In this guide we’ll take a look at the best robot lawn mowers for the money.
I’ve compared cutting ability, ease of use, reliability and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Robot Lawn Mower?

  • Features
  • Cuts 400m² with single charge
  • Best robotic lawn mower
  • 20-50mm cutting height
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Ideal for lawns up to 300m²
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Performs well on gradients
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Ideal for lawns up to 1000m²
  • Fully programmable
  • Performs rain or shine
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Ideal for lawns up to 500m²
  • Powerful and quick to charge
  • Copes well with steep slopes
  • Cost

More Detailed Robot Lawn Mower Reviews

Flymo 1200R Lithium-Ion Robot Lawn Mower

The Flymo 1200 Robotic Lawnmower is suitable for lawns up to 400 square meters and can cope with slopes of up to 14 degrees. It can be set at a cutting height of between 50mm and 20mm meaning you can always have your lawn at exactly the length you want. It runs on an 18 v 1.6 Ah Lithium-ion and comes with a battery and charging station.

The robot works within perimeter you set up with a boundary wire, meaning it will cut exactly where you want it to. For larger obstacles in the lawn, such as trees, it will simply gently bump into them and then move away. It is easy to programme the mower to whatever times you want it to mow and it will just get on with the job come rain or shine.

Once I had set up the perimeter wires and set the programmer I could just sit back and watch this mower get on with the job. It coped with minor lumps and bumps and a fairly steep slope with ease. It cuts so often that you don’t even see any grass cuttings. Once it has finished its job for the day it takes itself back to its charging station. The mower also has a pin code system for security, as well as a loud anti-theft alarm.

This is a remarkable tool that totally eliminates the need to cut the lawn and is actually quite fascinating to use. Its like having a really helpful pet, and this model is the best robotic lawn mower on the market!

WORX WR090S S300 Robot Lawn Mower

This WORX WR090S S300 Robot Lawn Mower can be used for a lawn up to 300m² and can handle slopes of up to 20 degrees. Once the guide wires have been positioned the mower will come out from its charging station each day, mow until the battery gets low and then return to the charging station to recharge. It will also return to the charging station if it starts to rain.

The mower cuts for about 90 minutes before requiring recharging and you can easily set the cutting height from between 2 and 6 cm with a dial on the machine.

This lawn mower performs brilliantly and it’s very well designed. It’s a strong runner up for the best robot lawn mower available.

Mcculloch ROB 1000 Robot Lawn Mower

This Mcculloch ROB 1000 Robot Lawn Mower is suitable for larger gardens and can cut a lawn of up to 1000 square metres and on slopes of up to 25% incline (14 degrees). The mower can be set cutting heights of between 20 and 50mm. This mower is the best robotic lawn mower investment for a premium price point.

It is fully programmable, so you can set it for whatever days and times you like. Once the guide wires are set up, it will mow in rain or shine with no problems. When the battery is low it simply returns to its charging station.

The mower also has a security pin code and an audible alarm that goes off if it is picked up. The mower will not work with any other charging station which discourages theft.

It’s enormous range makes this is the best robot lawn mower for large gardens.

Yard Force SA500ECO Robot Lawn Mower

This Yard Force SA500ECO Robot Lawn Mower is powered by a 28V Lithium-Ion battery and will run for 60 minutes at a time and then be fully charged again in another 60 minutes.

The mower can cope with lawns up to 500 square metres and slopes of up to 50% and can be set at five cutting heights from 20 – 60 mm. This robotic lawn mower is brilliantly versatile and will perform great even on difficult lawns.

Once all the perimeter lines are in place, just select the mowing hours and the robotic mower will automatically mow every day or night, come rain or shine.

Robot Lawn Mower Buying Guide

If you want more time to enjoy your garden and less time having to work in it then a robot lawnmower could be for you.

Many robot lawnmowers can be set to mow the lawn whenever you choose, so they can get it done while you are not using the lawn. They can even mow at night as they are virtually silent.

Robot lawnmowers are also good for your lawn. The regular cutting is great for the health of your grass and as they cut so often the tiny trimmings provides a great mulch that you will barely even notice but which will feed back valuable nitrogen to your lawn.

Setting up a robotic lawnmower takes a little while because you have to mark out the perimeters of the lawn with wires. However, once this is done, you can leave the work to your little robot.

Robot lawnmowers come with their own charging stations and when their power gets low they just make their way back to the station to recharge. They can be left out in all conditions even on rainy days.

Robot lawnmowers are suitable for a variety of lawns including sloping and irregularly shaped ones as well as those with obstacles such as trees and flower beds. They are also good for large lawns with some models suitable for up to 1000 square metres of grass. Before buying, check that the lawnmower you choose is suitable for your size garden and any slopes you may have.

Before using your robot lawn mower for the first time you will have to set up boundary wires, so the mower knows where to cut. This can take a little while and may need some adjustments to prefect. I recommend that you lay out the wires at first to check they are in the right positions. Once you are happy they are all set in the right place you can bury them in the ground.

There are a variety of ways that different models can be scheduled. Some use apps and some have integral programmers. Some will just run for a certain amount of time each day while some can be fully scheduled for certain times and days each week.

Most robotic lawnmowers are designed to be left outside in all weathers. Some will cut when it is raining, and some will return to their charging station during rain and reschedule cutting for a later time.

The best robot lawn mower will be equipped with security features such as pin codes and alarms that allow them to be disabled. Some cannot be used without their paired charging system which discourages theft.


Can a robot lawnmower cope with a bumpy lawn?

The best robot lawn mowers can cope with minor lumps and bumps, however, any large holes or ruts should be filled in with topsoil or top dressing so the mower does not get stuck.

How do I prepare my garden for a robot mower?

To ensure your lawn is ready for use by a robotic lawnmower you should first cut it to about 3 inches in height and then remove any small obstacles under 4 inches in height such as stones, hosepipes, toys and string.

How do I maintain a robotic lawn mower?

The best robotic lawnmower options require very little maintenance. They do not need to be emptied and the tiny grass clippings they produce do not need to be cleaned up as they can be allowed to nourish your grass. The blades of your lawnmower are replaceable, and most manufacturers recommend replacing these yearly to keep the mower producing a nice clean cut.

Is it safe to use a robot lawnmower around children and pets?

Robot lawnmowers come with a host of safety features. They have high tech sensors that turn the blades off when an object gets too close. The blades will also switch off when the machine is picked up. This means they are very safe to use. However, to be extra secure, I would recommend keeping an eye on children and pets when using the mower or programming it for a time when children and pets are not in the garden.