In this guide we’ll look at the best step ladders for the UK market.
We’ve compared stability, size, build quality and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Is The Best Step Ladder?

  • Features
  • Rubber coated feet
  • Nonconductive
  • Good build quality
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Nonslip steps
  • Solid steel construction
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Cushioned handle
  • Strong steel
  • Grippy feet
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Lightweight
  • Well built
  • Good grip
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Good looking wood effect
  • It looks great
  • Anti-slip
  • Cost

More Detailed Step Ladders Reviews

DJM Direct Electricians EN131 Step Ladder

The DJM Direct Electricians EN131 Step Ladder is the best step ladder because it is of heavy-duty, professional standard construction, has good non-slip feet and is nonconductive.

This step ladder has feet that are nice and deep with a rubber coating. This makes the step ladder very grippy on a variety of surfaces keeping you safe while you work. This step ladder is particularly suitable for electrical work as it is nonconductive. The step ladder is rated to be nonconductive up to 30,000 volts keeping you safe if it does come into contact with electricity. The step ladder has a maximum load of 150kg.

This step ladder is manufactured from aluminium and fibreglass which makes it light and also very strong and sturdy. This has two big benefits: one you are safer whilst using it and two it will last you a long time. The stepladder meets EN 131 standards which make it suitable for trade and light industrial use.

This is a great step ladder for you if you want a strong step ladder with a great grip that has the added benefit of being nonconductive.

Home Vida 3 Step Ladder

The Home Vida 3 Step Ladder is the best step ladder for home use because it has non-slip steps, a solid steel construction and is compact and easy to store.

This step ladder features a steel construction that makes it sturdy and strong allowing it to cope with you plus added weight of what you might be carrying easily. The maximum load is 150kg. The non-slip steps allow you to get good grip when using this step ladder, limiting the risk of falling or slipping. Once folded this ladder is compact and slim allowing it to be tucked away and stored easily.

Overall, this is a great step ladder to have around the house helping you with odd jobs like changing lightbulbs, cleaning or decorating.

VonHaus Premium 2 Step Ladder

The VonHaus Premium 2 Step Ladder is the best budget step ladder for the UK market because of its robust steel construction, nice cushioned handle and grippy feet.

This stepladder has a robust steel construction that feels very sturdy. The rubber feet provide a good grip and prevent the ladder from marking floors. The ladder is suitable for a maximum load of 150kg.

This stepladder features a cushioned handle which make it comfortable to carry and move around.
This is the best folding step ladder as it folds up very easily and the locking mechanism feels secure. Once folded the step ladder is only 15.2cm thick allowing it to be easily stored.

This is a good option for you if you want a nice step ladder that’s strong and grippy with the added benefit of a cushioned grippy handle.

Beldray LA023957TQ 2 Step Ladder

The Beldray LA023957TQ 2 Step Ladder is the best lightweight step ladder because it only weighs 4.02kg, is well built and has good grip on the steps.

This stepladder comes in at just over 4kg makes this a very lightweight option that is easy to carry and move around to wherever it’s needed most. Despite its lightweight structure, this ladder is well constructed from steel making it strong and hardwearing.
This model provides excellent grip on the rubber feet which stops the step ladder sliding around. It also has good rubber matting on the steps to stop you sliding or slipping.
This is a good option if you want a nice lightweight and portable step ladder that also has good grip.

Tatkraft Upstairs High Quality 3 Step Ladder Scandinavian Wood Style

The Tatkraft Upstairs High Quality 3 Step Ladder is the best wood effect step ladder because it uses good wood effect material, has anti-slip feet and looks really nice.

This step ladder is made of an oak wood-look material making it more attractive than the average stepladder. It also has nice black aluminium fittings that are sturdy and stylish. This stepladder is ideal if you don’t have a place to store it or need to have it out, perhaps in the kitchen, for regular use. The stepladder also feels nice to the touch and is more durable and hardwearing than actual wood.

The stepladder has good anti-slip feet that keep the step ladder secure and keeps you safe whilst on it.

This is a good option for you if you need to keep your step ladder out and ready to be used because it looks a lot more attractive than your average stepladder.

Buyer’s guide


Sturdiness is a very important aspect of your step ladder. You will be using it to reach awkward or high up places and you want to know that it can support you whilst doing this.

Sturdiness often comes down to the materials used and the quality of the construction. Having good supports on the interior of the step ladder help add rigidity and stabilize the mainframe of the step ladder.


The best stepladders feature non-slip elements for added safety.

The best step ladder for painting or cleaning will use two main nonslip elements.

Firstly, they can have non slip feet. Often these are rubberized to ensure that they can keep traction on all types of surfaces. This is particularly important when painting or cleaning as any drops or spilt paint or water can reduce the grip and become dangerous.

In addition, many step ladders have non slip treads. These help you to keep your footing while working on the stepladder. Again, this is important when painting of cleaning as they reduce the risk of slipping even when they get wet.

Number of steps

The number of steps will normally affect the height you can get to on your step ladder. Normally having three steps will allow you to get higher than a step ladder with 2 steps. However, sometimes you can have a three-step step ladder than is the same height as a 2-step option. For the three-step option in this example, you will have more height increments to choose from allowing you to get just the right height for the job you are undertaking.


Step ladders are often made of some type of metal or wood.

Steel is a common material as its nice and strong and hard-wearing. Sometimes aluminium will be used as this will make the step ladder lighter and easier to move around.


Step ladders make many household tasks, such as cleaning, household maintenance and decorating, easier and safer. They allow you to work at a comfortable height without stretching.

I would recommend the DJM Direct Electricians Heavy Duty Tread step ladder because it is robust and sturdy, non-conductive and is suitable for trade and light industrial use.