3 Best Laser Tape Measures For The UK Market (2021 Review)

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In this guide we’ll take a look at the best laser tape measures for the UK market.
We’ve compared accuracy, technology, design and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What is the Best Laser Tape Measure?

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Comparing The Best Laser Tape Measures

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In-Depth Reviews of Our Recommended Laser Tape Measures

Leica Disto D510 Laser Distance MeterLeica Disto D510 Laser Distance Meter

Best for long distance

Ease of Use
Value for Money

Leica Disto D510 Laser Distance Meter Review


  • Range: 200 m
  • Accuracy Level: ± 1.0 mm
  • Digital Point Finder: Yes
  • Water Protection: Yes
  • Zoom: Yes - 4x zoom

If you want the most high-end laser tape measure currently on the market, you’re probably seeking one with lots of features and high reliability…

Here’s the Leica Disto D510 Laser Distance Meter. It offers precise distance measurement as well as a host of other features. It’s at the pricier end of the market, but it’s the best laser tape measure for professional tasks and reliability.

It has a range of 200m and an accuracy within 1mm. It also has a full-colour screen, a digital point finder and a 4X zoom, making it easy to use in large areas and difficult conditions.

The built-in camera allows it to work even in bright sunlight or in the dark. So, if you’re measuring something 200m away, you won’t need to squint to make sure the laser’s aiming at the right point. The device displays a close-up, coloured image of where the laser is aiming.

This laser tape measure features Bluetooth, allowing you to transfer data to other devices, such as your phone or tablet. It can be used with the Leica Disto Sketch app to provide accurate plans and drawings.

This is a robust laser tape measure that can cope with wet and dusty environments, due to its IP65 rating. This means it is dust tight and protected from splashing water. The unit can also withstand being dropped from up to 2m.

This laser measuring tape comes with an amazing range of abilities allowing for various calculations. These include mathematical functions, continuous measuring, a triangle-area function, complex heights, and height differences.

It can measure around obstacles as well as calculating area and volume. Plus, you can choose to display its measurements in metric or imperial.

Even though it has so many functions, this laser measure is friendly for an intermediate user. Beginners can still use this product, but they might need to read the information pack to get used to how it works before they feel confident.

The unit comes with a pouch, wrist strap, 2 x AA batteries, a quick-start manual and a user guide on DVD.

If you’re a professional that needs to take accurate measurements, especially over long distances, this is the best laser tape measure for you.


  • The built in camera and zoom feature means it can still be used in bright sunlight where you can’t see the laser
  • 1mm accuracy is superior to other models on the market
  • The compact design fits in small pockets and can be carried around with you
  • Comes with batteries included


  • Not beginner friendly without practice
  • Hard to see the keys in poor lighting
  • The screen may be a little small for some users
  • Sketch app is difficult to navigate

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Leica Geosystems D110 60m Laser Distance MeasureLeica Geosystems D110 60m Laser Distance Measure

Best laser tape measure

Ease of Use
Value for Money

Leica Geosystems D110 60m Laser Distance Measure Review


  • Range: 60 m
  • Accuracy Level: ± 1.5 mm
  • Digital Point Finder: No
  • Water Protection: Yes
  • Zoom: No

If you’re not too fussed about all the features that come with fancy laser beams, you might suit this next one.

This neat Leica Geosystems D110 60m Laser Distance Measure comes at nearly a quarter of the price of the Leica Disto.  However, it still has all the basic qualities you’d want as a DIY enthusiast. These include a good range of 60m with an excellent accuracy level of 1.5mm!

Like the best, this laser tape measure can complete area measurements as well as distance, allowing you to calculate measurements for a whole room without having to do the maths yourself.

Its IP54 dust and splash protection is good, although it could be better. It’s dust proof, which will tolerate dusty construction sites, but it will only withstand a very light spray of water.

This device’s bright laser beam means that bright sunlight won’t affect its effectiveness, so you should be able to see it without squinting on a sunny day.

Its Bluetooth feature lets you connect it to a phone or tablet. This, alongside the Leica App, ‘DISTO sketch’, allows you to prepare layouts and drawings with precise dimensions.

The unit comes with a holster, pocket clip and 2 x AAA batteries.

This model cannot calculate Pythagoras or volume, and it doesn’t have a tilt sensor. But if you’re not looking for advanced features, that can sometimes be too complicated, this won’t bother you.

This is a durable, well-priced laser tape measure for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Overall, it’s good for taking basic measurements but its Bluetooth feature will allow you to go the extra mile.


  • Connects easily to smartphones and the free app is relatively intuitive
  • Small and functional - can be slotted into a pocket
  • The rubber grip makes it easy and comfortable to hold
  • Fast, accurate and very reliable


  • The narrow base means keeping it steady when measuring may be tricky
  • May be hard to measure over 20m as there is no built-in level
  • Cannot calculate volume or Pythagoras

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Makita LD050P Laser Distance MeterMakita LD050P Laser Distance Meter

Best budget option

Ease of Use
Value for Money

Makita LD050P Laser Distance Meter Review


  • Range: 50 m
  • Accuracy Level: ± 2 mm
  • Digital Point Finder: No
  • Water Protection: Yes
  • Zoom: No

You might be looking for a laser tape measure for some home renovations. In this case, the high-end lasers will probably seem a bit much for what you need. No fear, as there are basic laser tape measures out there to help with simple, home DIY projects.

This next one might be best for you: it’s the Makita LD050P Laser Distance Meter. At a much cheaper price than the others on my list, you might think it’s lacking in good features. But if it’s just going to be used around the home, you shouldn’t find any issues with it…

It has a good range of 50m with an accuracy of 2mm. It also has multiple measuring features that the Leica Geosystems doesn’t. And at almost half the price, this one’s astounding.

It features a range of functions including addition, subtraction, area and volume calculation as well as Pythagoras. It also stores the last 5 measurements for easy reference.

With an IP54 rating, this device is dust and water resistant. This means it’s dust resistant to a point and can withstand light sprays of water. These protection levels will be fine around the home, but not in a dusty construction site.

To save battery life, the device switches off after 90 seconds of inactivity and the whole unit shuts off after 180 seconds of inactivity to extend battery life.

This laser measure comes with a pouch, strap and 2 x AAA batteries.

It’s ideal for indoor use but it might also be suitable outdoors if there are good weather conditions. Bright sunlight might affect the clarity of the laser outdoors, so it might be best to use it on an overcast day.


  • It is a challenge to use this laser outside in bright sunlight
  • Extremely accurate, better than the indicated +/- 2mm
  • Small and lightweight - easy to carry around in your pocket
  • Has a very longlasting battery


  • Although well-built, there is no protection on the outside which makes it more susceptible to damage
  • Not suitable for dusty construction sites
  • The plastic coating is quite slippery and not easy to grip
  • There is no backlight so reading the screen in dim lighting may be difficult

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Things to Know Before Buying a Laser Tape Measure

Laser tape measures are loved for their range of functions, reliability and accuracy.

Traditional tape measures have many limitations that laser tape measures trump. The latter can be a lot more versatile and easier to use. Their ‘one handed’ simplicity makes them highly practical, plus they’re a lot more accurate. 

When looking to buy the best laser tape measure, you’ll see that there’s a surprisingly diverse range to choose from.

If you’re not sure what to look out for, the following tips should help you make an informed decision:

Laser Vs. Traditional Tape Measures

Laser tape measures open a whole world of straightforward measurement taking.

While standard tape measures are reliable and simple, they can become impractical when it comes to measuring long distances. You’ll need an extra person to hold one end and the accuracy of the reading is often questionable.

The best laser tape measures take away a lot of guesswork. Plus, they allow you to measure distances without calling in reinforcements! As soon as you’re trying to do anything other than measure a simple 2m wall, a laser tape measure will be a valuable tool.

These laser devices tend to be a lot more accurate, and they can take a range of measurements, including distance, volume and area extremely quickly. Comparatively, with a normal tape measure, you’d have to use a calculator, or a pen and pencil to work out these figures.

With numerous measuring features, they can add and subtract if you find yourself stuck with some complicated arithmetic.

If you’re trying to measure a distance that doesn’t end with a wall or ends with a transparent material (such as glass), you’ll need to purchase a ‘target plate’. These target plates give you something to aim the laser at, as the laser needs to bounce off an opaque surface to take a measurement.

Of course, as with all machines, even the best laser tape measures lack some of the simplicity of a traditional tape measure – they will require charging, or batteries, and you might need to spend some time working out their buttons. But, overall, I’d say these devices were a lot more efficient than conventional tape measures.

Suitability For Indoor or Outdoor Use

Laser tape measures are designed for either indoor or outdoor use.

Those built for outdoor use generally have a more robust construction, with good dust and water resistance.

The level of water protection will vary between models. The toughest laser tape measures can be used in dusty environments such as construction sites.

IP ratings are used to indicate how waterproof and dust proof products are. In an IP rating, there are generally two numbers present, for example ‘IP67’. In this case, the first digit, ‘6’ signifies the product’s protection against ‘foreign bodies’, such as dust. The second digit, ‘7’, indicates its protection against moisture.

Some of the most common IP ratings are as follows:

IP65 – “dust tight” and protected against a light spray of water

IP66 – “dust tight” and protected against heavy saltwater spray or powerful jets of water

IP67 – “dust tight” and protected against immersion – can be submerged for up to 30 minutes to depths between 150mm and 1000mm

IP68 – “dust tight” and protected against being submerged in water for a prolonged period

Maximum Measuring Distance

Laser tape measures have a maximum measuring distance, so if you’re after something to measure across big distances, make sure to check the product specs before purchase.

A measuring range of 60m tends to be enough for most tasks, but many lasers can measure distances up to 200m in length. As a result, you’ll probably find that a measure with a maximum distance of 200m will do any job just fine.

You should also look at the accuracy of the laser tape measure. Most should be accurate to within 1mm, but cheaper models may have slightly lower accuracies.

Extra Functions

The best thing about laser tape measures is they usually come with several additional handy features and functions. Those with Bluetooth can be connected to your phone or tablet so you can transfer data from them.

A large display will make your tape measure easier to use and read, while most will also be able to complete various calculations. Lots of units will allow you to measure around obstacles and much more.

Some laser tape measures come with zoom, a digital point finder, and even a built-in camera. These allow you to use it in very bright or dark conditions. While these laser tape measures will be more expensive, their functionality might be worth it to you.

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Laser Tape Measure FAQs

How do I use a laser measure?

There are a variety of different measurements that can be made with a laser measure. Units come with guides and even instructional DVDs to guide you through all the functions. To measure a simple distance, you should place the instrument at one end of the line that is to be measured and aim the laser beam at a solid target such as a wall.

If there is no solid object or wall, a plastic target may be used to allow the laser beam to be reflected. Then just press the button and the distance is measured and the result displayed on the unit’s screen.

Will I need any accessories to go with my laser tape measure?

Most laser tape measures come with a protective bag and strap, but there are a couple of other accessories that can help you to get the most out of your laser tape measure:

  • A tripod provides stability and can increase the accuracy of distance measurements.
  • A target plate allows for measurements where there’s no solid object to measure against, such as foundations, garden landscaping, or a glass surface.
  • Protective eyeglasses shield your eyes from lasers and are widely available. Just make sure the one you get matches the wavelength of the laser tape measure you’ve bought.

How accurate are laser tape measures?

This depends on the tape measure you purchase. Most are accurate within 3mm, while the best laser tape measure should be accurate to ± 1mm.

Laser tape measures offer much more accuracy than standard tape measures. When you use metal tapes or strings to measure longer distances, they naturally sag under gravity, thus reducing their accuracy. But, as lasers are not affected by gravity, they do not suffer this issue.

What are laser tape measures used for?

A laser tape measure essentially makes it very easy for you to measure distances. Whether it’s a tall ceiling, or you’re living alone, or you’re less mobile than you used to be, laser tape measures remove the need for ladders and extra help from a second person.

You would find a laser tape measure useful if you wanted to measure the distance between things you didn’t want to touch. For example, you might need to know how far away the overhead powerlines are in construction or house renovations. In this case, a laser tape measure would not only save you from getting on a ladder but also protect you from the electrical risk.

Laser tape measures are also able to measure distances within awkward and small spaces. If you needed to measure the distance of your stairs’ handrail, you could do this from the bottom (or top) of the stairs. In this case, you’d be a lot safer as you wouldn’t have to be climbing the stairs whilst holding a tape measure.

Lasers are less physically demanding than traditional tape measures. For example, the user would only have to use one hand to operate the laser, and they could do it by themselves without the help of a second person.

Additionally, lots of jobs that require a measuring tool are often also physically tiring. So, people who work in construction, for example, might find that a laser tape measure reduces their fatigue in a small way, making their other physical tasks easier.

Finally, laser tape measures can measure area and volume, as well as distance. They have built-in calculators to work out these values for you. This saves you from taking multiple measurements and working them out yourself. Just choose the ‘area’ or ‘volume’ setting on your device.

How do laser tape measures work?

A beam of light is produced by the machine, which you can then aim at your desired object. The machine then calculates the length of this distance by the time it takes for the light to be reflected.

If you want your laser tape measure to calculate values such as volume or area, there’s a similar process. All you do is take multiple measurements in your desired room.

So, when calculating the area of a square or rectangle-shaped room, you would use the laser to measure height, and then width. These are multiplied together to get your value, which can be carried out by the device if it has a setting for calculating area.

Are laser tape measures dangerous?

Most laser tape measures (and the ones on this list) use class 2 lasers. This is a much safer class than some stronger lasers but should still be handled with care. Like anything, if used improperly, they can become hazardous.

Laser tape measures could harm your eyes if you looked directly into the beam. To reduce this risk, you could wear protective glasses, or just make sure to look away and not direct the beam to peoples’ eyes.

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