4 Best Toddler Trampolines For Safe Indoor And Outdoor Play! (2021 Review)

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In this guide we’ll take a look at the best toddler trampolines for the UK market.
I’ve compared safety, design, build quality and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What is the Best Toddler Trampoline?

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Comparing The Best Toddler Trampolines

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In-Depth Reviews of Our Recommended Toddler Trampolines

DIY Garden is reader-supported. If you click through using links on this page, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more.

Galt Toys Folding Toddler TrampolineGalt Toys Folding Toddler Trampoline

Best toddler trampoline overall

Ease of Storage
Value for Money

Galt Toys Folding Toddler Trampoline Review


  • Minimum age: 3 years old
  • Weight capacity: 25 kg
  • Dimensions: 51.5 x 14.5 x 46.5 cm
  • Handle: Yes

Storage space always seems to be in short supply, especially when there are small children around – toys get everywhere! Fortunately, this Galt Toys Folding Toddler Trampoline folds up easily, meaning it can be tucked away into a cupboard or behind the sofa without you having to sacrifice any valuable garage space.

As a result of this design, it’s one of the best toddler trampolines for storing discreetly, without having to be a permanent obstacle in the middle of the room.

It’s a good-size trampoline for small children without being impossible to store – the cushioned handle is removable and the legs fold away meaning there will likely be loads of cubby holes in the house where it can be neatly kept.

The handle bar offers children something substantial to grip onto, allowing kids of 3+ to bounce safely whilst keeping their balance. It’s also a piece of equipment that can be used for many years, with a weight capacity of 25 kg (which is the weight of an average six-year-old).

In terms of safety, whilst a standard trampoline would use springs, this toddler trampoline makes use of a bungee cord to supply the ‘bounce’ which is reassuring as it means there are no sharp metal parts that could pinch little toes. The plastic mat that covers the bungee cord stays in position, stopping little feet falling through the bungee gaps as well.

There is plenty of weatherproof padding around the frame to prevent bumps and bruises, and the mat is also weatherproof meaning that this trampoline can be placed inside or out. Storing it away when not in use would be best, just to protect the steel construction from weathering.

When it comes to construction, whilst the trampoline can be assembled by one adult, it’s best to get two on the case; the most time-consuming part is threading the bungee cord around the frame and it can be made a lot easier by having two people on hand. Luckily, this only needs to be done once.

Once assembled it is very sturdy and folding it down is a simple process – the handles unscrew without the use of tools, and the legs fold under.


  • The legs fold away so this trampoline can be stored easily in a cupboard
  • The handle is easy for small hands to grip
  • Comes with a tough weatherproof mat that allows it to be used outside as well as in
  • The material covering the bungee cord stays in place well to avoid accidents


  • 2 people are needed to tension the bungee cord during assembly
  • Some users find the handlebars tricky line up for assembly
  • The weight capacity is relatively low at 25 kg

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HLC Folding Toddler TrampolineHLC Folding Toddler Trampoline

Best for indoors & outdoors

Ease of Storage
Value for Money

HLC Folding Toddler Trampoline Review


  • Minimum age: 3 years old
  • Weight capacity: 30 kg
  • Dimensions: 95 x 95 x 80 cm
  • Handle: Yes

I think we can all agree that one of the worst things about buying children’s toys is how quickly kids grow out of them. Finding toys that cater to a decent age range helps get more value for money, which is one of the benefits of this HLC Folding Toddler Trampoline.

It has a weight limit of 30 kg, making it suitable for children from 3 years to approximately 8 years old (depending on the weight of the child).

When children are younger, it can be used inside, thanks to its relatively compact 95 x 95 cm size and non-slip feet. Then, if you want to give kids more independence later on, you can place it outside safe in the knowledge that it’s well constructed with a sturdy steel frame. That said, it should certainly be covered, if not brought in, when not in use to avoid damage.

The curved soft-grip handle is easy for little ones to hold on to, effectively helping them keep steady and safe, and there is a bungy cord instead of metal springs to make the trampoline safer.

Folding the whole unit away can take as little as 60 seconds (once you get the hang of it); the handle can be removed, the legs folded or removed, and the trampoline itself folded in half. It all fits into a carry bag that comes included, making this trampoline very neat and easy to store.

Plus, the included carry case makes it very easy to transport which is great news if you want to take it along to granny’s houses to keep kids entertained.

One thing to be aware of is the stability of the trampoline if your child jumps very high whilst holding the handlebars – it’s a good idea to closely supervise kids to make sure the trampoline doesn’t tip if it’s too front-heavy.


  • The padding around the edge is thick and good quality
  • This product has a good bounce that kids will love
  • Folds flat in under 60 seconds for easy storage
  • Fits well into the carry case which makes it easy to transport


  • The instructions don't match the product well which makes assembly harder than it needs to be
  • If your child bounces too high, the rear legs may come off the floor slightly
  • Lacing the bungee cord is a two-person job

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KidActive Zebra Toddler TrampolineKidActive Zebra Toddler Trampoline

Best for 1 year olds

Ease of Storage
Value for Money

KidActive Zebra Toddler Trampoline Review


  • Minimum age: 1 year old
  • Weight capacity: Not listed
  • Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 56 cm
  • Handle: Yes

For captivating the imagination of younger children, this KidActive Zebra Toddler Trampoline features a cute black and white zebra that it’s hard not to adore.

Having this sweet little character in the living room is sure to pique the interest of most 12 – 18-month-olds. The bicycle-style handles offer good stability, encouraging young children to safely bounce and develop balance and physical skills.

It measures 60 x 60 x 56 cm so is a pretty small design – it doesn’t fold up but doesn’t take up a lot of space either. Once you’ve got it assembled, you’ll probably want to leave it that way, as putting it together can take a little while; therefore, it’s worth making sure you’ve got somewhere to keep the assembled trampoline.

The bouncing mat is sturdy and tear resistant and the frame has plenty of padding. Plus, it can be used outdoors or inside as long as kids are well supervised.

The only downside to this trampoline is its lack of suitability for a large age range – the handles aren’t adjustable and it’s really only suitable for children of 12 – 18 months. After this 6-month window, children will likely be too big to use the trampoline.

That said, it is a good ‘first trampoline’ for toddlers, and is cheaper than some similar models on the market as well.


  • The zebra design appeals to a lot of young children
  • The non-slip rubber feet won’t damage your floor
  • At 2.5kg, this trampoline is very easy to move from room to room so you can keep an eye on your toddler
  • Designed with safety in mind - with a padded safety mat for security


  • Children tend to grow out of this trampoline very quickly, as the handle is low and not adjustable
  • Some parents have commented that they expected a bit more ‘bounce’
  • Has a low weight capacity so is only suitable for young toddlers of about 12 - 18 months

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KidActive Peppa Pig Toddler TrampolineKidActive Peppa Pig Toddler Trampoline

Best for Peppa loving kids!

Ease of Storage
Value for Money

KidActive Peppa Pig Toddler Trampoline Review


  • Minimum age: 1 year old
  • Weight capacity: Not listed
  • Dimensions: 58 x 58 x 65 cm
  • Handle: Yes

I don’t know many toddlers who aren’t fans of good ol’ Pepper Pig. You might well have one such child in your household, and maybe even already have a house that is brimming with Peppa memorabilia…

It therefore goes without saying, really, that the best toddler trampoline for those small Peppa Pig fans in your life is this KidActive Peppa Pig Toddler Trampoline.

This model is a little more expensive than the KidsActive Zebra Toddler Trampoline, despite having the same basic design, but no doubt the increase in price comes down to Peppa’s copyright.

Measuring 58 x 58 x 65 cm, it’s suitable for toddlers of 12 – 18 months and there’s a soft-grip handle as well as non-slip feet.

Whereas other trampolines have a plain jumping mat, it’s a nice touch that this one is decorated with ‘splashes’. These make the mat a bit more interesting, and convey the idea of jumping in puddles whilst bouncing on the trampoline – an activity that Peppa Pig herself is very fond of.

Given the size of the unit, it’s pretty easy to store under a bed or inside a cupboard, although it doesn’t fold down as some models do. At 2.6 kg it’s also easy to move around – whether you want to position it outside or move it around the house as you do odd jobs, you can supervise your toddler regardless of where you need to be.


  • Compact design that doesn't take up too much space
  • Very lightweight so it’s easy to carry from room to room
  • The soft handle is very easy for little hands to grip
  • Peppa Pig design perfect for young toddlers


  • Takes 2 people to assemble it
  • Some parents expected more ‘bounce’
  • Doesn’t fold away after use so you’ll need a place to store the assembled trampoline

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Things to Know Before Buying a Toddler Trampoline

Energetic kids adore bouncing around on trampolines, which can also be great news for parents. Children should sleep soundly after a busy, activity-filled day!

Plus you never know, your toddler might even have a future as an Olympic trampolinist!

Finding the best toddler trampoline for both you and your little one will depend on a variety of factors; you likely want something that won’t break the bank but will also be safe, fun and sufficiently engaging.

The following information is a round up of things that are worth bearing in mind when looking for a toddler’s trampoline:

The Benefits of a Toddler Trampoline

Not only is bouncing on a trampoline a whole lot of fun, it’s an activity that will also have health and developmental benefits for your toddler.

Trampolining can improve coordination and the development of motor skills in both younger and older children. They’ll learn to use and control their muscles, improve their balance, and also build strength.

Trampolining can also increase confidence and encourage the development of social skills. Siblings will have to learn to share and support one another, plus children will learn about their own physical capabilities.

Safety First

There are several safety features to look out for when buying a toddler trampoline, some of which are especially relevant to this age group.

For example, you should look out for models which use bungee cord instead of springs as these are safer for younger children.

It’s also common for toddler trampolines to have a padded cover over the frame to prevent accidents and bumps from either landing on the frame by accident, or walking into it.

These trampolines should also have some sort of handle or bar which children can hold onto. This is very important for balance, as a lot of young children will struggle to bounce on the trampoline without one.

Most toddler trampolines are very low to the floor which makes them safer. They also have non-slip feet for added stability. Non-slip feet will also help protect your flooring, which is a plus when trampolines are used indoors.

Choosing the Right Size

Toddler trampolines can be suitable for different age ranges depending on their size and weight capacity.

The smallest size trampolines (eg. 60 x 60 cm) are generally suited to use by young children, from about 12 – 18 months +.

Larger models (e.g. 1 x 1 m) can generally be used by children aged 3 +. These tend to have a weight limit, which might be around 25 kg or 30 kg. The average weight of a 6 year-old is 25 kg, so these trampolines can often be able to be used by your child for quite a few years.

Of course, you should always check the manufacturer’s advice on what age group should use the trampoline, as well as the weight of your child, rather than relying on general information.

Larger garden trampolines can sometimes be suitable for younger children, as long as they have been designed for smaller kids, so they’re also something to consider.

Depending on the manufacturer and design, some 4.5 ft garden trampolines are said to be suitable for children aged 3 – 6 years old.

Therefore, if your children are nearing 3 years old, you might consider buying them a bigger garden trampoline. However, there are negatives as well as positives to this. For example, a larger trampoline will require constant hands-on supervision – there will be no handlebar and the trampoline will be higher off the ground.

Selecting the Right Design

Toddler trampolines are available in a huge range of designs, as you’ll see see from the models featured on this page.


The main thing to consider when it comes to the appearance of the trampoline is: if you’re hoping your child will be able to get a few years bouncing out of a particular model, think ahead and make sure that the design isn’t too childish. Otherwise, they might not want to use it when they’re a bit older!

Apart from that, the design you choose really comes down to personal preference and your child’s taste. There are some sweet animal-design trampolines which may help get younger children interested, or trampolines of different colours that may appeal to your toddler.


The trampoline’s design can also affect how practical it is – in particular, how easy it is to store.

Some toddler’s trampolines are foldable, which either means their legs fold in and they can be stored flat, or that the trampoline itself folds in half.

The alternative to this is having to store a whole trampoline (even though it may only measure 60 x 60 cm), which might not be practical in some houses.

Some foldable trampolines also come with carry bags, which they can fit into to either help with storing or transporting the trampoline. These can be particularly useful when travelling with children or visiting friends, as the trampoline can be brought along to keep kids entertained.

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Toddler Trampoline FAQs

Can my five-year-old go on the same toddler trampoline as my older children? It has a safety net.

Depending on the weight of your five-year-old, there may be smaller trampolines that would suit them better. Toddler trampolines often have a weight capacity of 25 -30 kg and are safer for smaller children than full/mid-size trampolines.

Some mid-size trampolines (e.g. 4 ft in diameter) might be suitable for younger children, but you should check the manufacturer’s recommendations for each model.

Children should not be left unsupervised on trampolines, even if there is a safety net.

From what age is it safe for a child to use a trampoline?

Toddlers as young as 12 months can gently bounce on trampolines that have been designed especially for them. These are small trampolines with handles to hold onto and they should always be supervised and hold onto the handle whilst using the trampoline.

Depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations for bigger trampolines, children might be able to use a slightly larger trampoline from the age of 3, but it should be specifically intended for children of that age group.

Are mini trampolines safe for 2 year olds?

You might be tempted to buy a standard mini trampoline with a higher weight capacity that can be used by both kids and adults. These aren’t at all safe for toddlers or young children as they rarely have anything for them to hold on to. Plus, they tend to use springs which can be really hazardous for younger children.

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