In this guide we’ll take a look at the best lawn and garden sprinklers for the UK market.
I’ve compared rewind functionality, reliability, ease of use, safety and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Garden Sprinkler?

  • Features
  • Covers up to 200m²
  • Best garden sprinkler for UK
  • 17 Jets that oscillate
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Covers up to 385m²
  • Powerful sprinkler
  • Built to last
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Covers up to 320m²
  • Good for a large garden
  • Trusted brand
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Covers up to 220m²
  • Even distribution avoids puddles
  • Multiple spray patterns
  • Cost

More Detailed Garden Sprinkler Reviews

Hozelock Rectangular Garden Sprinkler

This Hozelock Rectangular Garden Sprinkler is the best garden sprinkler for the UK market because it is specially designed to give 100% even water coverage regardless of the water pressure from 1- 10 bars. I have found that it does indeed provide very even coverage even though I have lower than average water pressure.

This rectangular garden sprinkler has a sled design that makes it really stable even on bumpy surfaces. The product is sturdy with a strong plastic base and a metal arm. I find that this product gives really even coverage across the garden and I don’t end up with puddles. It is better for me than a circular sprinkler as I can more easily water just the lawn or a particular border and don’t end up watering my neighbours garden at the same time.

The product description says you will get coverage of 200m2, but this will depend on your water pressure. In my garden, I don’t quite achieve that coverage, but I can still water the whole garden by moving it just a couple of times. The product features a reliable, water-powered, geardrive motor and comes with a 2 year guarantee.

The garden sprinkler has 17 jets and oscillates to water a variety of shapes and sizes of garden. It is easy to adjust the settings by sliding the red setting rings.

This garden sprinkler is effective and reliable, fully adjustable and gets the job done with no fuss. It offers great quality at a reasonable price and it’s the best garden sprinkler for the money.

Costwise Oscillating Bar Lawn Sprinkler

This Costwise Oscillating Bar Lawn Sprinkler is sturdy and well made. It is slightly pricier than the previous two products, however, it is built to last. It has a solid metal construction and seems very robust. This is a close runner up for the best garden sprinkler on the market.

The product description says this will cover 385 metres and I certainly found it powerful enough to evenly cover most of my garden. You can separately adjust the left and right nozzles to get the exact spray pattern for your garden, so you don’t end up with wet paths or drives and wasted water. It is easy to adjust, and you can also alter the oscillation and water flow if required. It has an inlet filter to prevent clogging but also comes with a nozzle cleaning tool in case of blockages.

This is a powerful garden sprinkler that is easily adjustable ensuring you water only the areas you need to. If you’re looking for the best garden sprinkler for medium sized gardens this might be just the one for you.

Kärcher Premium Oscillating Sprinkler

This Kärcher Premium Oscillating Sprinkler is the most expensive item on the list, but it does come with all the quality we’ve come to expect from Karcher products.

The range of this product is 320m². The flow can be adjusted right down to zero which is handy because when you are changing the settings you can basically turn it off without running back to the tap. It also has a splash guard which helps protect you from getting a face full of water when making adjustments.

There jets can be individually turned on or off allowing for the ultimate customisation of the water flow. In addition, there are slider controls allowing you to adjust how much the sprinkler oscillates in either direction.

The garden sprinkler also has a filter to prevent clogging and ground forks to keep it stable.

This is probably worth the investment if you have a very large garden. It would also be a good choice if you have particularly low water pressure as it seems to cope with this well.

If you are looking for a premium product that is effective and well thought out this is the best garden sprinkler to suit a premium budget.

Gardena Classic Oscillating Sprinkler

This Gardena Classic Oscillating Sprinkler has a range of 220m2, though again I didn’t quite get that as I have relatively low water pressure. The multi-stage turbodrive gear gives you especially even, puddle-free watering.

This garden sprinkler is very easy to adjust and the ranges available are extensive, from 7 to 17 metres and with a width of up to 13 metres making it very easy to water precisely what you need. It is also possible to reduce the water pressure with a dial on the unit which may be helpful for people with small gardens or very high-water pressure. You can separately adjust the left and right nozzles to get the exact spray pattern for your garden, which allows you to avoid paths, patios and driveways, so no water is wasted. It is ideal for square or rectangular gardens.

There is a stainless-steel filter in the hose connector that prevents clogging.

This garden sprinkler has a stable and sturdy design and is easily adjusted to suit your own specific watering needs. It offers excellent value and it’s the best garden sprinkler to buy on a budget.

Garden Sprinkler Buying Guide

Using the best garden sprinkler to water your lawn and garden has many benefits. A garden sprinkler can save you time and effort. They can also save water and money. In addition, using one reduces the disturbance of the soil helping it maintain its structure and avoiding the loss of nutrients.

If you have a lawn, a garden sprinkler is particularly useful as it can be very hard to water a lawn evenly by hand and this can lead to dry spots and puddles, neither of which are good for your lawn’s health. It is particularly important to water a newly planted lawn regularly, especially in dry weather.

It’s important to choose the best garden sprinkler to ensure you get an even spray without leaks or wastage. A well built product will also give you years of use whereas a cheap version may cause you nothing but hassle and have to be replaced after a short time.

Many of us have rectangular lawns and gardens which means that round sprinklers are not ideal. You can often end up watering your fences and neighbours garden more than your own. For this reason, I am reviewing rectangular models which are ideally suited to most gardens.

When choosing the best garden sprinkler, it is wise to buy one that is durable and well made. Cheap products are often unstable and prone to leaks. In addition, they may be less adjustable than superior products leading to water wastage. I have also found that some cheaper models slow down at the end of each oscillation leaving puddles close to the sprinkler. In addition, the more jets the garden sprinkler has, the more evenly it will water your lawn and garden.

The best garden sprinkler will feature a metal filter in the hose connector as this will reduce the likelihood of the jets getting clogged and becoming ineffective.

Check the coverage of the sprinkler you are considering but bear in mind that this may be reduced if your water pressure is lower than 4 bars.

Choose a sprinkler that is adjustable so that you do not waste water. Ones that have separately adjustable jets on each side are particularly useful. This means you can avoid spraying paths, driveways and patios, as well as passing pedestrians when watering your front garden.


Will the Karcher sprinkler work with Hozelock attachments?

Yes, all of the products in this review will work with Hozelock fittings.

I use a sprinkler, but I still get puddles on my lawn. Why is this?

Assuming you are using a good quality sprinkler, with around 16 jets, I would imagine this may be either because you have clay soil or are on a slope.

If you have clay soil, you may notice puddles forming even when using a good quality sprinkler. This is because it takes a while for the water to soak into clay, so it will run off and form puddles in any dips. To prevent this, water in short cycles rather than one long spell.

If your lawn is on a slope it is also advisable to water in short spells to prevent all the water from running down leaving the higher sections dry.

When is the best time to use my sprinkler to water my lawn?

If you are using your sprinkler to water a lawn it is best to do this in the morning. This will reduce the amount of water lost to evaporation but also prevent diseases that could arise if your lawn is too damp overnight.