In this guide we’ll take a look at the best shed locks on the market.
I’ve compared strength, quality, security and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Shed Lock?

  • Features
  • Sturdy zinc bolt
  • Combination lock means no keys are required
  • Comes with tamper proof fixings
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Includes hasp and padlock
  • Durable and weather resistant
  • Fitting screws are covered
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Secure hasp resistant to sawing and cutting
  • Includes security bolts
  • Very strong build quality
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Includes security bolts
  • 2 pack offers excellent value
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Economical security
  • Comes with fixings
  • Easy to fit
  • Cost

More Detailed Shed Lock Reviews

Sterling CLB110BK 110mm Combination Locking Bolt – Black

This Sterling Shed Lock is robust and solid. The combination function is handy as there is no need to hunt for keys every time you want to access your shed or outbuilding. The combination is easy to set and change.

The bolt is easy to fit and comes with screws that cannot be unscrewed which makes the bolt highly resistant to tampering. The shed lock can be fitted horizontally or vertically as required. The body of the lock is made from corrosion resistant zinc so should stand up to the weather for several years at least. It is suitable for sheds, outbuildings, garden gates and even interior doors or cupboards.

When fitting this shed door lock, it is worth doing a trial run with normal screws as the anti-tamper screws cannot be removed without drilling them out once they are fitted.

This shed lock was easy to fit, is sturdy enough for the job and the combination makes it easy to use. Overall, it provides a great, no fuss complete security solution for your garden buildings.

Master Lock Padlock, Laminated Steel Padlock with Hasp

This Master Shed Lock includes an 89mm hasp that is made from zinc plated hard wrought steel for strength and durability. The locking eye is constructed from hardened steel making it resistant to cutting or sawing. It also includes a 40mm laminated steel padlock with a thermoplastic cover to resist corrosion. This shed lock comes with two keys.

The item is easy to fit and once the lock is closed the fitting screws are covered to prevent the hasp from being unscrewed. The shed lock provides a complete durable solution to securing a shed, gate or outbuilding.

Master Lock Hasp, Zinc Plated Cast Steel Hasp Lock

Many people fit a good strong padlock to their shed without considering the flimsiness of the hasp. If the hasp is insubstantial or fitted with weak screws, then the strongest padlock will be of no use.

This Master Lock Hasp features a ribbed hasp plate which offers extra strength, and a hardened boron alloy locking eye which provides maximum protection against cutting and sawing. The zinc plated cast steel body makes the hasp weatherproof and rust resistant. The shed lock comes with heavy duty fixings including 9 screws and 2 bolts. The bolts secure through the door and frame of the shed to ensure thieves cannot access the building by simply removing the hasp screws.

This shed lock is easy to fit and once secured the mounting screws are hidden so they cannot be removed. This makes the hasp secure even if the bolts are not fitted.

This hasp can be used to secure sheds, doors, gates or cabinets and can be used with a padlock with a shackle diameter of up to 11mm.

XFORT 2 Pack Brenton Strong Sliding Lockable Padbolts

This pack of two XFort Shed Locks provides excellent security for sheds, gates and outbuildings at an affordable price.

The bolts slide home easily and the padbolt features a loop through which a padlock can be fitted to secure the bolt closed. The shed locks are available in three sizes 100mm, 150mm and 200mm to suit a variety of needs from large gates to cupboards.

This shed padlock set is made from steel for strength and weather resistance. The bolt and hasp each have cut-outs for the heads of two bolts that are secured by nuts on the inside of the door and frame. This ensures that thieves cannot access the building by simply removing the screws. The screws and bolts are supplied.

This shed lock provides a sturdy solution to security that, with the addition of a strong padlock, should deter the most determined thieves.

Hasp and Staple Heavy Duty Gate Lock for Padlocks

This Quality Heavy Duty Hasp And Staple set provides a durable door closure and will accept a heavy-duty padlock.

The pin is welded to prevent tampering and the screw heads are concealed when the lock is fitted. The shed lock comes with fixings including a nut and bolt to secure the item through the door of your shed. The item is easy to fix and feels sturdy and up to the job.

This shed lock offers good quality for the price, though it will not be as rust resistant as a more expensive stainless-steel product, so regular greasing is advised to prevent corrosion.

Shed Locks Buying Guide

With property at such a premium in the UK, many of us are making more use of garden buildings for storing a range of items from tools to bikes to garden furniture.

Unfortunately, theft from garden buildings is on the rise. This may be because we are storing higher value items in sheds, or because thieves are looking for a softer target now that most people are protecting their homes with alarms and security lighting.

With this in mind, you may want to consider upping your security with a shed lock. Even if you don’t store anything valuable in a shed or outbuilding you should still make sure it is secure if there are any items, such as ladders or heavy tools, that would help thieves gain access to your home.

When buying a shed door lock there are a few security features to look out for.

Firstly, whatever type of shed lock you choose you should make sure that both padlocks and hasps are resistant to cutting or sawing.

Secondly, you should ensure that the shed door lock is fitted with a bolt that goes through the shed door and door frame or tamper proof or concealed screws that cannot simply be unscrewed by a potential thief.

In addition, as the shed lock will be fitted outside, you should check that it is weather resistant.

You also have a choice between a shed lock with a key or a combination type. Combination locks can be handy, especially if several people need access to the building regularly. They also prevent the problem of lost keys. However, combination locks vary in quality so do choose one from a reputable supplier with a good security rating and ensure it has a four-number combination.


My shed lock is beginning to rust a bit even though I have only had it a year. What can I do to make it last longer?

It is advisable to clean and grease metal locks yearly to help them resist corrosion. If you do this regularly your lock should last for several years at least.

I have fitted a secure padlock and hasp to my shed but are there other security issues I should take into consideration?

A secure shed padlock is a great start to securing your shed but there are other things you should check.

First, check that the door of your shed has strong hinges that are secured with good fixings, otherwise, a determined thief could simply pull off the door rendering your padlock useless.

You should also check that the shed is in a good state of repair with no holes or gaps and with secure window frames and door frames. In particular, ensure that there is not a gap between the shed door and frame when the shed is closed as this could provide an opportunity for a thief to lever the door and break it.

You can also add a translucent film to the windows so that thieves can’t peek in and see what is in your shed. This is a particularly good idea if you are storing any high value items in your shed, such as bikes and power tools.

You may also wish to add a battery-operated alarm to your shed for extra security. These are easy to set up and will detect any motion inside the shed if an intruder gets in through a door or window. These alarms will then sound a very loud siren which should be enough to scare off any intruders.

Security lighting is another option that will deter intruders from your property. Most security lights will detect motion and light up when anyone enters the area. This will scare off most thieves and is reassuring as it allows you to see what is going on in your garden after dark.