In this guide we’ll take a look at the best retractable washing lines.
I’ve compared design, size, build quality and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Retractable Washing Line?

  • Features
  • Ideal size for patios and balconies
  • 24 metres of drying space
  • Best retractable washing line for small areas
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Stylish design
  • Sturdy aluminium and steel construction
  • Folds flat against the wall when not in use
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Plastic coated settle construction
  • Provides 7.3 metres of drying space
  • Folds flat against the wall when not in use
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Provides 30 metres of drying space
  • Smoothly retracts when not in use
  • Best retractable washing line on a budget
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Smoothly retracts into case when not in use
  • Good value product
  • 30 metre drying capacity
  • Cost

More Detailed Retractable Washing Line Reviews

Brabantia Wallfix Reatractable Washing Line

The Brabantia Wallfix Reatractable Washing Line is the best retractable washing line for small areas such as patios and balconies as it provides plenty of drying room and takes up very little space. It also folds away easily when not in use freeing up your patio or balcony for more enjoyable pursuits than laundry!

The Brabantia retractable washing line provides 24 metres of drying space in a very compact dryer that is perfect if you only have a small space to dry your clothes. It can take a full load of laundry yet easily fit on a balcony or in a courtyard garden.

This extendable washing line is easy to open and close and adjusts to three different positions. It also features hooks to keep hangers secure. When closed it is neat and unobtrusive and can be kept clean and protected with the cover provided. The retractable washing line is solidly constructed with corrosion resistant materials making it totally weatherproof.

This retractable clothes line offers a solidly built and convenient clothes dryer and it makes the best retractable washing line for patios and balconies.

Artweger 334 RuckZuck 120 Retractable Washing Line

The Artweger 334 RuckZuck 120 Retractable Washing Line is a compact yet sturdy clothes dryer that can be extended for use and folded flat against the wall when not required. It provides excellent value for money, too.

The extendable washing line has a stylish design so would look good in any room in the house. It could also be mounted on an outside wall. It comes with all the fixings required for wall mounting and once installed its concertina design makes it easy to open and close.

The retractable washing line is made from strong aluminium and steel components making it sturdy enough to take heavy laundry such as wet jeans and jumpers. You can also hang clothes hangers from the bars to dry delicates.

This dryer is small and compact – making it the best retractable washing line for bathrooms or laundry rooms. The stylish design means its not an eyesore when not in use.

Leifheit Teleclip Retractable Washing Line

The Leifheit Teleclip Retractable Washing Line is a compact, wall-mounted clothes dryer that extends easily providing 7. 3 metres of drying space and folds flat against the wall when not in use.

This retractable washing line is sturdy and well made. The rails and frame are made from plastic coated steel which makes them strong and easy to clean. They open, concertina style, very easily using the recessed handles. The compact design is easy to install in even a small space such as above a radiator or in the bathroom, and it can also be mounted outdoors. Screws, plugs and instructions are included, and the product offers good value for money.

This compact, space saving extendable washing line offers space for plenty of clothes and folds against the wall when not in use making another great choice for small spaces such as bathrooms and laundry rooms. If you are looking for a compact, wall-mounted dryer then this might be the best retractable washing line for your living space.

Minky Retractable Washing Line

The Minky Retractable Washing Line provides 30m of drying space in a convenient retractable washing line that takes up hardly any space when not in use. It’s a very affordable option and makes the best retractable washing line to buy on a budget.

The Minky retractable clothes line simple pulls out from its housing and then attaches to hooks where you want the line to end. The extendable washing line itself is strong and UV resistant and retracts easily into the reel case. The case is easy to attach to the wall and can be removed completely for winter storage. The double line allows you to dry twice as much washing – perfect for smaller gardens. It comes with all the fixings required.

This simple, yet serviceable, retractable clothes line is convenient and easy to use and offers great value for money. It’s one of the best retractable washing lines to buy on a budget.

DRYZEM Retractable Washing Line

The DRYZEM Dual Retractable Washing Line provides 30 metres of drying space, is easy to install, durable and simple to use and store.

The reel contains a dual line and is easily attached to a wall or secure post. Two hooks are then attached to another secure location at the line’s end and all the fixings are supplied. When not in use the extendable washing line can be retracted back onto the reel leaving no unsightly lines in your garden. The reel can be completely removed for winter storage.

This is a sturdy retractable washing line that is simple to use and offers good value for money.

Retractable Washing Line Buying Guide

When choosing the best retractable washing line for your living space, you want to make sure it is strong and durable. If the line snaps and your lovely clean washing ends up on the ground it is very frustrating. Most retractable clothes lines and dryers are made of durable materials such as steel, aluminium and PVC making them strong and weather resistant.

There are a variety of washing lines available so you want to make sure to find the best retractable washing line for your needs. A retractable washing line will be perfect if you have a reasonably sized garden, while wall mounted airers will suit you if you have only a small courtyard or balcony. Wall mounted concertina folding airers are a good choice if you don’t have any outdoor drying space.

Check the capacity of the retractable clothes line to make sure it can hold as much washing as you need. Small indoor concertina folding dryers are perfect for small loads and delicates while a retractable line will hold a full load and more easily. Many washing lines and airers state their capacity in metres so this will give you a good idea if it will meet your needs.

How do retractable washing lines work?

There are a variety of retractable and folding washing lines that are convenient because they can be removed or folded against a wall when not in use. Indoor type washing lines often open like a concertina and are particularly useful for small spaces. If you can position one above a radiator all the better – your washing will be dry in no time.

Outdoor folding and retractable washing lines are also available. Some open up with arms, similar to a rotary washing line and others are on a reel. The reel-type affixes to a wall, fence or post in your garden. You then just pull the line out and attach it to hooks when you need it. They work in the same way as extending dog leads. You will need hooks to attach the line to when it is open. Then when you are done, unhook the line and it automatically reels back into the casing.

How do you install a retractable washing line?

The first thing to do is work out where you want your retractable washing line positioned. You will need a sturdy support at either end, such as the house wall and a fence post, or two fence posts. Determine the height of your line, too. You want it so that you can reach it easily, but it is high enough that large items such as sheets are clear of the ground. Ideally, make sure the washing is not in the way of paths as this means the washing will get in your way and also the path could be slippery from wet washing dripping on it.

The line will come with fixings, usually Rawl plugs and screws. Mark the position of the fixings then drill a pilot hole. If you don’t have a drill, you may be able to start a hole in wood with a bradawl, but you will definitely need a drill if you are fixing one end of the line to a brick or concrete wall. Once you have drilled the holes, insert the Rawl plus and then attach the line housing bracket with screws.

The other end of the line will need hooks to attach it to when extended. Your line may have come with these fixings. If it didn’t you will need to buy suitable hooks, such as cup hooks. Make sure that these hold the line securely, so the line doesn’t slip off when you put the washing on it. The hooks can be attached with screws straight into the wood, after drilling a pilot hole so the wood doesn’t split. Again, if you are securing the hooks into brick or concrete you will need to use Rawl plugs and screws.