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What Are The Best Solar Decking Lights That Look Incredible At Night? (2021 Review)

In this guide we’ll take a look at the best solar decking lights for the UK market.
I’ve compared design, brightness, illumination time and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

Everything I Recommend

  • Integrated solar panels
  • Stylish and durable design
  • Wire-free lighting solution
  • Colour changing bulbs
  • Integrated solar panels
  • No wires in sight!
  • Easy installation
  • Separate solar panel
  • Weatherproof stainless steel

More Detailed Solar Decking Light Reviews

Woodside Solar Powered LED Deck Decking Lights

  • Integrated solar panels
  • Stylish and durable design
  • Wire-free lighting solution

Woodside Solar Powered LED Deck Decking Lights Review

This set of Woodside Solar Powered LED Deck Decking Lights includes 12 stainless steel lights with warm LED bulbs. They’re perfect for creating a lovely glow and ambience when sitting out on the deck.

Each light is its own separate unit with an integrated solar panel – there are absolutely no wires in sight!

As you can imagine, this makes installation extremely simple; all you need to do is cut an appropriately sized hole in your deck and slot them in. If you’re looking for the easiest way to get built-in deck lighting, these are an excellent choice.

The solar decking lights are durable enough to walk on and will withstand all seasons. Once installed, they sit flush with the deck look incredibly stylish.

The only disadvantage to these solar decking lights is that if your deck is in shade a lot they will not charge up as well, meaning the illumination produced at night will be short lived.

If this is the case, you may have to take them out and place them in the sun during the day.

However, for a sunny deck, these are some of the best solar decking lights if you’re looking for super easy installation. They look great, don’t require much effort to set up, and provide a warm glow all through the night.

Voche Wireless Solar Powered LED Garden Decking Lights

  • Colour changing bulbs
  • Integrated solar panels
  • No wires in sight!

Voche Wireless Solar Powered LED Garden Decking Lights Review

For something a little different, these Voche Wireless Solar Powered LED Garden Decking Lights will bring a wash of colour to your deck. They phase through red, green and blue whilst providing illumination from bright LED bulbs.

The pack includes 12 stainless steel lights and no wiring is required to install them. Simply make a hole in the deck and slot each unit into place. The lights look very stylish once installed as they sit flush with the deck. The robust construction means they can be walked on without fear of damage.

These solar decking lights are fun and attractive – they definitely bring an entertaining party vibe to the deck. However, you may find that are more for decoration than really illuminate the deck.

Don’t get me wrong, they’re certainly still bright, but if you’re looking for illumination for safety reasons I would go for a brighter white light. These colourful ones may not highlight steps or obstacles quite as well.

But if a colourful display is what you’re after, these lights certainly deliver. They’ve got to be the best solar decking lights for bringing the party to the deck!

Lights4fun 6 White LED Solar Garden Decking Lights

  • Easy installation
  • Separate solar panel
  • Weatherproof stainless steel

Lights4fun 6 White LED Solar Garden Decking Lights Review

These Lights4fun 6 White LED Solar Garden Decking Lights fit seamlessly into decking, looking stylish and modern with their stainless-steel finish.

Each light contains 2 bright LEDs which automatically turn on as the sun sets. The lights are wired together, under the decking, and then the wire connects to a solar panel.

The solar panel can be positioned up to 2.8 m away from the decking itself, making it easier to place in direct sunlight.

If your deck is in the shade, you’ll still be able to charge the lights thanks to this moveable solar panel. There is also an extension lead available to purchase should you require it.

The lights are fully weatherproof and provide excellent illumination for up to seven hours. The large solar panel means these lights charge quite well even on dull days, too.

In terms of installation, they’re pretty straight forward to set up. You can unscrew the connection between each light in order to thread it through the decking, then simply connect everything back up!

These easy-to-install, stylish decking lights are durable and well-made. They transform decking, making it excellent place to relax even after the sun goes down.

With the help of these lights, I’ve no doubt you’ll be getting more use out of your decking than ever before!

I think this are some of the best solar decking lights in general, but they’re especially good for shady decks because you can easily move the solar panel into the sun.

Things to Know Before Buying Solar Decking Lights

Decking lights are great for adding ambience and style to your deck. Once your deck is illuminated, you’ll likely find that you’re using it more often in the evenings.

Installing lighting can also help make your deck safer, sometimes they can be hazardous due to steps and raised areas. Coloured lighting might not be quite so practical, but it can add a real element of fun to your decking area.

Choosing solar-powered lights will mean you can avoid messing around with mains wiring or having to get an electrician in. Plus, they’re a very cost-effective option. I’ve put together the following information to help you choose the best solar decking lights for your garden:

Why consider solar decking lights over traditional mains-powered options?

Well, whilst it’s true that any lights will help to make decks safer and more enjoyable to use in the evenings, there are some benefits to using specifically solar-powered decking lights:

  • They come on automatically. Solar-powered decking lights don’t need to be turned on via a switch or a complicated timer set up. When it gets dark, they will illuminate. This is great for several reasons, but especially as it allows for a smooth transition from day to night. There’s no need to consciously sort out the lighting because it got dark, or change a timer as the days get longer.
  • They’re easy to install. Unlike mains-powered lights, installing solar lights doesn’t require any electrical know-how or the help of an electrician. As a result, they’re much easier to set up and get running straight away. Plus, you can even get wireless solar decking lights which don’t even need to be strung together.
  • Running costs? What running costs? Solar decking lights don’t cost anything to run. Once you have purchased the lights, you won’t have to spend any more money on lighting your decking. The cost of running mains-powered lights can add up over time, but this will never be a concern with solar power!

There are two types of solar decking lights available – lights connected together by a wire, and individual units. There are pros and cons to each installation type, which we will explore further below:

Solar Decking Lights Connected by a Wire

This style of solar decking light is powered by one large solar panel. All of the lights are connected in a string, and the solar panel is fixed to one end of the wire.

The solar panel can be moved around, and can generally be positioned some distance away from the decking. For example, the Lights4fun 6 White LED Solar Garden Decking Lights has a solar panel which is attached to a 2.8 m wire. Plus, further extension can be purchased if required.

As a result, this style of solar decking lighting is especially useful if you have a deck that is in a shady part of the garden. You can move the solar panel around and position it into the sun.

Individual Solar Decking Lights

These lights each have an individual, integrated solar panel – they act as stand-alone units. This means that you can use as many or as few as you like, so they offer more flexibility than a string of decking lights.

The wire-free set up also means it is easy to replace one unit if for any reason it stops working or becomes damaged.

They’re ideal for inserting into the risers of steps to illuminate them. This is great for improving visibility and safety in the decking area, plus it gives a stylish finish.

The downside of these individual solar decking lights is that they each need to have access to sunlight in order to charge. There is no master-solar-panel to help charge them all. This is fine if your deck is in a bright area, but may be inconvenient if it’s in the shade.

The process for installing your solar decking lights will be slightly different depending on whether you have lights connected by a wire, or individual units.

With individual units, you can choose how many lights to put in your decking. If you have a string of lights, you will need to consider how many there are and how to distribute them on your decking.

To install solar decking lights, you will need:

  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • 24 mm wood drill bit
  • Tape measure

Here I will explain the process for inserting lights into the top of the deck. You may also choose to install them in the side fascia board:

  1. Choose where you will be positioning each light. Make sure the lights are positioned in the centre of the board, equidistant from any gaps or joists.
  2. Lay out the lights where you will be placing them.
  3. Mark the wood with a pencil when you are happy with the positioning of the lights.
  4. Where you have marked the wood, create the mounting holes using a 24 mm drill bit.
  5. Insert the lights.
  6. To install lights connected together by a wire, you will need to drill an exit hole for the wire in the side of the decking. You will also need to remove the decking boards to drill holes in the joists to thread the wires through.

One of the biggest causes for solar-powered lights to stop working effectively is a grubby solar panel.

If your solar decking lights have one large solar panel, make sure that it is kept clean and that you remove any debris that falls on to it. Every so often you may choose to wipe the panel over with a soft rag and warm water to remove dirt. You can use a biodegradable soap if necessary, to remove any grime.

Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials to clean solar panels.

If you have solar decking lights with solar panels contained in each individual light, you won’t be able to clean the solar panel directly. Instead, you should clean the surface of the decking lights. Any dirt on there will stopping sunlight from getting to the solar panel.

Solar Garden Light FAQs

If your deck receives at least four hours of direct sun, this should be enough to charge the lights sufficiently to provide several hours of illumination each night. Of course, in the winter this may not be enough, but on bright summer days, it will be fine. You could also consider installing lights that come with a separate solar panel that can be placed in a sunny position.

The best lights to use on the steps of decking are individual solar-powered decking lights. These are decking lights that have an integrated solar panel, this means they aren’t connected to any wires and can be placed exactly where you want them.

To ensure equidistant placement of lights, you should start by planning the corner positions of the lights first. Don’t drill any holes until you know exactly where you want to position each light. Once you have worked out where you’ll be placing the lights in the corners, you can work inwards to make sure you have even spacing between each light.

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