In this guide look at the best solar powered water features.
I’ve compared design, build quality, size and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Solar Water Feature?

  • Features
  • Perfect for bird lovers
  • Attractive design
  • Durable and easy to set up
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Elegant ornamental design
  • No trailing wires
  • Easy to set up
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Stylish modern design
  • Features LED lights
  • Battery stores reserve power
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Elegant design with bronze effect
  • Innovative solar panel and pump
  • Durable and easy to install
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Cute working mill design
  • Mill house light works at night
  • Very easy to install
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Attractive terracotta-look design
  • Has a battery to store power
  • Works at night
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Good value for money
  • Quirky and attractive design
  • Lights up at night
  • Cost

More Detailed Solar Water Feature Reviews

Cobbled Birdbath Solar Water Feature

This Cobbled Birdbath Solar Water Feature has a lovely cobbled effect that looks like real stone. However, it is actually made from polyresin making it much lighter than stone as well as being durable and UV and frost resistant.

The attractive design features a bowl on a stand and with two delightful little birds drinking from the fountain. It really is quite charming. And of course, the birdbath will attract real birds to your garden, too, for a drink and a splash around. This is very important for the bird life in your garden both in hot, dry summers and freezing winters.

This solar water feature is very easy to set up and the solar panel can be positioned on a stake in a place that makes the most of the sun. The fountain requires no maintenance except the occasional water top up in dry weather. When the solar panel is placed in full sun it will create a steady flow of water all day long.

This solar water feature creates a lovely cascade of water that bubbles out of the fountain head in the upper bowl and overflows into a lower bowl. The sound of the trickling water is gentle and calming. It’s the best solar water feature for bird lovers!

Ornamental Umbrella Fountain Solar Water Feature

This Ornamental Umbrella Fountain Solar Water Feature has the elegance of a statue from a stately home. However, it is also made from resin for a durable and weather resistant finish. The water comes from the fountain head and trickles down an umbrella, that shelters a little boy and girl, into the bowl below.

The solar panels are incorporated into the design meaning there are no trailing wires to hide. It is really easy to assemble in less than ten minutes. The fountain needs to be placed in direct sunlight for best results. Once set up, you are rewarded with a gentle trickling sound that is very relaxing. The solar water feature is easy to maintain and just requires topping up with water now and then in dry weather.

This is an elegant and effective solar water feature that creates a lovely calm feel to the garden.

Blumfeldt Sphere Fountain Solar Water Feature

If you are looking for a modern design this super stylish Blumfeldt Sphere Fountain Solar Water Feature could be just the ticket. With the appearance of dark grey basalt, this fountain features a sphere on top of a twisted pedestal base.

The construction is of durable resin which means the feature can withstand all weathers. The water emerges from the top of the ball and trickles down into a pool at the top of the pedestal. This creates a gentle tinkling sound that is very relaxing.

This solar water feature has a large solar panel on a spike that can be positioned for optimal sunshine.  This panel provides enough energy to run the fountain even on days with light cloud. In addition, it stores power in a rechargeable battery and this powers the fountain for up to eight hours on very cloudy days as well as providing power for the LED lighting.

The gentle trickling sound of the water and the glow of the lighting makes this an attractive feature in the garden by day and by night. This is the best solar water feature for modern gardens!

Dancing Couple Birdbath Solar Water Feature

This elegant Dancing Couple Birdbath Solar Water Feature has a bronze effect finish and features a couple dancing in a pavilion. Again, the actual construction is of durable and weather resistant resin.

The water emerges from the top of the pavilion and trickles down the roof creating a soothing sound and filling the bowl below. The solar panels are built into the bowl so there are no trailing wires. This does mean the item needs to be placed in direct sunlight. It is also best placed in a sheltered spot.

This is a very attractive and elegant piece that makes it one of the best solar water features for both traditional and contemporary gardens.


Water Mill Solar Water Feature

This cute Water Mill Solar Water Feature depicts a watermill which turns as the water runs over it, creating a relaxing trickling sound. The little house also lights up at night. Again, it is made of durable and weather resistant resin, but it looks like it came straight from the potter’s kiln.

The solar water feature is powered by a solar panel than needs to be positioned in direct sunlight. It also has a second panel to power the lights at night and these provide a gentle glow as if the mill owners are cosy at home.

Pitcher Cascade Solar Water Feature

This Pitcher Cascade Solar Water Feature is made of durable resin that looks like dark red terracotta – perfect for a Mediterranean feel in your garden.

The water feature has a battery, which means it can be charged on sunny days or even in light cloud and store the energy for use on cloudy days. The battery allows you to use the fountain for six hours on cloudy days and even at night. This solar water feature creates a nice gentle sound that is very relaxing.

Traditional Barrel Solar Water Feature

This Traditional Barrel Solar Water Feature is made from high quality plastic but has a realistic wooden look.

It includes a battery to allow you to use the feature even on cloudy days or at night. It also features an LED light for a lovely evening glow.

This is a great value solar water feature that is easy to set up and run and the battery lasts a nice long time. The only downside is that the pump handle looks a bit plasticky close up, but it is great value for money.

Solar Water Feature Buying Guide

Having a water fountain in your garden enhances its appearance as well as providing the relaxing sound of flowing water.

Traditionally, water features have been a bit of an expense and hassle to set up, requiring outdoor wiring and increasing energy bills. However, solar powered water features are fuss free and have no running costs. Solar water features can be set up and running in minutes with no expert knowledge. They can be placed anywhere in the garden that receives adequate sun and can also easily be moved around – and there are no unsightly wires to conceal.

These fountains come with a solar panel that is either part of the feature or is on a stake that can be placed in a position to make the best of the sun. Solar water features  have not always had the best press as they have in the past been a bit underwhelming. However, modern solar panels are very efficient, and I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised by the beauty and effectiveness of good quality, modern solar water features.

Solar powered water features are effective, safe, easy to set up, durable and simple to maintain. They come in a range of designs meaning there is one suitable for every style of garden.

Solar water features add a lovely hassle-free element to the garden. The sound of running or trickling water is very relaxing and adds a delightful natural element to your outside space.

Modern solar water fountains are very effective as long as you place the panel in direct light. It is worth investing in a good quality water feature so you won’t be disappointed with the performance.

If you would like to be able to run you water feature on cloudy days or at night, choose one with a battery that you can charge up on sunny days.

Polyresin water features are extremely durable but also realistically mimic materials such as stone, metal or wood. Heavy duty plastic models offer a more reasonable alternative.

Some solar water features also have lights which is lovely when you are sitting out late on a summer’s evening.


Can I leave my polyresin solar water fountain outdoors all year round?

Most polyresin water features are weather and frost resistant and will be fine outside. It is worth making sure they are in a reasonably sheltered spot, though, as they could be blown over by high winds. However, if possible, store the pump and solar panel in a dry, frost free place over winter to extend its life. You can also store the entire fountain in a shed or garage to protect it from the worst of the weather.

My solar powered water feature has some algae growing in it. How do I clean this?

To keep your water feature looking clean and fresh you can buy products to add to the water. These prevent the growth of algae, green water and staining. Most of these treatments involve simply adding a small amount of the treatment to the water in your fountain every 2 weeks during the summer months.