In this guide we’ll take a look at the best pedestal fans for the UK market.
I’ve compared performance, speed, noise and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Pedestal Fan?

  • Features
  • Lots of adjustability
  • Quiet in operation
  • Relatively small for a pedestal fan
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Wind setting to simulate a natural breeze
  • 26-speed settings
  • Sturdy construction and solid base
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Energy efficient pedestal fan
  • LED display and remote control
  • 35 Speed settings
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Sleep settings
  • Powerful and effective
  • Timer turns the fan on and off when required
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Good value pedestal fan
  • Quiet in use
  • Natural, slumberous and silent wind settings
  • Cost

More Detailed Pedestal Fan Reviews

Klarstein Summerjam Pedestal Fan

The Klarstein Summerjam is the best pedestal fan for anyone looking for quiet operation, versatile settings and adjustability.

This fan is very adjustable allowing you to set it up just right for your needs. The stand is height adjustable allowing easy movement up and down. The fan is also oscillating and can be adjusted to tilt and angle to your needs.

The fan also features three-speed settings. This allows you to get just the right amount of cooling for any day. The fan has specially developed blades designed to work efficiently and quietly. This allows the fan to cool powerfully, without being noisy and distracting.

The fan comes with 4 timer settings of 1/2, 1, 2 and 4 hours which allows you to decide when it turns off. This is handy if you want to leave the fan on as you fall asleep but don’t want it running all night.

This fan has extensive adjustability and features, is quiet in operation and relatively compact in size making this a versatile fan for use all around the home.

Ansio DC Pedestal Fan with Remote

The Ansio DC Pedestal fan is a solid, powerful and versatile pedestal fan that is particularly suitable for large rooms such as offices.

This fan comes with 26-speed settings and 5 different wind modes. The wind modes adjust the speed of the fan dynamically to create the effect of wind. This creates a natural breeze rather than a steady blast of air. This is a very solidly built fan with a large and stable base. The size and build quality will allow it to hold up in an office environment.

This is a great fan for someone looking for a good amount of adjustability and settings who also needs a sturdy, strong and powerful fan for an office or working environment.

EcoAir Aura Low Energy DC Fan with 35 Speed/Timer Function

The EcoAir Aura is a very good, energy efficient fan that is cheap to run and good for the environment. However, this energy efficiency doesn’t come at the expense of performance as this is a powerful fan that circulates air well.

This fan comes with 35-speed settings allowing you to get just the right amount of cooling. It has a night timer and a 12-hour auto shut off so even if left on by accident it will turn itself off.

This is a great fan for anyone looking for a lightweight and low energy option but who still wants a versatile and high performing pedestal fan.

NSA SF-4057RC 16'' Pedestal Eco Fan

The NSA 16” Pedestal Eco fan is another great pedestal fan that combines power and efficiency with quiet operation.

The fan features an LCD screen and remote control that allows you to control all of the settings with ease. These settings include 24 different speed settings. It also includes a sleep mode allowing the fan to run quietly but still keep you cool while you are sleeping. It is also equipped with a breeze setting that allows the fan to simulate a more natural breeze.

This fan also features a versatile timer which allows you to adjust between 30 minutes and 15 hours. This timer works for both on and off so you can have it turn on to cool a room ready for when you need it and turn off after a set time.

This is a good powerful fan with great timers and settings that allow it to adjust to your needs. The on timer is a great feature that allows you to set the fan to turn on and cool a room before you need it, for example cooling a bedroom before you go to bed or an office before you start work.

Electric 16-Inch Oscillating Pedestal Fan 12 speed

The Electric 16-inch oscillating pedestal fan is a good value for money fan that also features a wide range of settings.

This fan has 12-speed settings including 3 wind settings that allow the fan to automatically adjust speed to create a more natural breeze. The 3 wind settings include natural, slumberous and silent settings which makes this fan a good option in the bedroom. This fan comes with an LED panel to control these settings and also a remote control. The fan has a 12-hour programmable timer allowing you to decide when it turns itself off.

Overall this a great inexpensive pedestal fan that provides good features and adjustability without breaking the bank.