In this guide we’ll take a look at the best outdoor table tennis tables for the UK market.
I’ve compared design, durability, performance and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Table Tennis Table?

  • Features
  • Full size
  • Solo playback
  • All weather guarantee
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Full size
  • Coated playing surface
  • Weatherproof
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Great stylish design
  • Professional size
  • Corner protection pads
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Great price
  • ¾ size
  • Easy to move around
  • Cost

More Detailed Table Tennis Table Reviews

Cornilleau Sport 250S Crossover Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The Cornilleau sport 250S outdoor table tennis table is the best outdoor table tennis table around because it combines professional standards with fun.

This outdoor table tennis table is totally waterproof which is a big requirement if it’s going to stay outside all year round. It has a 40mm rust proof frame and it’s been treated with a blue soft matte laminate coating.

This coating protects the surface from rain, frost, sunshine, and scratches. It also brings anti-glare benefits so you’ll always see the ball despite the bright sunshine. It’s where the S in the title comes from ‘soft matte’.

This is a crossover table so you can use it indoors and outside. If you like to swap between the two – because who likes practicing in the pouring rain?

This outdoor table tennis table is easy to move, despite its heavy weight aspects. The 115x28mm steel legs with adjustable feet ain’t budging unless you use the 200mm large wheels that have locks and brakes.

Cornilleau has thought about everything. Even sloping patios.

I really like the playback facility they’ve incorporated. One half of the table folds upwards so you can practice solo. It’s a great idea for aspiring champions and when you need to let off a bit of steam.

The table tennis table net is also a great feature. It has an ABS folding net post that’s ‘tension adjustable’ which basically means it’s made from polyethylene and can be wound tighter. When you fold the table the net simply collapses into the design.

As a last safety feature, this outdoor table tennis table has a DSO locking system with 16 locking points to keep it folded safely in place.

Overall this table tennis table measures 108.3 x 30 30.3 x 60.2 inches and weighs 74kgs.

A ten-year warranty is offered by Cornilleau so they must be pretty sure about its durability.

It’s difficult to beat Cornilleau when it comes to choosing the best table tennis tables. They have years of experience and the best customer service.

Wido Professional Table Tennis Table

The Wido table tennis table mixes great looking design with practicality.

On this outdoor table tennis table I love the blue playing surface that makes it look like an ultimate professional’s table.

As with all the best outdoor table tennis tables, it has a smooth plastic playing surface that’s coated to give it plenty of grip and keep the elements at bay.

You can leave this table tennis table outside all year round where it’ll withstand rain, frost snow, and bright sunshine.

The frame is made from strong one-inch steel that’s easily folded for storage.

When it’s folded out the weight is taken by four sturdy legs with support struts, and when you fold it up the weight is taken by four other wheel-tipped legs. It’s a solid construction that you can’t break easily.

Nets can be a pain, but Wido’s table has a durable net that fits between two spring-loaded removable posts. This ensures net tension as you play, eliminating ‘floppy net syndrome’ – the scourge of all ping-pong players.

This is a professional, full sized outside table tennis table at a bargain price. When fully extended it measures 153 x 275 x 73.5cms. Store it away if you want, but it’ll be just fine outside.

Cornilleau Proline 510 Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Another top-quality outside table tennis table from the Cornilleau brand. This one costs less, but it has plenty of great features, including a funky ball dispenser!

This Cornilleau table tennis table has a 7mm resin laminate top, which is hard and gives great bounce as well as protecting the table from all weathers.

The resin coating also reduces glare and reflection by ten times, allowing you to play without advantage at one end!

The table tennis net is a fixed steel affair that is permanently attached to the table. It’s a good idea to have a steel net if you’re planning to leave your table outside as it won’t rust or disintegrate in bad weather.

I love the look of this outdoor table tennis table with its curved legs that contrast nicely with the table top. It doesn’t have thin legs with struts like many others – this is a galvanised steel frame that’s corrosion and scratch resistant. It can be permanently fixed to the ground and look great on your patio.

A top safety aspect are the corner protection pads that stop young children getting hurt by sharp edges – that’s a nice touch.

These table tennis tables are used in professional tournaments and found in sports clubs and schools because they are so hardwearing. A ten-year guarantee makes this purchase worry-free.

Wollowo Green 3/4 Size Junior Table Tennis Table

The Wollowo ¾ size table tennis table is a great buy for juniors as it’s big enough to get in plenty of real practice but at 3/4 size fits a child’s arm and step reach more accurately.

Measuring 206 by 115 by 77cms this outdoor table tennis table will sit neatly in your garden without taking up all the available space. Compact tennis tables are the way forward in smaller gardens.

This is an all-weather kids table tennis table with a 4cms thick MDF top and square powder coated steel legs. It’s easy to fold up and safe to move around on its built-in casters.

You also get two bats, three balls and a net included in the price. This is a perfect buy at the dreaded start of the summer holiday. It’ll keep them entertained for hours without breaking the bank and ruining your garden or playroom with oversized sharp corners.

Overall this table weighs 40kgs which is substantially less than my other recommendations.

If you want the best table tennis table for children then consider this ¾ sized one. It ticks all the boxes and will save you a packet of cash.