • Features large sunshade
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Includes large adjustable sunshade
  • Good quality wooden frame
  • Weather resistant
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Attractive natural wood design
  • Frame acts as a bench for children
  • Includes base sheet and cover
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Compact and versatile
  • Includes accessories
  • Sturdy plastic design
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Multi purpose garden fun
  • Attractive addition to garden
  • Room for 4 children
  • Cost

More Detailed Kids Sandpit Reviews

Little Tikes Turtle Kids Sandpit

This classic Little Tikes Turtle Kids Sandpit is still one of the best around. It is colourful and fun without being an eyesore in the garden. The turtle shell provides a lid to keep the sand clean and dry when not in use and the turtle flippers provide two little seats for children to sit on while playing.

The turtle sandpit is a good size, holding 68kg of sand, and provides a lot of area in which to build and play. It also reasonable easy to move around, though quite heavy when filled, so you can move it to the shade if necessary.

This versatile sand pit for toddlers can also be used as a ball pool or filled with water for fun water play on hot, sunny days. It will even work as a pond, so you can watch the little ones discover wildlife or raise tadpoles.

This is a great value, durable classic kids sand pit that offers huge versatility. It’s an old favourite that your kids are sure to love and it will provide hours of entertainment. For the money it’s the best sandpit for toddlers!

KidKraft Pirate Boat Kids Sandpit

This KidKraft Pirate Boat Kids Sandpit is an imaginative structure that will provide hours of entertainment for little pirates. This sand pit for toddlers provides plenty of play opportunities even without the sand! It is suitable for several children to play in at once and includes a sunshade to protect delicate skin from the sun.

The wooden structure is a really unique and fun deign and is very well made. The set includes a clear plastic liner that goes underneath the sand keeping it in place and helping to prevent insects and animals from getting in.

There are also a couple of storage compartments which are handy to keep plenty of sand toys ready for play. It also features a steering wheel, seat and of course, a pirate flag. It comes with a net cover to protect the sand from animals when not in use.

The boat is relatively easy to construct, though it might take a while. This is a very imaginatively designed sandpit that will provide lots of play opportunities for a wide age range of children. It’s the best sandpit for toddlers with big imaginations!

Colourful Kids Sandpit With Sunshade

This Colourful Kids Sandpit With Sunshade comes with two bench seats and a sunshade making it a comfortable, multipurpose item for the garden. The seats and canopy fold down over the sandpit to protect the sand and keep it dry when not in use.

This sand pit for toddlers is built from durable wood that has been protected with colourful red, yellow, green and blue stains for years of use. The cheery blue striped canopy gives this product a nice beachside feel. It also comes with a ground sheet to keep the sand protected from underneath.

This kids sandpit is a little tricky to put together but comes with all fixings and predrilled holes for screws. You could put a table in the middle and use this as a picnic area for kids if you wanted. It could also be used with other toys to provide a shady place to play in sunny weather.

The only criticism I could make is that the bottom of the sand box is not built in. This makes it difficult to move the sand pit around.

This is a sturdy and useful sandbox that is made with a design that kids will enjoy. I really like the large sunshade which will keep kids protected from the sun. The clever design means the whole thing packs down quite small and the sand is protected from animals and kept dry. It’s the best sandpit for versatile play!

Deuba Kids Sandpit With Sunshade

This Deuba Kids Sandpit With Sunshade is made from lacquered wood for extra protection and also features a water repellent sunshade that has a UPF rating of >50. There is plenty of room in the box for toddlers so sit and play and the low edges mean older children can lean over to build their imaginary worlds.

The base of the sandpit is made from root resistant tarpaulin that protects the sand from dirt and insects. The wooden edges have plastic corner protectors to prevent little ones hurting themselves on sharp edges. The sunshade is adjustable to offer maximum protection from the sun and it also folds down to cover the box and keep it the sand dry and safe from animals when not in use.

This sand pit for toddlers is easy to assemble and it is well made. It also offers a good size sandpit, with a practical adjustable shade for a reasonable price. This another one of the best sand pits for toddlers available on the market!

Hexagonal Wooden Kids Sandpit

This Hexagonal Wooden Kids Sandpit is very attractive with a hexagonal design made of nice smooth wood. There is also a lede around the top to make it comfortable to sit on. It is supplied with a weatherproof cover to keep the sand clean and has a geo-textile base sheet to prevent weeds and creepy crawlies getting into the sand, while at the same time allowing drainage.

The weatherproof cover is a little flimsy, but you can buy a wooden lid for this sandpit as an additional extra.

This sand pit is made from good quality sustainable wood that is treated with child and pet safe preservatives. It easily slots together and holds around 30kg of sand.

This is a simple yet attractive sand pit for toddlers that provides good value and durability.

Kids Table Sandpit

This Kids Table Sandpit is perfect for toddlers and small children being at the perfect height for them to play. It is made of sturdy plastic and has a lid that is secured with elastic ties to keep the sand dry and clean. The lid also features a moulded roadway for extra play value.

The set includes 2 shovels, a pot and a scoop so you just need to add sand for hours of fun. You can also use the table for water play. The table holds 18.2 kg of sand

The table is easy to keep clean and less messy than a traditional sandpit as children don’t get so much sand on their clothes while playing. You could even use it indoors.

This is a good quality sand pit for toddlers that offers a versatile range of fun play activities. If you are looking for something compact and versatile for your garden this might be the best sandpit for you.

Picnic Table And Kids Sandpit

This cleverly designed Picnic Table And Kids Sandpit features two trays in which you can put sand and/or water. The lid covers the trays turning this into a picnic table that would also be suitable for many play activities. In fact, this would also make wonderful art and crafts table with room to store painting and drawing supplies in the trays.

The picnic bench provides seating for up to four children of up to about six years old. It makes a nice feature in the garden and can be painted or stained to a colour of your choice.

This sand pit for toddlers is constructed from FSC approved timber and the trays are made from thick, durable plastic. It’s a little tricky to put together but the instructions are okay, and the fittings were bagged and labelled to prevent mix ups. Once constructed it looks nice and seems durable. It is really only suitable for preschool children though.

This is a lovely sand pit for toddlers that offers a beautiful and practical addition to the garden or a children’s play area. It’s great value considering the versatility of the design.

Kids Sandpit Buying Guide

A garden sandpit is the next best thing to a day at the beach. Children love them, and it allows them to get a bit messy, be creative and practice their motor skills and coordination. It’s a great sensory play experience, too. Playing in a sandpit with a friend is also a great way to learn social skills including how to share and cooperate with others.

Sand pits for toddlers come in a range of styles and sizes and there are small sand tables that are even suitable for indoor use. So, whatever the size of your home, you can find a sandpit to suit. Larger sandpits also often include other activities or are themed. Many also come with a sunshade which is excellent if you have a hot sunny back garden.

So, encourage your children to get outside and have fun digging, scooping, pouring and building sandcastles with one of the following sandpits. I’ve tested 7 different styles for durability, value, ease of construction and play value.

When choosing the best sandpit for your garden, the size will, of course, be an important factor. Luckily, sandpits come in a range of sizes from small plastic tables to large sandpits with seats and a canopy. If you are not sure if the one you like will fit nicely in your garden, you could mark out the dimensions in chalk or string just to be on the safe side.

If you have several children then a larger sandpit will give them more area to play in, especially if they like to sit in the sand. But one such as the picnic bench table above will work well for two children as each can have their own tray of sand.

Large sandpits are heavy once filled, so its not really practical to move them around. For this reason, it’s wise to choose your location carefully before you fill it up. Ideally, you want a shady spot where you can easily keep an eye on little ones and that is close to a water source, so you can sprinkle the sand with water when it gets too dusty.

Children often love to play in sand for hours at a time, so it is important you make sure they are protected from the sun. You can either choose a sand pit that is portable enough to move around or buy one with a shade canopy. Some shade canopies have a UV protection rating which is excellent. But bear in mind you will still need to keep an eye on little ones and adjust the canopy as the sun moves around the garden.

If you plan on leaving your sandpit outside all year round then ensure it has a good, waterproof cover to prevent the sand from getting waterlogged and mouldy. Smaller sandpits can, of course, be cleaned out and packed away over winter.

A ground level sandpit is great if your child loves sitting in the sand –  they will get to enjoy the feeling of the sand between their toes! However, this does mean they end up covered. A sand table is a less messy alternative, but your child is unlikely to play with it for so long at a time.

The best sandpits are versatile and offer opportunities for other kinds of play. For a double duty sand pit, you could choose a bench type, or a one with a theme to encourage imaginative play. Some sand tables have a section for water, too and this is a great option – through it can get messy.

Sand pits for toddlers are available in wooden or plastic designs. Wooden designs are usually more pleasing to the adult eye, though kids often prefer the more colourful ones. Wooden sandpits take longer to put together and may require more maintenance. Plastic designs are easy to put together, store and clean.


What kind of sand should I buy to fill my sandpit? Is it worth paying extra for play sand?

Most DIY shops and large toy shops sell special play sand, and this is the best choice. It is often cheaper to buy it in bulk. You should never use builder’s sand as it can contain additives and preservatives that could be dangerous for your children’s health. In addition, builders’ sand can stain clothes. You can use also use kiln dried sand, but this is quite fine so doesn’t make the best sandcastles!