In this guide we’ll look at the best sun loungers for summer.
I’ve compared design, comfort, durability and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Sun Lounger?

  • Features
  • Stylish rattan weave design
  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Includes comfortable cushions
  • Cost
  • Features
  • High quality rattan weave
  • Adjustable to 6 positions
  • Includes comfortable cushions
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Stylish design
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Easy to adjust and fold away
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Contemporary design
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Comfortable to relax in
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Quality teak construction
  • Great looking design
  • Comfortable padded cushions
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Affordable sun lounger
  • Multi position adjustments
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Durable plastic loungers
  • Available in a range of colours
  • 4 Reclining positions
  • Cost

More Detailed Sun Lounger Reviews

Marbella Sun Lounger Set Dark Brown

These luxurious and stylish Marbella Sun Loungers are the best sun loungers to relax on during summer. The set includes two large and comfortable sun beds and a good-sized table to hold your cocktail or cuppa. The bases are sturdy and well-made with an aluminium frame and a rattan style woven covering that is weatherproof and durable and can be left outside all summer long. The silver coloured feet look stylish and protect the bases from wear and tear.

You can raise either end to a sitting position, making it easy to follow the sun without turning the whole sun bed round! They are also sturdy yet lightweight enough to move easily. The 10 cm thick cushions are very comfortable and made from a durable splash proof material.

These loungers come fully assembled and the cushions can be stored away neatly in the base. They are gorgeous, stylish and sturdy loungers that are super comfortable to relax in, making them the best sun loungers for the money!

TecTake Rattan Sun Lounger

This super stylish TecTake Rattan Sun Lounger has a steel and iron base with a rattan effect weave covering making it a really solid and durable item. The lounger is adjustable to six different positions and has wheels at one end making it easy to move to the perfect position in the sun. The covers are thick and comfy as well as being splash proof and they are attached with Velcro which stops them slipping down.

These loungers are a little fiddly to put together but once constructed they are solid and feel durable. The sun beds are also really comfortable. I especially like the different adjustments, which mean you can get comfy lying completely flat or sit up with a book or a long refreshing drink in perfect comfort. If you want a great level of comfort and adjustment, these are the bet sun loungers for you!

Olive Grove Padded Garden Sun Lounger

These Olive Grove Padded Garden Sun Loungers also look very stylish with their tweed effect weave and lovely bronze coloured frames. The set includes two chairs which are made from powder coated steel for durability and style. The chairs have a lovely thick padding and are super comfortable to relax in. The head rest is adjustable and can be removed easily.

The loungers are fully adjustable from upright to reclined. They are easy to adjust as you just lean back and the chair gently reclines or press your legs down and the chairs rise smoothly to a more upright position The fabric parts are made from textiline which is a hard wearing and weather resistant fabric, so they can be left outside all summer long. They are also easy to fold away for winter storage.

These chairs are stylish and comfortable and offer great value for money for two quality loungers. These are very well made and are also some of the best sun loungers for the money.

Jarder Adjustable Sun Lounger

These Jarder Adjustable Sun Loungers have a funky modern, yet stylish design and would look great in any garden. The frames are made from sturdy aluminium and the seats from textiline which is weatherproof and durable. The chairs are lightweight which makes them easy to move around to follow the sun. The seats are comfortable to sit in even though they are not padded. This is because they are stretched across the frames, like a deck chair, so there are no hard parts or bars to press on you as you relax.

They are also splashproof and easy to clean, meaning they will stay looking good for years. The headrest is nicely padded and comfortable and the backrest and foot rest are independently adjustable to help you find your perfect lounging position.

The loungers require some minimal assembly but this is quick and easy to do.

These stylish sun loungers will look great in a contemporary or traditional garden and are comfortable to relax in. If you are looking for the best sun loungers that require minimal fuss, these might just be the ticket!

Jati Teak Hardwood Garden Sun Lounger

If you are looking for a traditional style lounger, these beautiful Jati Teak Hardwood Garden Sun Loungers are the best sun loungers for you!

These sun loungers are beautifully made from high quality teak that will need minimal maintenance. They have wheels at one end to make it easy to move around and also has a pull-out tray for your drink or book. The backrest is adjustable from upright to completely flat for the ultimate in summer relaxation. The cushions are thick, comfortable and easy to maintain.

The fittings are all brass which adds to the product’s great looks as well as making it more durable. The product comes mainly assembled, you just need to attach the legs which is easy to do.

This is a large traditional sun lounger that looks great and is very comfortable.

Alfresia Garden Sun Lounger

This Alfresia Garden Sun Lounger is a great choice when you just have a few moments to nip outside and enjoy the sun. It is easy to put up and store away and has a really thick comfy cushion that you sink into.

It’s also good value for money and would make a great chair for the holiday home or camping trip too.

Resol Marina Sun Lounger

These Resol Marina Sun Loungers are commonly used by hotels and resorts because of their durability and stackable design.

The bases are made from strong solid polypropylene resin which makes them virtually indestructible and means they will keep their good looks for years. The loungers have 4 reclining positions from upright to completely flat.

These loungers are reasonably comfortable but also extremely hard wearing and durable. If you want the classic hotel sun loungers that are very stable and secure to lie in, then these are the best sun loungers for you.

Sun Lounger Buying Guide

When the sun makes an appearance, we all want to make the most of it. So, treat yourself to a comfortable sun lounger that will help you enjoy the long summer days and have a comfy place to relax outside in the sun whenever you want. Even better, invest in two so you don’t have to share!

When looking for the best sun loungers you will want one that looks great in your garden, is durable and hardwearing enough to cope with the inevitable summer downpour and of course is super comfortable to relax in.

There are several key factors to consider when looking to buy the best sun loungers for your garden. Obviously, comfort is the main issue, but you also want to consider durability, ease of storage, manoeuvrability and price.

Sun loungers are usually adjustable to a range of positions from upright to flat. However, some don’t lie completely flat so check this if it is important to you.

Most sun loungers are made from coated aluminium frames, durable plastics, hardwoods such as teak, or frames with a woven plastic or textiline seats. All of these materials are very durable and can be left outside all summer long. They are also quite lightweight making it easy to move them around to follow the sun. Loungers that are double ended are useful because they never need to be completely turned around.

If you want extra comfortable cushions on your sun lounger you will need a dry place to store them, as, though most are splash proof, they will suffer if left outside in bad weather. Textiline and plastic weaves can be left outside through the summer rain with no ill effects.

Large sun loungers are solid and comfortable but can take up a lot of space to store. You can find sun beds that fold up or can be stacked which is useful if space is limited. Larger loungers may be disassembled for storage, but they will still take up quite a lot of room.


I have a medium sized garden, but I have little room for storage. Is there a sun lounger that can be left outside all year round?

Many sun loungers are highly durable and can be left outside all year round. The Resol Marina Sun Lounger is a good example as it is UV and weather resistant. Teak furniture is also very durable and hard wearing though it might be worth investing in a cover for a wooden sun bed to protect it from the worst of the elements over winter.

You might also like to investigate folding sun loungers as these are easy to store and take up little space in a shed, garage or even attic. Folding loungers are much more solid and comfortable these days – gone are the days when your sun bed folded up with you inside! Modern designs have comfortable padded textiline seats and often a nice head rest, too.