In this guide we’ll look at the best self-contained water features for the UK market.
We’ve compared design, size, build quality and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Is The Best Self-Contained Water Feature?

  • Features
  • Good design
  • Well built
  • Nice LED lights
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Modern and stylish
  • Solar panel
  • LED’s
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Retro design
  • Good build quality
  • LED lighting
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Good build quality
  • Low voltage motor
  • Tranquil design
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Great LED lights
  • Good build quality
  • Anti-splash pads
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Polyresin construction
  • LED lighting
  • Good aesthetic.
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Doubles as a fish tank
  • Nice and large
  • Good features and extras
  • Cost

More Detailed Self-Contained Water Feature Reviews

Kendal Three Tier Cascade Water Feature with Lights

The Kendal Three Tier Cascade Water Feature with Lights is the best self-contained water feature because it has a lovely design, is built from good materials and the integrated LEDs help it to shine.

This water fountain is a great looking water fountain. It uses a three bowl design that allows water to flow from the smallest to largest bowl. This creates three streams of water giving the look and sound that is so relaxing in water features.

This product is built with good materials. It uses a strong polyresin that creates a durable water feature. As well as being strong it allows it to be frost and UV resistant. This makes it hard-wearing in all weather conditions.

The three streams of water are illuminated by LED’S which shows off the water well and makes it sparkle, drawing the eye. This can also add some ambient lighting to your garden space.

Overall, this is a great self-contained water feature that gives you a lovely design that is also built well with good LED illumination.

Blumfeldt Schönbrunn Sphere Fountain - Solar Power

The Blumfeldt Schönbrunn Sphere Fountain is another good option for a self-contained solar garden water feature because of its stylish looks, solar panel, and its LED illumination.

This is a very modern and sleek looking garden water feature. It is dark grey in colour and the base is built to be angular and interesting. On top of this base sits a spherical ball that allows the water to gently cascade around it completing its modern look.

Building on looks, the solar panel offers both looks and functionality. Obviously, solar panels are never going to be stunningly beautiful but this one is elegant and clean allowing it to easily disappear in your garden. This then powers the feature saving you from plugging it in or spending on electricity bills.

The LED illumination really finishes off this feature. The top of the base has a line of LEDs just inside it. This illuminates the water as it flows downwards and really brings the feature to life. It does this by allowing the water to really sparkle.

This is a great option if you want a good self-contained solar-powered water feature that offers great looks, energy efficiency, and good illumination.

Pump and Barrel Water Feature with LED Lights

The Pump and Barrel Water Feature with LED Lights is a great option if you are looking for a retro-styled water feature with good build quality that includes lighting.

The styling of this water feature is very interesting, and I could see it looking superb in the right setting. Its design is inspired by an old school well and barrel. If you have a more traditional space this would suit it very well and add to the theme.

The build quality is great thanks to good use of materials. This allows it to be both UV and frost resistant and it should last a long time in your garden.

The feature includes LED lighting to really emphasize the flow of the water. The lighting highlights the streams helping them to sparkle and draw the eye.

Overall, this option would be brilliant if you are after a traditional design that features good weatherproofing combined with LED lighting.

Kyoto Three Bowl Cascade Garden Patio Water Feature

The Kyoto Three Bowl Cascade Garden Patio Water Feature is a delightful option thanks to its good build quality, combined with its low voltage and its relaxing and tranquil sound and movement.

This feature is built from a mixture of stone and resin. This makes it incredibly strong whilst remaining reasonably light. It allows it to be both frost and UV resistant meaning it will withstand all conditions in your garden.

This feature uses a very low voltage pump making it safe for use around children and pets. This makes this a good option if you have young children giving you peace of mind. This low voltage pump also makes it efficient to run costing you less on electricity.

I think this design could work perfectly in your relaxation or meditation space as the peaceful bowl design combined with the two flowing streams makes it easy to tune out the world and get a little time for yourself.

Overall, this is a great option if you require good build quality combined with a low voltage option that would fit perfectly in your designated relaxing space.

Bekko Falls 3 Tier Cascading Water Feature

The Bekko Falls 3 Tier Cascading Water Feature is a bright and inviting feature thanks to its LED lights, it’s good build quality and its anti-splash pads.

The LEDs in this feature create a nice bright white light. This helps to illuminate both the water and the feature to draw the eye and make it a good statement piece in your garden. The feature is built out of polyresin. This creates and strong and durable water feature. It also allows it to be both frost and UV resistant. This water feature should last in your garden for a long time.

The anti-splash pads stop any water escaping the feature. This is good because it keeps the feature nice and full, so the flow of water stays strong for a long time. It also stops you or the ground around it getting splashed and damp.

This is a great option if you want a bright and eye-catching water feature that is built well with good anti-splash pads.

50cm Earthenware Honey Pot 3-Tier Water Feature and Planter

The 50cm Earthenware Honey Pot 3-Tier Water Feature is a strong contender thanks to its polyresin construction, nice LED lighting and its lovely aesthetic that would suit many gardens.

This water fountain is constructed from polyresin. This is a great material for water features as it allows them to be strong and durable. It is also resistant to frost and UV resistant, so it won’t fade or crack. Each of the polyresin jugs have LED lights set inside them. This allows the feature to create some ambient light. It also helps to highlight the water streams drawing the eye to them.

The design of this feature is also very nice. Three jugs pour water between each other creating a lovely flow to the water fountain. It’s a very elegant and pretty water feature that will fit very well in multiple garden settings.

This is a great option for you if you want a well-made, well-lit and good-looking water feature.

The Blagdon Affinity View Half-Moon Living Water Feature Pool

The Blagdon Affinity View Half-Moon Living Water Feature Pool is a great option if you want a water feature that doubles as a fish tank and is large and has good extras.

This water feature doubles as a fish tank allowing you to keep fish in the bottom corner. This adds another element to the water feature and creates added interest.

This is a very large model that adds a great focal point to your garden. The top portion has a nice waterfall style feature in the centre.

This feature comes with two planter boxes that you can use to fill some of the large space on top and add more interest to your water feature. Other useful extras include the LED spotlights and really good filter systems.

This is a great option for you if you are looking for a great water feature that also doubles as an outside fish tank and is nice and large with great features and extras.

Self-Contained Water Feature Buyer’s Guide


The design of your self contained water feature will largely depend on both personal taste and the position you have designated for it. On our list, we have a nice range of different styles from modern and sleek to old school and rustic. I’m confident one of the items on our list will fit your outdoor space perfectly.

Other elements of design include how the water streams. Some features have one main stream and others have a few smaller streams. This will affect the noise and appearance of your water feature from a light tinkling sound to something more like a burbling stream.


All the water features on this list are self-contained. This makes them very easy and simple to manage. Self-contained water features have a closed-loop system. This stops dirt and grime getting inside saving you from having to clean or manage the water feature. They are also designed to keep the water in the system, so they don’t need topping up or managing in general.

Closed-loop self-contained water features are a great way to have a hassle-free water feature for indoors or outdoors.

Water flow

The water flow will vary from product to product. Everything on our list has a good flow to create a nice relaxing water feature. To compare the expected flow, you can look at the pump ratings, as a more powerful pumps should create a stronger flow. However, the size and design will affect the actual appearance of how much water is flowing.

Additional features

Many of the products feature some extra features that enhance the appearance or performance of the water features on our list.

A common additional feature on our list is some form of LED lights. These are great as they add some ambient lighting to the water feature. They also enhance the appearance of the water flow.


Weatherproofing is an important part of your water feature. If it’s going to be going outside then it needs to be made of good materials or have special coatings to allow it to withstand the elements.

Commonly, water features are made of polyresin. This is a great material because it is very resistant to frost. The polyresin is non-porous so has no space for water to seep in. In other materials such as clay or terracotta water seeps in and if it freezes it will expand and cause cracks. Polyresin prevents this. It is also a waterproof and very hardwearing material that will looks as good as new for many years. Most of the products on our list are made from polyresin. Everything on our list that’s designed to go outside is well designed with weatherproofing in mind.


Water features are a great way to add style to your garden or indoor space. Self-contained water features do this in a very hassle-free way as they require almost no maintenance.

Water features are also very relaxing and a great way to create a focal point in your garden. A great example of a product that does this well is the Kendal Three Tier Cascade Water Feature with Lights. This feature is a great choice thanks to its lovely design, great build quality and attractive integrated LEDs.