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What is The Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder For Your Garden? (2021 Review)

In this guide we’ll take a look at the best squirrel proof bird feeders for the UK market.
I’ve compared design, build quality, effectiveness and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What is the Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder?

In a rush? Here's my top choice...

Squirrel Buster Bird Feeder

Cleverly designed squirrel proof feeder!

This Squirrel Buster Bird Feeder has several features to ensure squirrels won't steal all the food you put out for birds. There is a trigger which opens the food hatch depending on the weight present. This weight is adjustable - you can even choose which type of birds you want to feed. The capacity is 750 ml and the feeder is strong and can't be chewed through!


Everything I Recommend

  • Innovative and adaptable design
  • Completely pest-proof
  • Weight-dependent food hatch
  • Huge 1.5 L capacity
  • Guaranteed pest proof
  • Individually spring-loaded feeding ports

More Detailed Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Reviews

Squirrel Buster Bird Feeder

  • Innovative and adaptable design
  • Completely pest-proof
  • Weight-dependent food hatch

Squirrel Buster Bird Feeder Review

This innovative Squirrel Buster Bird Feeder has been specially designed by experts to keep pests (here’s looking at you, squirrels!) from stealing the bird food.

This squirrel proof bird feeder is actually peanut feeder rather than a bird seed feeder, although the manufacturer does have similar products for seeds. It has a capacity of 750 ml.

This feeder is also adjustable, which is really smart – you can prevent smaller birds such as starlings from accessing the food if you want.

The feeder is adjusted using the central column. You can rotate it clockwise or anti-clockwise to either increase or decrease the weight required to trigger the hatch on the seed ports.

The metal mesh construction makes it tough and strong (and impossible for squirrels to chew through!). This mesh also allows for ventilation to keep the bird food cool and prevent mould growth.

This feeder is the best squirrel proof bird feeder available. It’s suitable for all garden birds and is especially good for birds that like a stable perching area for balance, such as woodpeckers.

The feeder should be sited with roughly a 40 cm clearance all round. If you position it too close to a branch, or other places, a squirrel will be able to lean across to reach the food.

Roamwild Pest Proof Bird Feeder

  • Huge 1.5 L capacity
  • Guaranteed pest proof
  • Individually spring-loaded feeding ports

Roamwild Pest Proof Bird Feeder Review

This Roamwild Pest Proof Bird Feeder allows songbirds easy access to their favourite foods. It simultaneously prevents larger birds, such as crows and pigeons, and small mammals, such as squirrels and rats, from getting to the food.

When a large bird or squirrel lands on the feeder perch, their weight causes a hatch to close.

This blocks their access to the food in the feeder. Once the large bird or squirrel leaves the perch, the hatch automatically opens again. Clever, right?

When a small songbird sits on the perch they are not heavy enough to trigger the hatch, so the port remains open allowing them to feed.

The feeder has three feeding ports so several small birds can feed at the same time.

Each port is protected from rain by a guard which ensures the seed remains dry and doesn’t become clogged. It also has a non-spill feature to prevent the bird seed from falling out, even when the feeder is rocked by large birds or squirrels.

The feeder is simple to fill, and it has a large capacity, holding 1.2 L of bird food. It is suitable for all kinds of bird seed and comes apart easily to allow for cleaning.

This feeder is made from some hardy materials: tough 304-grade stainless steel and UV-stabilized plastic. These materials are strong enough to prevent squirrels from chewing through the feeder.

No matter how hard they try, squirrels will not breach this fortress!

The sturdy construction and design makes this another great choice if you are looking for the best squirrel proof bird feeder on the market.

Things to Know Before Buying a Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Using bird feeders can encourage a multitude of songbirds into your garden.

The food you provide can help garden birds thrive, and there’s nothing more rewarding than knowing that your favourite birds have chosen your garden as their home for the summer.

For many of us, squirrels can pose a bit of a problem to this dreamy scenario.

Often, they steal the food before the birds have a chance to get it, and they can damage the feeders while they’re at it. 

So, to fix this issue you’re going to need the best squirrel proof bird feeder around – before these little critters eat you out of house and home! The following tips should help inform your decision when buying one of these feeders:

Squirrels can damage your bird feeder. They also might discourage birds from visiting your garden because there won’t be any food for them to eat!

If your bird feeder is constantly raided by squirrels, you’ll also end up buying far more food than you need. Feeding squirrels, who can never get enough food because they’ll just store it in your garden, can become an expensive endeavour!

A squirrel proof bird feeder will prevent the squirrels from stealing the birds’ feed.

If you don’t want to say goodbye to the squirrels in your garden, you can always purchase a separate feeder for them.

Squirrel proof bird feeders tend to be more durable than other feeders on the market, and they can also help keep away other unwanted pests like rats.

Bird feeders come in a range of designs, but you may notice that my suggestions in the following reviews are hanging feeders.

These tend to have the strongest construction. Plus, the way they are designed means they can have innovative mechanisms. To make things really squirrel-proof, get a hanging feeder that has a hatch which closes when a large bird or squirrel lands on it. These designs are very clever, so it’s really a case of finding the one that’s most effective. 

Many bird feeders come with several feeding ports, which means more than one bird can feed at the same time.

Look for a bird feeder that’s easy to fill and hang. Ideally, you should hang it at least 40 cm away from any tree branches, walls etc. Squirrels are surprisingly cunning – they’ll find a way to access the feeder from surrounding surfaces if given the chance!

It’s important that the feeder doesn’t easily spill seed onto the ground, as this can end up being wasted or eaten by squirrels and other pests.

Having a feeder with a weighted-door mechanism can help avoid this. Often seeds are spilled by bigger birds battling with the feeder. If the hatch automatically closes when bigger birds land on the feeder, this won’t allow as much to fall onto the floor.

Finally, choose a design that protects the seeds from the rain, or provides good ventilation so that the feed doesn’t become sodden or mouldy. If moisture gets into the bird feeder and there isn’t good ventilation, it can easily grow mould.

It’s essential that your bird feeder has a durable and strong construction.

Look for either metal or very strong plastic that the squirrels aren’t able to chew through to reach the food.

It should also be weather resistant, and hang securely enough to withstand strong winds.

A mesh construction allows the birds to easily access their feed, and squirrels will struggle to chew through it.

The right capacity will depend on how many birds you have in your garden.

If you have a lot of regular visitors, a large capacity will ensure you’re not constantly refilling the feeder.

If your garden isn’t quite so busy, a smaller capacity is perfect. Having less nuts or seed in the feeder can also mean that if there are any accidents –  for example, the wind blows the feeder off – you won’t waste as much food.

Most bird feeders have a capacity of between 500 ml and 1.5 L.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder FAQs

You can fill your bird feeder with a variety of feed, bird seed is always a safe bet. You can also use:

  • Black sunflower seeds
  • Soaked sultanas
  • Raisins
  • Unsalted peanuts. Purchase peanuts from a reputable feed shop as feeding whole nuts to chicks can cause them to choke.

Garden birds might also enjoy cheese, apples, pears and even rice! They should never be fed apple seeds, avocado, salt or chocolate.

Investing in a bird feeder is the best way to quickly attract birds. Food, water and shelter are all essentials. You also need to make your garden feel safe and secure for the birds.

  • Create a bird feeding station, where a few birds are able to feed at once.
  • Different birds prefer different styles of feeders, so why not invest in a few different styles of feeder and see what you can attract?
  • Use a variety of bird feed – try to avoid cheap and low quality seeds. Different birds enjoy different food. Offer a variety of seeds so you can appeal to a number of birds.
  • Deck your garden out in bright colours. Birds are naturally attracted to very bright colours, so you should make your garden especially visible. Add colourful bird houses, or vibrant flowers!

Remember that it can take some birds a while to get used to a new feeder, so try to be patient!

Different birds prefer their feeders in different locations. Purchase more than one feeder if you wish to attract a variety of birds.

Some birds prefer a very exposed bird feeder, while others would rather have a feeder that’s a little more sheltered. Place a few feeders in various locations and see who visits.

To deter squirrels, place your feeder away from branches where the squirrels can sit and chew through the material. The feeder should be out of reach from above and the sides, so that the squirrel can’t sit comfortably!

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