In this guide we’ll look at the best picnic baskets for the UK market!
We’ve compared design, size, material quality and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Is The Best Picnic Basket?

  • Features
  • Includes metal cutlery
  • Comes with china plates
  • Great build quality
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Complete picnic set
  • Constructed well
  • Includes waterproof picnic blanket
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Full set for two
  • Handmade basket is of great quality
  • Traditional design
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Inexpensive
  • Old school good looks
  • Makes a good hamper
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Good insulations
  • Clever ice pack storage
  • Well made
  • Cost

More Detailed Picnic Basket Reviews

Luxury 4 Person Wicker Chiller Picnic Hamper Basket with Cooler Compartment

The Luxury 4 Person Wicker Chiller Picnic Hamper Basket is the best picnic basket set because it looks great, is very sturdy and stylish and includes premium quality accessories.

Part of what makes this a great option is that it includes everything you need for a luxury picnic for four people. Firstly, the basket is sturdy and can hold a good amount of food. Secondly, it includes good quality metal cutlery, china plates and sturdy plastic wine glasses so you can enjoy your picnic in style.

This hamper also includes an interior cooling liner and separate drinks cooling bag. The interior liner allows you to store food that is perishable while travelling to your picnic location. There is plenty of room in the basket for more than enough food for four. The drinks cooler can be stored inside or has its own carry handle. This allows you to take wine or other cold drinks on your picnic with ease.

The final selling point that makes this the best luxury picnic basket is the stylish design and excellent quality of the basket itself. The basket is made of strong, good quality wicker and has sturdy handles.
Inside, the cutlery and plates are delightfully held in place with PU leather straps and good quality buckles.
Overall, this is the best picnic basket because it includes everything you need for a luxury picnic, is well made and looks great.

VonShef Deluxe 4 Person Traditional Wicker Picnic Basket Hamper

The VonShef Deluxe 4 Person Traditional Wicker Picnic Basket Hamper is another solid choice as it includes everything you need for your picnic; it is constructed with good materials and it comes with a waterproof picnic blanket.

This picnic basket includes glasses, cutlery, and plates for four people. Everything is they well secured inside the basket making it very easy to take everything with you when venturing on a picnic. The cutlery is metal, the plates ceramic and the glasses good quality plastic. On top of that, you get little extras like a corkscrew and salt and pepper shakers.

The set all fits inside the picnic basket and the basket itself is from robust wicker that is lined with a durable cotton. The handles are made of PU leather and are fastened well and comfortable to hold. Overall the set is constructed very well.

This set also includes a picnic blanket which has a waterproof backing to keep you dry even on damp grass.

Overall, this is a good quality picnic set and basket that comes with a handy picnic blanket included.

Antique Wash Willow Picnic Hamper / Basket, 2 Person Fitted

The Antique Wash Willow Picnic Hamper is another great option because it includes everything you need for your picnic, comes in a handmade basket and offers an old school retro aesthetic.

This is a great set as it includes everything you need for a picnic for two people from cutlery to plates. The set includes good quality china plates and the cutlery is metal with lovely wooden handles which makes them very nice to use. The base of the basket is lined with an insulated foil layer which keeps your food cool. There is plenty of room for enough food for two people inside.

The cutlery and plates are secured in place inside the basket using leather straps and the plates can be buckled in to ensure they are well fastened. The basket itself is hand made from wicker and it looks great and is hard-wearing.

This basket has a lovely traditional design and a high-quality finish.
Overall, this is a great option because it includes good quality accessories, has an excellent build quality and nice traditional design.

JVL Buff Split Willow Shopping Storage Basket with Cream Lining

The JVL Buff Split Willow Shopping Storage Basket with Cream Lining is another good choice because it’s inexpensive, has traditional styling and would make a great gift filled with lovely treats.
This is an inexpensive option and is great if you want a simple basket to transport your picnic to where you want to go. The wicker basket is sturdy and lined with good quality cotton. The lining can be removed for washing. The handles are robust and comfortable to carry. In my opinion, this basket looks adorable with its old school styling which can take you back in time for a retro-inspired picnic.
This basket would also make a lovely gift hamper filled with treats as well as being a useful storage basket with dozens of practical uses around the home.

Overall, this is great if you want a traditional inexpensive picnic basket that is sturdy and can also fulfil a variety of uses around the home.

SZSMD Folding Picnic Basket, Waterproof Thermal Insulated Cooler Basket

The SZSMD Folding Insulated Cooler Basket is the best-insulated picnic bag because it keeps food cool for a long time and it is practical, easy to clean and hardwearing.

This cooler picnic basket has an excellent insulation system to allow you to keep your food cold or hot for long periods of time. This is great if you want to go out in the morning and have your picnic last till the evening. It does this thanks to its 5mm aluminium foil layer that maintains the interior temperature. To help you maintain the temperature it has an included pouch to put your ice packs. This pouch separates them from your food so that any moisture from the packs doesn’t affect your food.
The basket itself is also very well made with a sturdy aluminium frame. This frame is covered with a durable polyester material that’s hardwearing and durable. The aluminium handle is robust and comfortable to carry.
Overall, this a great option for an insulated picnic bag thanks to its great construction and ability to keep food hot or cold for long periods.

Buyer’s Guide


There are a range of picnic basket designs available from traditional wicker baskets to plastic insulated styles. Traditional wicker baskets often contain everything you need for your picnic. Many include china plates and metal cutlery so you can picnic in style. These baskets also keep the cutlery and china safe in transit as they have straps to hold everything securely in place.

Insulated options do not usually include dining accessories. However, they have plenty of room for food and keep your picnic cool for hours. They are also durable and easy to clean. These are a great option for family picnics as you can take along your own child-friendly plastic cups, plates and cutlery.


The size picnic basket you choose depends on how many people will be attending your picnic. Having a nice large-sized picnic basket can allow you to take lunch and snacks so it is worth considering if you want a slightly larger size than you need for just one picnic. With picnic sets, you will find they come with enough plates and cutlery for two or four people.


Materials are an important component to consider when purchasing your picnic basket. If you are after a traditional picnic basket then look for good quality wicker. This gives it a traditional look and feel. It’s important that the wicker is of good quality as this will help it to hold up when being transported. Wicker baskets often come with a foil liner to keep the food cool.

If you choose an insulated basket, look for one that has a foil lining as this will help it to maintain its temperature for longer periods of time. A sturdy basket will help keep your food in perfect condition while you transport it, so look for one with an aluminium frame.


Having interior compartments can help you to organize and manage your picnic baskets. Some come with no compartments and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as you can use your own containers. This can make keeping your picnic basket clean and organized easy.

Some have compartments to help with specialized tasks, for example, an insulated basket might have an ice pouch. This keeps condensation from the ice packs getting into your food.

If you choose a complete picnic set, look for good quality straps for your cutlery and plates help to keep everything in your basket organized and secure in transit.

Some picnic baskets come with an additional bottle cooler which can be stored in the basket or separately.

Easy to carry

Having a good handle can make transporting your picnic basket to your picnic location comfortable and easy. Some baskets use simple wooden handles, and these can be comfortable and strong. Another good option is baskets with leather straps that are soft and durable. This makes carrying your basket and a comfortable and pleasant experience. Insulated picnic baskets often have aluminium carry handles, and these are robust and comfortable to carry.


Insulation is a key part of your picnic basket, especially if you plan on being in the great outdoors all day. Wicker baskets often have an insulating liner whereas insulated baskets are fully insulated and will keep food cool for hours. Pop in a few ice packs before you leave to make sure your food stays cool and safe to eat.


Picnic baskets are a great addition to a day out. They allow you to enjoy eating al fresco whenever you choose. This way you can avoid the queues at cafes, save money and enjoy all your favourite picnic foods. Whether you want a practical insulated picnic basket or a traditional hamper with china plates for a luxury picnic experience there’s sure to be a perfect picnic hamper for you.

My favourite is the Luxury 4 Person Wicker Chiller Picnic Hamper Basket as it includes china plates, metal cutlery and a traditional wicker basket so you can picnic in style.