In this guide we’ll take a look at the best snow shovels for the UK market.
I’ve compared design, weight, durability and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What is The Best Snow Shovel?

  • Features
  • FSC certified ash handle
  • Large scoop with metal edge for extra durability
  • Long handle reduces back strain
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Lightweight yet durable snow shovel
  • Long, sustainably sourced ash handle
  • Large scoop
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Folds up for easy storage
  • Solid steel blade
  • Snow shovel comes in storage pouch
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Wide and deep design
  • Sturdy moulded plastic scoop with wooden handle
  • Comfortable snow shovel to use
  • Cost

More Detailed Snow Shovel Reviews

Bulldog SNOW1 Snow Shovel

The Bulldog SNOW1 Snow Shovel is the best snow shovel if you are looking for a lightweight yet durable tool with a nice wide scoop for shovelling snow.

This snow shovel has a long wooden ash handle that is FSC certified, which is great if you are concerned about the environment. The scoop itself is large and sturdy meaning you can shovel a lot of snow at one pass, reducing the time you have to be out in freezing temperatures! The edges of the snow shovel scoop are raised to stop the snow falling straight back off. The scoop of this snow shovel also has a metal reinforcing edge to provide extra strength. This is handy as it reduces the risk of cracking if you hit some ice when shovelling snow.

The long handle makes this snow shovel comfortable to use and reduces the strain on your back. The plastic D top handle is comfortable to use and large enough that you can fit your hand in even with an extra thick glove on.

The snow shovel comes fully assembled and is well constructed from quality materials.

This snow shovel is perfect for clearing snow but would also be ideal for clearing up leaves or as a mucking out tool in the stable.

Overall, this is the best snow shovel that is durable and comfortable to use and comes in at a good price.

Snow Scoop Shovel With Wooden Shaft and Plastic Handle

The Snow Scoop Shovel is light and easy to use yet still durable enough to cope with mountains of freshly fallen snow.

This snow shovel has a sturdy sustainably sourced wooden handle and a really wide plastic scoop. This means you can scoop a lot of snow at each pass and get the job done fast. The scoop has raised edges to prevent the snow from falling off. It also has a metal edge which should protect the plastic blade and help cut through ice.

The snow shovel is lightweight and easy to use with a long handle that helps you get good leverage and prevents back strain. It feels well balanced and easy to use.

The handle of this snow shovel has a plastic D ring at the top which is comfortable to use. The snow shovel comes in two pieces which simply snap together.

This is the ideal snow shovel for light freshly fallen snow. It may, however, struggle with snow that has been compacted by car wheels.

AA Car Essentials Emergency Snow Shovel

The AA Car Essentials Emergency Snow Shovel is the ideal tool to have handy in your car in case or winter emergencies.

The snow shovel has a solid steel blade so is tough enough to deal with snow and ice. It folds up and can be stored in its own pouch so takes up very little room in the boot of your car. The snow shovel is easy to open and use and is sturdy for such a small shovel. The shovel is well made and durable so will get you out of a tight spot if you get caught out in unexpected snow. It would also be a useful addition to a camping trip. The snow shovel offers great value for money for such a durable tool.

This is the perfect emergency snow shovel to keep in your car all winter. However, if you are expecting snow, it might be worth putting a full-sized snow shovel in your boot as this one is quite small.

This is a neat, yet robust snow shovel that is well worth having in your car for emergencies.

Draper 19177 Rubble and Debris Multi-Purpose ABS Shovel with Hardwood Shaft

The Draper 19177 Rubble and Debris Multi-Purpose ABS Shovel is a heavy duty snow shovel that is ideal for snow as well as for a range of other uses.

This snow shovel has a durable tough, spark-free scoop that is wide and deep so you can scoop a lot of stuff at every pass. It has a hardwood shaft that is strong and sturdy as well as being long enough that shovelling doesn’t become back breaking. The moulded handle is comfortable to use.

The whole snow shovel is sturdy enough to scrape away even compacted snow and ice. The ridged design also means that ice doesn’t stick to the shovel which makes the job easier. It is heavier than some snow shovels due to its solid design, but it is still light enough for easy use.

As well as being ideal for removing snow and ice, this snow shovel is sturdy enough to use with rubble, compost, stable waste and sand making it a useful multipurpose tool around the garden.