In this guide we’ll take a look at the best patio cleaners for the UK market.
I’ve compared effectiveness, how long it lasts, product safety and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Patio Cleaner?


Our Rating: 9.8/10

  • Removes all mould and algae
  • Can be used on multiple surfaces
  • No need for scrubbing or rinsing

Our Rating: 9.4/10

  • Very simple to use
  • Works effectively
  • Non-acidic & doesn't contain bleach

Our Rating: 8.9/10

  • Safe to use on wood and hard surfaces
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Safe to use around pets

Our Rating: 8.4/10

  • Simple to use
  • Safe and biodegradable
  • Affordable and effective

More Detailed Patio Cleaner Reviews

Pro-Kleen Patio Cleaner

This Pro-Kleen Patio Cleaner removes all mould and algae and from your patio, paths, decking or any other outdoor surface. It can also be used on fencing, sheds, caravans, conservatories and uPVC windows. This versatile product is the best patio cleaner on the market.

The concentrated formula is effective but safe to use. It does not contain bleaches or acids which means that there is no need to exclude children or pets from the area once the product is dry.

This pet friendly patio cleaner is diluted with 1-part cleaner to 4 parts water and then applied with a garden sprayer or watering can. That’s it. There is no need for scrubbing or rinsing.

The product gets to work immediately and within a few days, your patio will be clear of mould and algae. This is the best patio cleaner to prevent the growth of mould and algae over the coming weeks and months keeping your patio looking its best all summer long.

Wet & Forget Moss Mould Lichen & Algae Remover

This Wet & Forget Moss Mould Lichen & Algae Remover is safe and effective for use on a wide range of materials from teak to marble. It is non-acidic, contains no bleach and is biodegradable. One bottle will treat up to 300m2 depending on how porous the material being cleaned is.

Again, the product is very simple to use, simply dilute and apply with a spray or watering can.

This product continues to work over the coming weeks and months and is actually reactivated each time it rains. It will remove moss, mould and mildew and gently remove any unsightly stains from all outdoor surfaces.

As with the other products, once dry it is safe for children and pets to use the treated area. It’s easily one of the best patio cleaner products available.

Algon Organic Path and Patio Cleaner

This Algon Organic Path and Patio Cleaner will remove dirt, mould, lichen as well as killing weeds and moss. It is safe to use on wood and hard surfaces. The environmentally friendly ingredients are biodegradable and safe to use around pets and children as the product contains no bleach or acids.

To use this product simply dilute it at 1-part Algon to 3 parts water and apply with a sprayer, soft broom or watering can. This company also makes a ready to use version with a trigger sprayer which is useful if you have just a small area to spray and don’t want to invest in a pressure sprayer.

In a few days, mould and lichen will begin to disappear, stains will be removed, and your patio or decking will begin to look like new. Much like the other best patio cleaner products, this patio cleaner also goes on working, reactivating each time it rains, for up to a year.

Patio Magic! Mould & Algae Killer

This Patio Magic Mould & Algae Killer is suitable for all hard surfaces both indoors and out. It can be used on patios, decking, driveways and fencing. It can also be used to treat mouldy walls and fences before painting, removing mould that would otherwise ruin the finish of the paint.

This patio cleaner is very simple to use, simply spray it with a low-pressure spray or sprinkle with a watering can and leave it to get to work.

Patio Magic kills green mould in 2-4 days and continues to clean exposed surfaces in the weeks to come lasting for months after the initial application. One bottle treats up to 85 m2.

The product is safe to use and biodegradable and children and pets need not be excluded from the treated area once the product is dry. If you want a safe and effective product that is affordable, this is the best patio cleaner on a budget.

Patio Cleaner Buying Guide

It’s that time of year when we all want to spend more time in the garden enjoying the warmer weather. So of course, we want our outdoor spaces to look their best. The appearance of your garden can be spoilt by a dirty, algae-covered patio or deck. So, give yours a spruce up quickly and safely with a product designed especially for cleaning patios, decks and other hard surfaces.

The best patio cleaner products are effective at removing dirt, mould, lichen, moss and weeds, quickly and easily with no scrubbing or jet washing required. They improve the appearance of your patio, making it look like new, as well as making it less slippery and safer to use. Many patio cleaners also keep mould and weeds at bay for up to 12 months after the initial application.

I have used several patio cleaners over the years and the following are my recommendations for the most effective and easy to use. My personal favourite is Pro-Kleen, which is versatile, simple to use and keeps my patio and other hard surfaces looking great all summer.

Choosing a patio cleaner

The best patio cleaner solutions are better for your outdoor surfaces than scrubbing or using a pressure washer. These products do not damage the surfaces or affect the colour so are better for the finish of your patio and other hard surfaces than blasting with a jet wash or scrubbing. This is particularly important in areas that are grouted or pointed as the grout can easily be dislodged by vigorous scrubbing or jet washing.

When choosing the best patio cleaner for you, also look for products that are safe for the environment and not harmful to children, pets and wildlife.

So which patio cleaner is the best? Products that do not need rinsing will save you time, but they also continue to work over the following weeks and months and even up to a year, reducing the amount of work and keeping your patio looking good for longer.

Check the dilution required on the bottle as some smaller bottles may be more cost effective than larger bottles if they are more concentrated.

You may want to consider investing in a low pressure sprayer to apply the patio cleaner as this is the most effective and least wasteful method of application.

How to use a patio cleaner

Apply your patio cleaner on an overcast day when rain is not expected.

Check the directions on your patio cleaner to see if it needs diluting and what ratio of water to add.

Although these products are safe to use, it is advisable to remove children and pets from the area until the product is dry.

Apply your patio cleaner with a low-pressure spray if possible. Alternatively, you can use a bucket and broom, or watering can.

Leave the product to get to work. Bear in mind that the active ingredients in patio cleaners can take a few days to work. On very badly affected patios it may even take a few weeks before all the stains are completely removed.

Use a patio cleaner regularly on hard surfaces to remove mould and algae as these can make your paths and patios slippery and unsafe.