In this guide we’ll look at the best pond skimmers for the UK market.
We’ve compared performance, build quality, reliability and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Is The Best Pond Skimmer?

  • Features
  • Powerful pump
  • Improves water quality
  • Oxygenates water.
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Powerful pump
  • Good sponge filters
  • Noticeably improves water quality
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Unobtrusive design
  • Keeps the surface clear
  • Prevents dirt built up
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Keeps ponds clean
  • Works in large ponds
  • Two filtering systems
  • Cost
  • Features
  • 3000lph flow rate
  • Noticeably improves water quality
  • Anchored or free flow.
  • Cost

More Detailed Pond Skimmer Reviews

Oase Swim Skim Skimmer 25

The Oase Swim Skim Skimmer 25 is the best pond floating skimmer because it has a powerful 2500 litre pump, it noticeably improves water quality and supplies fresh oxygen to your pond.

Falling leaves, plant debris and pollen can settle on the surface of your pond and begin to rot. The decomposition of this matter creates nutrients that feed algae and are detrimental to the health of your pond. This OASE skimmer pulls this debris from the surface into the collection basket. Thus the debris is removed before it affects the health of your pond.

This product comes with a very powerful pump. This allows it to circulate the water through its filter systems very quickly. By constantly moving and filtering the water it allows it to efficiently keep your pond clean and clear. The skimmer is suitable for ponds with a surface area of up to 25m².

Thanks to the powerful pump, this skimmer will noticeably improve and maintain the water quality of your pond. After a while using this pond skimmer, your water will be clear and lovely, really improving the look of your garden pond.

On top of the great filtering and noticeable improvements to water quality. This skimmer also works to add oxygen to your pond. This will improve the health of any fish or plant life living in your pond.

Overall, this is a good option thanks to its powerful pump, the noticeable improvements it makes to water quality and the fact that it adds oxygen into the pond to support pond life.

Jebao Floating Koi Fish Pond Surface Skimmer with Integrated 2,500L/hr Pump

The Jebao Floating Koi Fish Pond Surface Skimmer with Integrated 2,500L/hr Pump is another great choice for a pond skimmer thanks to its 2500L/hr pump combined with good sponge filters that work together to noticeably improve water quality.

The 2500L/hr pump enables this pond skimmer to create a good circulation of water and filter said water fast and efficiently. The water is moved through its sponge filter systems to remove dirt and debris from your water. This helps to clean your pond and stop it from becoming stagnant.

Within a short amount of time, the combination of pump and sponge filters system will work to noticeably improve the cleanliness of your water. It will look cleaner and clearer, improving your pond and making it really pleasant to look and spend time beside It will also improve the health of your pond by removing waste matter before it can affect the pond ecosystem.

This is a great option if you want a good flow rate filtered through good sponges that will quickly improve the quality of your water.

Aqua Forte Floating Skimmer 200 x 110 MM Black

The Aqua Forte Floating Skimmer is another great pond surface skimmer because it is unobtrusive, it keeps the surface of the water clean and prevents dirt build-up.

The design allows this water skimmer to sit on the edge of your pond. The compact black unit can be tucked away unobtrusively so it doesn’t detract from the beauty of your pond. This pond skimmer works well at clearing dirt and debris from the surface of your water. It, therefore, keeps the surface clear allowing you to see your fish or plants beneath. It also removes waste matter that can affect the health of your pond. The skimmers is very easy to use and clean.

This is a great option if you want an effective but unobtrusive pond skimmer to keep your pond healthy and beautiful.

SunSun CSP-250A Floating Fish Pond Skimmer up to 25m² Surface Koi

The SunSun CSP-250A Floating Fishpond Skimmer is another good choice because it keeps ponds nice and clean, can cope with ponds up to 25m2 and has two filtering sections.

This product works very well to keep your pond free from dirt and debris. It catches leaves and other large objects as well and smaller ones, keeping your pondlife happy and your water clean. It is rated to work with medium to large garden ponds with a surface area of 25m2. If your pond is smaller it will just work more efficiently.

Overall, this is a very effective product that can handle large ponds and cleans above and below the waterline.

Swell UK Pond Skimmer

The Swell UK Pond Skimmer is good because it has a 3000lph flow, noticeably improves water quality and can be anchored or left to free flow.

The 3000lph flow allows this skimmer to work through the water very quickly, passing it through its filter systems to help clean your pond and keep it moving. Thanks to this flow, within days you will see visible improvements in the quality of your water. It will look clearer and be free of debris. This makes your pond look better and benefits any fish or plant life living in your pond.

This option can either be left to free float and work its way around the pond or it includes a loop that can be used to anchor it. This is a nice option as you can tuck it away behind some plants while it cleans your pond for you.

This is a great option if you want a very good flow rate that will work to noticeably improve water quality that can also be tucked away via anchoring.

Pond Skimmer Buyer’s Guide

Surface area

Manufacturers of pond skimmer will often give you a rating of X meters squared to give you an idea of how large an area your pond skimmer can cover. If you know or have worked out the surface area of your pond this makes it easy to ensure that you have the correct size for your pond. However, buying a pond skimmer that is rated at larger than your pond can make it work faster and more efficiently.

Buying a pond skimmer that is not rated at the surface area of your pond is still a viable option. It will improve the quality of your pond but will take more time. Also, you can always add a second if you determine it’s not working well enough.

To determine the surface area of your pond you can measure each side and multiply them together. If you have any large sections that jut into your pond area you can work the surface area of them out with the same calculation. Then subtract the areas the stick into your pond from your original surface area calculation.


The power consumption of your pond skimmer can vary quite a lot. Some pond skimmers are designed in a passive way. This means they require no electricity and rely on the dirt and debris coming to them.

Powered options need to be wired in. Pond skimmers will normally come without a plug. This is due to building regulations in the UK. It’s recommended that pond skimmers are wired directly into a switch box for safety reasons.

The amount of power aerators consume can vary and is measured in watts. They use this power to activate a pump. This pump then enables the pond skimmer to be pushed around the pond and push water through itself. This allows the pond skimmer to actively collect dirt and debris from the surface of the pond.

Checking the product information will let you know how many watts your pond skimmer is. The lower the wattage the less electricity you will spend running your pond skimmer. The higher the wattage the more power will be used and often the more effective the pond skimmer will be.


Overall pond skimmers are a fantastic way to improve the appearance of your garden pond. They can help turn a pond into a real showstopper of a garden feature. They do this by making the water noticeably cleaner. This is also great for your plant or animal life that is living in your pond. It also stops the pond from becoming stagnant and smelling.

The best pond skimmer is the Oase Swim Skim Skimmer 25 because of its powerful pump that creates 25000L/ph of water flow which noticeably improves water quality. It also has the added bonus of actively oxygenating the water.