In this guide we’ll look at the best summer houses for the UK market!
We’ve compared design, size, build quality and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Is The Best Summer House?

  • Features
  • Good windows
  • Solid build quality
  • Easy assembly
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Side shed
  • Double doors
  • Solid large windows
  • Cost
  • Features
  • 10-year anti-rot guarantee
  • Styrene windows
  • Open plan design
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Corner summer house
  • Good quality wood
  • Protective coating
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Interesting shape
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Premium fixtures and fittings.
  • Cost

More Detailed Summer House Reviews

BillyOh Tessa Tongue and Groove Reverse Summerhouse 12ft x 10ft

The BillyOh Tessa Tongue and Groove Reverse Summerhouse is the best summer house because it has large windows, a solid build quality and is easy to assemble.

This large and lovely summer house is 12 x 10 feet and creates a spacious garden room. The windows in the summer house are nice and large which makes it very light inside the house. This makes it very pleasant to spend your time in the space.

The build quality of this summer house is excellent. The summer house is built from strong treated wood that allows it to withstand the weather. The windows also have a strong and durable construction. The tongue and groove roof is protected with a green mineral felt to make the structure waterproof. The tongue and groove board construction make this summer house easy to assemble, too. This summer house will look great in your garden for years to come.

Overall, this is a great option if you want the best garden summer house thanks to its nice large windows, its solid build quality and its ease of assembly.

WALTONS Wooden Garden Summerhouse with Side Shed

The WALTONS Wooden Garden Summerhouse with Side Shed is another lovely option thanks to its double doors, large durable windows and additional side shed.

This summer house has large double bi-fold doors that open up to create a really nice large opening. This is lovely in the summer as it allows the breeze to flow inside the summer house and you can sit inside and look out at the garden. The summer house also has large floor to ceiling windows that let in loads of light. They are made from styrene which is eco-friendly and very difficult to break.

This summer house has a side shed which is very helpful for storing garden items or summer house items when they are not in use.
This summer house is made from FSC certified timber, includes a 10-year anti-rot guarantee and is constructed using 12mm thick shiplap tongue and groove panels. The overall size is 10ft x 8ft.

Overall, this is a great summer house thanks to its added side shed, double doors, and solid windows.

WALTONS 10x10 Wooden Contemporary Garden Summerhouse

The WALTONS 10×10 Wooden Contemporary Garden Summerhouse is another practical option because it has a 10-year anti-rot guarantee, quality styrene windows, and a nice open design.

This summer house comes with a dip coating straight from the factory. This protects the wood from the elements, particularly water damage. Walton’s also give you a 10-year guarantee that this summer house will not rot. The shed’s hardwearing construction is finished off with good quality and hardwearing styrene windows. These are incredibly strong and difficult to break. They are also better for the environment and easy to wipe clean. The large doors are set at the corner making this a space-saving design that can be tucked in a corner of the garden. The structure is finished with a quality felt roof.

This is a strong and hardwearing summer house with a lovely open design.

Shire Barclay Corner Summerhouse 7x7

The Shire Barclay Corner Summerhouse 7×7 is a good choice if you want a corner summer house that’s built well and has a good protective coating.

A corner summer house offers a great solution for a smaller garden as it can be tucked into an area that might otherwise be useless space. A corner summer house also doesn’t intrude on the space in your garden so much and this makes your garden look bigger.

This summer house has a lovely design with floor to ceiling windows and double doors so will make a nice feature in the garden as well as creating a lovely outdoor room.

This corner summer house is built from good quality wood. It has a 34mm thick sturdy wooden frame and the tongue and groove panels are 12mm thick. The summer house also features a factory coating that helps it to withstand the weather and last a long time in your garden.

Overall, this is a great option if you are looking for a corner summer house that’s built well and will last a long time.

Wooden Octagonal Summerhouse 8x6

The Wooden Octagonal Summerhouse is a lovely summer house due to its charming octagonal shape combined with its sturdy build quality and it’s premium fixtures and fittings.

This summer house is octagonal making a nice eye-drawing feature in your garden. Thanks to the shape you can site it centrally in the garden because the design is nice all the way around. This summer house also features lovely fixtures including wrought iron hinges and handles which give it a premium look.

The summer house is also well built and has an anti-rot coating to ensure it can stand up to all weathers. The item also comes with a 10-year anti-rot guarantee which is very reassuring.

Overall, this is a great option if you are after an interesting shaped summer house with great build quality and premium fixtures and fittings

Summer House Buyers guide


The design of summer house can vary in terms of shape and extras. The best garden summer house for you will have a design that you like as well as being perfectly suited to your garden space.

The main thing to consider is the shape of your summer house. The traditional rectangles look great and give you a very usable space inside. This makes it easy to position your interior furniture. Rectangular rooms are also very practical and can be used as garden offices or gyms.

Corner summer houses are great because you get a nice size summer house and use what might otherwise be dead space in your garden.

Interesting shapes like octagons give you a different look and help to make the garden summer house part of the style and aesthetic of your garden.

Other extras contribute to the design of your garden summer a house. A good example of this is the doors and windows. Large doors or double doors that open to help let fresh air and light into the summer house can really elevate the design. Floor to ceiling windows also allow lots of light to enter the space.


The size you choose very much depends on the space you have available to you. However, as Imentioned in design, the appearance can affect the feeling of size. For example, a corner summer house will give the appearance of being smaller from the outside and make your garden feel larger. A rectangle will feel large inside as its easier to get the furniture into the edges and corners leaving your room to move around.

Most importantly, make sure to measure your space very carefully and ensure whatever you choose fits the space you have designated to your new garden summer house.

Windows and light

The best windows in a garden summer house are built using styrene as this is strong and light. It is also incredibly difficult to break making it a great material to use in a garden. Having nice large windows will let lots of light into your summer house and make it a bright and uplifting space to spend time in.


Weatherproofing comes from the quality of the materials used. A summer house needs to be made from good quality wood with a protective coating to resist water and rot. In addition, your summer house needs a waterproof roof to ensure it is watertight. Most use a mineral felt material to achieve this.


You want your summer house to last many years. Again, it is often the quality of the materials used that will ensure this. As well as considering the weather-resistant nature of these materials you should ensure that your summer house is made from nice thick timbers and substantial tongue and groove panelling.


Garden summer houses are a great way to make your garden even more usable. They allow you to feel like you are outside even if the weather isn’t quite right to be sitting in the garden. In addition, a summer house scan create an extra room that can be used for a multitude of uses from an office to a craft room to a gym.

I strongly recommend the BillyOh 12×10 Tessa Tongue and Groove Reverse Apex Roof & Felt Summerhouse as it’s a spacious summer house that will enable you to enjoy your garden to its best.