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3 Best Soldering Irons (2021 Review)

In this guide we’ll look at the best soldering irons.
We’ve compared range of accessories, construction, technical spec and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Is The Best Soldering Iron?

  • Full range of accessories
  • Fast heating
  • Best soldering iron for PCB
  • Inexpensive
  • Lots of accessories
  • Range of tips
  • Great value for money
  • Comprehensive set
  • Hard case

More Detailed Soldering Iron Reviews

ETEPON Soldering Iron Kit Adjustable Temperature Welding Kit

  • Full range of accessories
  • Fast heating
  • Best soldering iron for PCB

ETEPON Soldering Iron Kit Adjustable Temperature Welding Kit Review

The Etepon Soldering Iron Kit is one of the best soldering irons on the market. It comes as a complete soldering iron kit, and with a fast heating time, good range of accessories and safe and comfortable handle make this a very good option.

As soon as you turn on this temperature controlled soldering iron you notice how fast it heats up, thanks to its very efficient 60 Watt power supply. There is an on/off switch so you don’t have to turn it off at the plug each time. The temperature is also adjustable from 200-450 °C and the iron has ceramic technology and four ventilation holes to improve heat dissipation.

This solder iron kit includes a great range of accessories making it a very versatile package. One noted inclusion is the voltmeter which makes it easy to diagnose electrical problems and decide what needs re-soldering. This is especially useful when working with electronics and their small components such as PCB’s (Printed Circuit Boards) where extra accuracy is required .

The soldering iron kit also contains an 8-in-1 precision screwdriver, a wire cutter, stand and desoldering pump.

This powerful soldering iron has a comfortable silicon handle, which is great for longer working sessions and also keeps you safe as it resists heat transfer.

This set comes with all the accessories you could possibly need, packed neatly in a smart carry case.

Overall this is a great multi-use soldering iron, helped by a wide range of accessories, fast and adjustable heating capabilities and comfortable handle.

Magneto’s Soldering Iron Kit for Electric, Jewellery & Welding Work

  • Inexpensive
  • Lots of accessories
  • Range of tips

Magneto’s Soldering Iron Kit for Electric, Jewellery & Welding Work Review

The Magneto’s Soldering Iron Kit is another good option thanks to its inexpensive price tag, and good range of accessories, including a voltmeter.

This is a relatively cheap soldering iron, ideal for hobbyists or occasional users. The solder iron itself heats up quickly. This is a temperature controlled soldering iron with an adjustable temperature from 200 °C to 450 °C, and 4 ventilation holes to improve heat dissipation.

The solder iron kit comes with 5 different tips to help you with different soldering projects. Even though this is a cheap soldering iron you still get a good range of accessories including a voltmeter, screwdriver, stand, solder sucker, wire cutters and much more.

The electric soldering iron is packaged in a neat and durable carry case to keep everything together and in good condition.

TABIGER Soldering Iron Kit - 60W Temperature Adjustable Electric Solder

  • Great value for money
  • Comprehensive set
  • Hard case

TABIGER Soldering Iron Kit - 60W Temperature Adjustable Electric Solder Review

The Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit is another good low-cost option featuring an easy to use temperature dial and a comprehensive range of accessories, packaged in a nice hard-cased storage box.

This is a good choice if you need a cheap soldering iron kit to get odd jobs done. Maybe an electric appliance has broken, and you want to fix it rather than buy a new one. The set includes a decent temperature controlled soldering iron with adjustable temperature control.

The components are all of reasonable quality too. The solder iron kit includes 5 tips, a stand, tweezers, solder wire, cleaning sponge and desoldering pump.

The hard storage case also provides good protection for the components, thanks in part to a nice foam lining which also  keeps everything in one place.

Overall this is a great option if you want a cheap soldering iron for those occasional odd jobs.

Soldering Iron Buyer’s Guide

What soldering iron kits generally contain

Most soldering iron kits like the Etepon Welding Kit and Magneto’s Soldering Iron Kit generally come with a range of products and accessories to make completing your projects easier. Items to look for include:

DE soldering pump or solder sucker

This allows you to easily remove old solder in preparation for its re-application.

Stand or base

This allows the electric soldering iron to be safely stored between tasks. A magnetic base supports and holds the hot soldering iron.

Cleaning ball or sponge

A cleaning ball or sponge helps you to clean the tip as you are soldering. A brass wire cleaning ball is the best choice here. Alternatively you can choose a cleaning sponge.


A good range of accessories should at least include tweezers, extra soldering wire, screwdrivers and wire strippers. A selection of other items to make your projects easier are usually included too.

A digital multimeter

This instrument can help you diagnose problems easily and work out what needs re-soldering.

Precision screwdriver

Having a precision screwdriver included in the set for working on electronics is important for accessing hard to reach circuit board components.

A good case

A soldering iron kit with many pieces should always come in a well-constructed case, both to prevent loss and to protect the contents from damage.


A safe, good quality electric soldering iron should feature most if not all of the following:

  • Antistatic protection to prevent the handle becoming charged
  • An on/off switch on the iron itself for quick operation in an emergency, rather than having to unplug the unit directly from the mains
  • Ventilation holes to allow heat to escape easily and prevent overheating
  • An ergonomically shaped handle to make the soldering iron more comfortable and easy to use for longer periods
  • Lead-free toxin-free wire
  • A stand

Technical specification


A 60 Watt power output is standard.

A temperature-controlled soldering iron is essential as different tasks require different levels of heat. Good options are the Tacklife Soldering Iron Kit and Tabiger Soldering Welding Set, as they both can operate within a  range of 200-450 degrees.

Also the best the soldering irons will heat up the most quickly.


Soldering irons can be used on a wide range of projects. Popular uses are fixing electronics and crafting jewellery. Some soldering irons also have tops that allow them to burn designs into wood or leather.


How to use a soldering iron?

The first step when soldering is to ensure you are safe. Wear protective glasses and ensure your hair or items of personal jewellery can not fall onto the soldering iron.

Once safety is taken care of you can place the soldering iron on its stand and switch it on to heat up.

The next step is to ensure the tip is clean. The stand of your soldering iron station will normally have a piece of sponge or you can keep a sponge nearby. Cleaning the tip is as easy as keeping the sponge wet and dipping the tip of the soldering iron into it.

Then you need to “tin the tip”. To do this simply melt a small piece of solder onto the tip and ensure it melts around it.

Now you are safe, and the soldering iron is clean, hot and primed for use, the soldering can begin.

Firstly, hold the soldering iron in your strong hand and the solder in the other. Then warm the area you are going to be soldering so it’s ready to take the solder.

Place the soldering wire over the join and use the soldering iron to melt it into place, bridging the connection and joining the two pieces together.

Finally remove the soldering wire from the work area and 2-3 seconds later the soldering iron, to ensure your “blob” of solder is in position.

How to use a multimeter?

Multimeters are great tools to help diagnose problems in electrical devices.

To diagnose problems with soldered connections on electrical devices, just place the multimeter probes onto suspect soldered connections and check for any voltage. If no voltage is displayed then clearly the joint is faulty and needs re-soldering.You should wear antistatic gloves to do this and ensure you don’t touch the device while it is on.

Multimeters can perform a wide range of tasks and troubleshoot many different problems.


In an age when we are so reliant on technology, appliances and particularly small electrical items such as computers, phones and watches, being able to repair these devices saves time and money and gives a real sense of satisfaction.

In addition, solder iron kits are great for a range of arts and crafts.

For electronic repairs we would recommend the Etepon Soldering Iron Kit because of its fast heating time, good range of accessories, safe and comfortable handle and included multimeter.



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