In this guide we’ll take a look at the best lawn edgers.
I’ve compared precision, ease of use, weight and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Lawn Edger?

  • Features
  • Precise finish
  • Powerful 450W motor
  • Trimmer and edger in one
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Beautifully handcrafted tool
  • Cuts through turf easily
  • Very strong
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Gives a neat, straight finish
  • Sharp blade
  • Lightweight & comfortable
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Traditional half mood design
  • Self sharpening blade
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Cost

More Detailed Lawn Edger Reviews

Spear & Jackson GT450 Telescopic Grass Trimmer & Lawn Edger

This Spear & Jackson GT450 Telescopic Grass Trimmer & Lawn Edger is a handy grass trimmer and lawn edger in one. I chose this product because it comes with unbreakable lines. After spending hours fiddling with the lines in previous grass trimmers I was definitely looking for something that would avoid that fuss.

This model has not let me down – it’s the best lawn edger available. The lines have worked perfectly well and have not broken so far. The machine has two self-feeding lines to give a great cut without any hassle. Because the lines feed automatically you maintain the same cutting precision throughout the job.

The lawn edger is comfortable to use as it has a telescopic handle that can be adjusted to suit your height. This takes the back-breaking nature out of trimming the grass. In addition, it does not vibrate as much as some models when in use, despite having a powerful 450W motor.

It is simple to convert this machine from a straightforward trimmer to a lawn edger. All you have to do is twist the handle. You can also adjust the angle of the cutting head using the foot pedal, another great feature that saves you bending down. There is a little wheel that keeps the tool at the right height and helps you maintain a neat edge even over rough ground.

This tool is also perfect for trimming grass that runs up against patios, decks, walls or other features. It’s the best lawn edger for versatility and functionality.

This handy tool really does take the effort out of edging the lawn and gives a clean, precise finish.

This trimmer and lawn edger is easy to use, doesn’t require any fiddling about with lines that have snapped, and its telescopic handle makes it comfortable to use whatever your height.

Bulldog Premier Lawn Edging Knife

This beautifully crafted Bulldog Premier Lawn Edging Knife is a real pleasure to use. This is a traditional edging knife with a half-moon shape. It is incredibly strong and well made, so if you have had problems with other edging tools snapping or bending then I would recommend you give this one a go.

This lawn edger is sharp and cuts through turf like a knife through butter. It is strong enough to cope even in ground that is full of tree roots or stones, never bending or snapping.

The blade is thick, and hand forged making it stronger than other similar tools. The handle is made of FSC certified ash.

This handcrafted lawn edger is beautifully made and a delight to use. If you are looking for traditional craftsman’s ship that will last for years and is beautiful to look at you could not do better.

Spear & Jackson 2194NS Carbon Steel Border Spade

If your lawn edges have become a little unruly then it is well worth investing in the Spear & Jackson 2194NS Carbon Steel Border Spade to tidy them ups a bit. Over time, grass can creep into borders and beds and take over. When this happens, a border spade can help you create a neat separation between border and lawn.

A border spade is also the ideal tool for creating new beds or borders. As well as being useful for edging lawns, this tool is also perfect for digging in borders as it is slimmer and lighter than a standard digging spade. Its also a useful tool for anyone that prefers a lighter spade.

This Spear and Jackson border spade is a great tool for the job. Unlike a digging spade, it has a flat surface, which gives a neat straight edge. The plane of the blade is at the same angle as the handle, so it is really easy to line it up with your line or string to get the perfect square or curved edge. The top edge of the blade is lipped so you can use your foot to push the blade cleanly even through hard soil. The blade is sharp enough to cut through turf with ease.

This quality lawn edger has a fabricated carbon steel head which has been heat-treated for strength. In addition, it is coated in epoxy resin to help it resist rust, scratches and moisture.

This spade is sturdy yet lightweight and has a comfortable soft grip handle to reduce the risk of blisters and make it a pleasure to use.

This is a good value, quality lawn edger that will give years of use around the garden. It is well worth the investment if you have lots of lawn edges you need to keep neat or just as a general smaller spade for working in borders or more confined spaces.

Wolf Garten RMM Multi-Change Iron Lawn Edger

This Wolf Garten RMM Multi-Change Iron Lawn Edger is a traditional half moon design. However, it is part of a range of tools that are interchangeable with different handles. The lawn edger simply clicks into the handle and can be changed to other tools as you need them.

This lawn edger is perfect for tidying up straggly edges. It has a sharp blade that cuts through overhanging grass cleanly, leaving a nice neat edge. The blade is hardened and self-sharpening.  It is ideal for straight or curved borders and is lightweight and easy to use. The lawn edger head works particularly well with the ZM-AD Aluminium ‘D’ Handle.

A great alternative to a traditional edging tool this product is sturdy and serviceable.

I found this a really handy lawn edger that was easily interchanged with other heads to provide a multi tool with lots of uses around the garden. It’s also easy to store as you only have one handle to deal with. If you have limited storage space this would be a perfect option. It would also be a great choice for use at the allotment to save you storing a large range of complete tools.

Lawn Edger Buying Guide

A neatly edged lawn really makes a difference to the look of your garden. However, getting that crisp line isn’t always easy. Luckily, you can choose from a variety of manual and electric tools to make the job easier and achieve a perfect result.

The lawn edger you choose will depend on how overgrown your lawn edges are as well as how many borders or beds you need to tackle and if they are straight or curved. But no matter what condition your lawn edges are in there is a tool that can get them back into shape. I’ve taken a look at some of the tools available to help you find the right one to help you get your lawns, beds and borders looking beautiful once more.

If you have neat border edges that are finished with some form of lawn edging, then a power lawn edger will be the perfect tool to keep your edges neat and tidy. However, if your lawn has encroached into beds and borders, or you are creating a new bed or border, you will need a manual tool to get things under control. After that, the power trimmer will easily keep them neat in the future.

If your lawn edges are reasonable neat, and your borders are not too full of roots or stones, then a lawn edger will be perfect for the job. Choose a tool that is well made and sturdy, it needs to be able to take the weight of your boot to cut down into the turf. Ensure that there is a lip on the top of the blade to protect your boots from damage and yourself from injury. It is always advisable to wear sturdy boots when using a lawn edger or spade.

If your borders are comprised of heavy soil or full of tough roots or stones, or if you are creating a new bed or border, then a border spade may be your best bet. Ensure that the one you choose is well made and has a nice sharp blade to make the job easier. Some border spades have flat blades while others are curved. A flatter blade will make edging more precise. Mark out the border with string or a line marking spray before beginning to cut the turf to make sure you get a nice even edge. You could also use a hose pipe to mark out a wavy or curved border

Installing lawn edging, made from paving, wood or metal, can make sure your lawns stay in their prescribed place for the future.


I am thinking of purchasing the Wolf Garten lawn edger, but I’d like to know what other heads are available in the range and which handle I should choose?

There are dozens of lawn edger tools available in this range from weed grubbers, to hoes, rakes and even window cleaners and brushes. If you can think of a tool, then it is probably available in the range.

There is also a range of handles available including wood and aluminium products. There are D handles as well as a plain pole handles to choose from as well as hand held handles. For the lawn edger, a D handle would be most suitable allowing you good control when you are pushing down on the blade with your boot.

Why can’t I just use an ordinary digging spade to create an edge to my lawn?

You can use an ordinary spade for cutting the edges of your lawn. However, these are rather large and unwieldy. They also usually have a curved blade making it difficult to get a straight edge. However, a border spade is a useful investment because as well as being good for keeping edges neat, it is handy as a general digging tool in borders and other areas where precision is required and space to move limited.