In this guide we’ll look at the best tool boxes.
We’ve compared build quality, durability, design and cost
to give you our top recommendations.

What Are The Best Tool Boxes?

  • Features
  • Lightweight and strong
  • Metal catches and lock
  • Detachable top section
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Solid metal construction
  • Red paint finish
  • 7 Cantilevered trays
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Sturdy and solidly build
  • Good comfortable handle
  • Strong metal latches/hinges
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Sheet steel construction
  • 5 compartments
  • Lockable
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Holds a large number of tools
  • Drawers and cupboard for varied storage
  • Heavy duty castors
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Easy to transport
  • Tools included
  • Carbon steel construction
  • Cost

More Detailed Tool Boxes Reviews

Stanley 197514 24-inch Tote With Organiser

The Stanley 197514 24-inch Tote With Organiser is the best toolbox because it is made from lightweight, sturdy plastic; has strong metal catches and lock, and a detachable tote section.

This tool box is made from a hard plastic which is strong and durable and can withstand wear and tear. However, it remains lightweight which is a big positive for a toolbox as it keeps it light and easy to carry. The handle is strong and comfortable to hold and the box is weatherproof and keeps your tools dry.

The tool box features heavy-duty metal latches which keep the toolbox securely closed and prevent it from accidentally opening in transport.

The main section of the tool box is large enough for plenty of tools. The top section easily detaches and has its own handle so you can carry it around separately. This section has lots of small compartments and is ideal for screws, fixings and small items such as tape measures.

Overall, this is the best toolbox and can cater for a wide variety of requirements. It’s solidly built and has good features whilst remaining relatively light and easy to carry.

Laser 3487 Tool Box 7 Tray 21"/530mm

The Laser 3487 Tool Box 7 Tray 21″/530mm is another good option offering a traditional metal cantilevered design and a durable, good looking red paint finish.

This toolbox is constructed from metal making it very strong and hardwearing. The metals are joined with strong rivets to ensure a durable fix and increase the longevity of the toolbox. The handle is also metal and secured well to the toolbox. It’s also smooth and curved making it very comfortable to carry.

The toolbox is finished with a nice red paint finish which makes the toolbox stand out and look good. The paint also serves the purpose of protecting the metal making it weatherproof and reducing the risk of rust and corrosion.

The toolbox uses cantilevered design. This gives you 7 trays that are visible when the toolbox is open. This is great if you like to organize your different tools into sections. It gives you to access everything as soon as you open the toolbox rather than rummaging for what you need. Your larger tools can fit easily into the bottom section.

This is a solid metal toolbox with a lovely red paint finish that looks the business and will stand the test of time.

Dewalt DWST1-71195 TSTAK Deep Tool Box,

The Dewalt DWST1-71195 TSTAK Deep Tool Box is another good option because it is deep and sturdy and has a comfortable handle and strong metal latches.

This product is built very well. It uses strong but lightweight plastic that enables the toolbox to withstand wear and tear whilst remaining light and easy to carry. It also has a large capacity and is suitable for carrying power tools. The tool box also features a lift out tray for smaller tools and fixings.

In addition to its lightweight design, this tool box has a large and comfortable handle. This enables you to get a good grip on the toolbox and makes carrying it for extend periods easier. The latches of the toolbox are made from metal and are of good quality. This means they stay securely closed in transit keeping all your tools in one place.

Overall this is a good toolbox if you need a large, deep toolbox with a great build quality that is also comfortable to carry.

Draper Cantilever Toolbox

The Draper Cantilever Toolbox is made from good quality sheet steel, has 5 compartments and is lockable.

This product is made from sheet steel and features tubular handles. This is a good material as it is strong and hardwearing but remains light. The tool box has a nice blue paint finish to protect it from the elements.

The toolbox is a cantilevered design that features 5 trays. Cantilevered toolboxes are great for organizing your tools into sections with the smaller tools in the upper trays and larger items in the bottom section. This makes it very easy to see all your tools at once and find what you need quickly.

This toolbox is also lockable to help keep your tools safe on site. This also prevents children from accessing your dangerous tools at home. This is a great feature that is not often found on cantilevered tool boxes.

This is a great toolbox if you like to keep your tools well organized and also want a lockable box.

Dirty Pro Tools Large Tool Chest

The Dirty Pro Tools Large Tool Chest is a great a workshop tool chest, holding a large number of tools and including drawers and a cupboard for varied storage.

This is a large storage tool chest that can hold everything you need in your workshop or garage. The toolbox has drawers for storing and sorting flatter tools and a bulk storage cupboard to keep everything that won’t fit in the drawers. This makes it very versatile and easy to organize. The drawers slide in and out smoothly and easily and have anti-slip mats inside to stop your tools rolling about.

The tool chest is constructed from powder coated steel which makes it durable and rust resistant and also gives it a nice glossy finish.

The tool chest also features heavy-duty castors which make moving the chest around easy. The top cabinet also has a secure locking mechanism.

This is a great option if you are looking for a large storage chest for a workshop.

Yaheetech Tool Box Trolley with 799 Pcs

The Yaheetech Tool Box Trolley is a great option because, it easy to transport, comes with tools and is sturdily made.

This option is designed like a suitcase. It has sturdy castors and a telescopic handle which makes it easy to transport to and from your location. The case is constructed from carbon steel making it strong and durable.

The tool box comes with a huge range of tools which is great if you are just starting out on your DIY adventures or need an upgrade on old and broken tools. The tools are of reasonable quality for general purpose jobs. Everything fits neatly into place in the tool box keeping you organized. The kit does contain 799 piece but these are not all tools, it counts every screw box and cable tie! However, there is still a great range of tools and the set will provide you with pretty much everything you need for jobs around the home and garden.

This is a great option if you want new tools and a tool box that is organized and easy to transport.

Tool Boxes Buyers guide


Choosing the correct size is important when considering what toolbox to buy.

Obviously, you want the toolbox to have a big enough capacity for the tools you need. However, toolboxes can get heavy when filled with tools so you may want a smaller toolbox that you can load with the tools you need for a specific job, so you don’t have to carry your whole workshop with you. It’s also worth measuring your larger tools before you buy to check they will fit.

Of course, if you have a large workshop then you can buy a large storage chest. Investing in a good quality storage solution will keep your tools dry, safe and organized.

Heavy duty

Heavier duty toolboxes are good if you travel with your toolbox often and store large heavy tools in them. You don’t want to buy a lightweight toolbox that can’t support the weight of your tools!

If you require a heavy-duty toolbox a good metal constructed option with a corrosion and rust resistant finish should be perfect. Alternatively, you can choose injection moulded plastic tool boxes which are very sturdy and generally a little lighter than metal ones.


Having a weatherproof tool box is vital to protect expensive tools, especially power tools. Having a weatherproof toolbox allows you to keep your tools dry and safe in all conditions.

When choosing a plastic tool box check that there are no gaps and that once closed the seals are tight as this will protect your tools from damp, rust and corrosion.

Metal toolboxes will also keep your tools try providing there is no gaps. Most metal tool boxes have a powder coating that also protects them from wet weather and corrosion.


Having a lockable toolbox is an excellent option especially if you work on site. Being able to lock your toolbox will protect your tools from petty thieves while you take a coffee break. However, a tool box is only as strong as its weakest part so check that hinges and catches are strong, too.

A lockable tool box is also an essential safety measure to protect children from accessing dangerous tools.

Carry handle

Carry handles make transportation of your toolbox easier. You want to ensure that the carry handle is strong and comfortable. Some tool boxes also come on heavy duty castors and have telescopic handles which makes moving your heavy tool kit a breeze.

Latches and hinges

You want to ensure that the latches and hinges of your toolbox are of good quality. This will ensure that the toolbox remains tightly closed. This is particularly important when travelling with your toolbox as otherwise, bumps and knocks could open the latches and you will end up with tools everywhere.

Strong latches and hinges also make your tool box more secure. Having a lockable tool box is ineffective if the catches or hinges are weak and easily broken.

Tool chest features

The number one priority when buying a tool chest is its durability. You want to buy one good quality tool chest, and have it last you for years.

The drawers of your tool chests are its main feature they allow you to organize things very nicely and keep everything together. Looking for a tool chest that fits everything you own and leaves you some room for expansion is important, too!

It’s also helpful if the drawers slide easily and have non slip mats as this prevents your tools from getting jumbled. A lockable section is a great feature on a tool chest, too.

The castors on the bottom of the tool chest allow it to be moved around a workshop environment and locked into place once the desired location is reached.  Check that the toolbox you choose has heavy duty castors so that they can support the weight of a heavy chest filled with tools and still move smoothly.

Some tool chests can also contain extra bulk storage space at the bottom for large items which is handy if you have larger tools and power tools to store.


Warranties are always important as they ensure that the company supplying your product is confident that it will last. If it doesn’t last you will either get a replacement or get it fixed.

Why men have big toolboxes? (!)

If you get a large enough toolbox, there will be plenty of room for you to store all your tools that you need for general house tasks. Having all your tools in one box makes finding and organizing them much easier.

Alternatively, you can fill the top section with tools and use the main portion of the toolbox as a cooler for your beers. For this I would recommend a nice solid metal toolbox as when you put ice in there it will keep your beer cooler for longer.


What are toolboxes made of?

There are two main materials used in the construction of toolboxes.

Most tool boxes are made from injection moulded plastic. This material makes the tool box strong and enables it to withstand knocks and bumps from the tools inside. Plastic tool boxes but they remain light and easy to carry. In addition, plastic also won’t rust and is pretty weatherproof, too.

Having a durable plastic toolbox is a good choice as it compromises between strength and weight to give you a strong but lightweight toolbox. A plastic tool box will often be a cheaper option than their metal counterparts.

The other common toolbox material is metal. A metal toolbox will provide more strength than a plastic toolbox. However, the added strength will also add weight. If you choose a metal toolbox ensure that it is rust and corrosion resistant – many have a durable powder coating that makes them durable and also gives them a nice shiny finish.

What different types of toolboxes are there?

There are many types of toolboxes the most commons ones are.

Rolling toolbox (like a rolling suitcase)

Rolling style toolboxes are good for storing a lot of equipment in a way that makes it easy to transport. They are easy to move thanks to rolling wheels and an extendable handle.

Hand carry toolbox

The classic toolbox has a simple design with a carry handle for moving your toolbox around. Normally they have one removable section for storing smaller items or things you need to access frequently. Then, under the shelf, is the main portion for the bulk of your tools. Some toolboxes also have removable section with lids and handles that can be used to hold a few smaller items as well as fixings,

Hand carry cantilevered toolbox

These have multiple trays to organise your tools into distinct sections making everything in your toolbox easy to find. When you open the tool box the trays extend so you can see everything. These are great if you find yourself using multiple tools and want to organise them so that everything is visible when you open your toolbox.

Large workshop toolbox

Large workshop toolboxes or chests contain drawers for you to organise everything neatly. They also have larger open areas for you to store bulkier items. These are designed for workshops where you don’t need to move your tools from place to place. They have castors so it is easy to move around your workshop, but they are not designed for travelling with.