In this guide we’ll look at the best screwdriver sets.
We’ve compared build quality, performance, design and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Are The Best Screwdriver Sets?

  • Features
  • Impact ready bits
  • Wide assortment of bits
  • Works with a screwdriver or drill
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Storage shelf
  • Build quality
  • Laser cut tips
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Handle moulded to bars
  • Chrome plated vanadium alloy steel
  • Soft comfortable handles
  • Cost
  • Features
  • 70 different bits
  • Included storage/carry case
  • Flexible extension
  • Cost
  • Features
  • 66 bits set
  • Good case
  • Well built from good materials.
  • Cost

More Detailed Screwdriver Set Reviews

DEWALT DWA2T40IR 40-Piece Impact Ready Screwdriver Set

The DEWALT DWA2T40IR 40-Piece Impact Ready Screwdriver Set is the best screwdriver bit set because it comes with a wide assortment of impact ready bits and can be used with a screwdriver or drill.

The set comes with 40 bits which means you will always have the right bit to hand for whatever DIY or household task you undertake. The bits themselves are made of high-quality steel and will hold their shape for a long time. This makes the bits easier to use and gives them longevity. The impact ready bits are designed to work well with tough tasks like metalwork ensuring you achieve professional results.

This set is designed to be used with a drill, but the hex system will fit any screwdriver handle that accepts magnetic hex bits. This product could work well if you have both, and use the drill for heavier tasks and the screwdriver for lighter ones, as you won’t need two sets for both.

Overall this is the best screwdriver set if you need something versatile, hardwearing and adaptable as it includes a wide array of high-quality bits that will cover most household and DIY tasks.

Wera Kraftform Big (Pack 300) Series Screwdriver Set

The Wera 05105630001 Kraftform Big (Pack 300) Series Screwdriver Set is another good option because it comes with a storage shelf, has a very good build quality and the tips have been precision laser cut.

The storage shelf is a great addition to a workshop. If you use your screwdrivers often it is very handy to have them sorted and organized onto the shelf. This reduces the time you spend looking for the right screwdriver.

This screwdriver set is built very well. The strong, ergonomic handles are easy and comfortable to use. The quality of the shafts and heads mean they will stand the test of time and enable you to use the screwdriver easily.

The tips of all the bits are precision cut using laser cutters. This gives a perfect finish to the screwdriver so its slots seamlessly into the screw it’s designed for, making the screwdriver easier to use. It also helps the bits to the last longer because, as they are the correct size for the screw, they don’t get damaged in use. When screwdrivers get damaged, they become harder to use and this set helps prevent this. The set includes bits for slotted, cross recess, Phillips, Pozidriv and Torx screws.

This is a great product if you want a really good quality screwdriver set that makes your life easier and you like having your tools organized in one place.

Stanley Fatmax 12 Piece Screwdriver Set

The Stanley Fatmax 12 Piece Screwdriver Set is another good option because its handles are moulded directly to the bars, the shaft and tip are made from chrome plated vanadium alloy steel and it has comfortable soft handles.

Having the handles moulded around the bar of the screwdriver makes it very strong and creates a virtually unbreakable bond.

The screwdriver’s metal portion is made from chrome plated vanadium alloy steel. This is a very strong steel that is also rust and corrosion resistant making your screwdrivers hardwearing. The strength of the metal also allows the tips to hold their shape and not get worn away. This will allow them to correctly fit the screw they are designed for repeatedly. The set includes bits for Phillips, Pozidriv, Flare, Parallel.

The handle is made of a soft material that makes it comfortable to use and moulds to the hand well. The end of the handle is doomed and smooth. This allows you to apply force to the end of the screwdriver without hurting your hand. It also spins nicely in your palm making the screwdriver very easy and comfortable to use.

This is an excellent quality screwdriver set that will give you great results for years to come.

Draper 28748 Screwdriver Socket and Bit Set (70 Pieces)

The Draper 28748 Screwdriver Socket and Bit Set (70 Pieces) is another good option as it includes 70 different bits and comes with a storage case and flexible extension tube.

The product includes 70 different bits for various screw sizes and styles. This makes it the perfect screwdriver set to have around the house for all your fixing needs. The storage box is sturdy and keeps everything together for convenience and portability. Most traditional bits are covered by this set and it also includes a range of specialized bits. The flexible extension tube is extremely handy when you need to reach screws that are in hard to reach places or in small gaps.

This is a great product if you want everything you need for general DIY and household tasks in a convenient and portable case.

Precision Screwdriver Set with 66 Driver Bits

The Precision Screwdriver Set, SGODDE 69 in 1 Magnetic Screwdriver Set with 66 Driver Bits is a great screwdriver set for electronics as it comes with 66 magnetic bits, a good looking and compact case and is built well using good quality materials.

If you are looking for something to use to repair small electronic devices this is the set for you. The 66-set bit is built around electronics like tablets, phones and cameras. The case keeps all these small bits and the screwdriver together. It has a wooden exterior and a soft foam interior to keep everything safe inside. This is both a good looking and functional case.

The bits are built from high-grade steel and hardened to ensure they hold their shape under use. This makes using the tools easier to use and helps them to last longer.

This set is perfect for someone looking for a specialized screwdriver set to help them with repairing and maintaining small electronics. The handle is made from one machined piece of aluminium which makes it both strong and light. This also reduces potential weak points and the risk of breaking.

This set includes bits for specialized electronics such as tablets, phones and cameras and comes in a really lovely case.

Buyers guide

For traditional screwdrivers

The type of screws your set can cover is important. For general use, you want to ensure you have a few screwdrivers that cover the basics like a few different sizes of Phillips, flathead, and Pozidrive to ensure you can cover standard DIY tasks.

A big advantage when choosing a traditional screwdrivers is when the handle is moulded directly to the shaft of the screwdriver. This ensures a couple of things. Firstly, it makes the bond very strong and reduces the risk of the screwdriver breaking under strain. Secondly, when the handle is not moulded straight onto the shaft there can be some movement between the two makings using the screwdriver more difficult.

You also want to look for non-slip screwdriver tips. These are very helpful as they help the bit stay in the screw making your job of tightening or loosening easier. A non-slip bit is even more important if you are working with old screws as old screws are more slippery and the slots for the screwdriver are often worn making them difficult or impossible to remove. A non-slip bit will help the screwdriver find its spot in the screw even if it’s worn and help you remove old unwanted screws.

For boxed sets

The quantity and variety of drivers in your set is important to make sure you can cover all the tasks you need. A good screwdriver set will contain enough different drivers to allow you to do general tasks around the house with your set. A good range of Philips, flathead, and Pozidrive should cover you for general household tasks. Having a few specialist screwdrivers like torque can help you with trickier tasks or electronics.

Having sockets is a useful addition to your tool kit. Sockets work like a spanner without being as large, heavy or cumbersome. These are a nice supplement to your screwdriver set as they allow you to easily remove nuts and bolts.

Many boxed sets come with one screwdriver handle and some specialized tools like extensions that are very useful to get to those hard to reach places. They have an array of bits that connect to the screwdriver handle or extension tube.  This is a good option as you get a very wide array of bits and specialized bits.

A set containing bits made from chrome vanadium makes a good option. Chrome vanadium is very strong, giving your set a long life as well as making much easier to use.

Box sets that include 1 screwdriver and lots of bits that attach are almost always magnetic. For box sets containing several screwdrivers it’s worth checking they are magnetic. Having a magnetic screwdriver can make the job much easier as you are less likely to drop screws and it makes it easier to align the screw with the hole.


How to use a ratchet screwdriver set

Ratchet screwdrivers allow you to choose the direction you turn and won’t drive the screw when you turn it the other way. This makes using the screwdriver very simple as you don’t have to keep removing the screwdriver and repositioning. You simply set the direction you want the screwdriver to drive the screw and then you can turn back and forward. This is much simpler and easier than using traditional screwdrivers. Most have 3 settings left, right and then a middle setting where the ratchet screwdriver will perform like a traditional screwdriver.

How to use a precision screwdriver set

Precision screwdriver sets are also known as electronic or jewellers’ screwdrivers. These screwdrivers have very small and strong tips. This enables you to work on things that have very small screws like electronics.

The trickiest parts when working with precision screwdrivers is ensuring you have the correct size. When everything is small it’s hard to tell if your screwdriver is a perfect size, but it is very important you do. That’s why it is worth investing in a specialist set when working on small precise jobs.

The second challenge is getting enough force on a small screw with a small screwdriver. Most precision sets have a free spinning piece at the top of the handle. This allows you to put pressure on this piece at the top with one hand and still turn the screwdriver with the other. This is the optimum way to use a precision set as it allows you to still put pressure on the screw and turn it at the same time.