In this guide we’ll take a look at the best watering cans for the UK market.
I’ve compared design, water capacity and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Watering Can?

  • Features
  • 7 litre capacity
  • Beautiful design
  • Built to last
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Stunning design
  • Handmade
  • Ornamental feature
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Large 9 litre capacity
  • Double handle makes it easy to lift
  • Copper trim is very attractive
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Large 9 litre capacity
  • Nice opening at the top for water
  • Adjustable handle can be folded down
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Perfect for houseplants or seedlings
  • Made from recyclable plastic
  • Small but sturdy
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Great for cacti and succulents
  • Thin nozzle for precision
  • Stylish design
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Great for kids!
  • Bright design
  • Lightweight
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Fun design
  • Great for kids
  • Inexpensive
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Large 10 litre capacity
  • Easy to fill
  • Very reasonable price
  • Cost

More Detailed Watering Can Reviews

Haws Deluxe Watering Can

I was fed up with cheap watering cans with loose fitting, plastic roses. These products invariably had a very heavy spray that dribbled at the bottom and the rose would often fall off in the middle of watering. On deciding it was time for an upgrade the Haws has proven to be the best watering can on the market.

This Haws Deluxe Watering Can is an attractive and sturdy, red watering can. It is made from tough, injection moulded plastic and the rose is made of brass. It has a capacity of 7 litres which is just the right amount for enough water that you are not running back to the tap too often but without it being too heavy to lift when full.

The top opening is nice and large making it easy to fill. Also, because it doesn’t have a top handle you don’t struggle to manoeuvre it under the tap.  It is well balanced, and the brass rose produces a fine, even spray. It comes with a 10-year guarantee, is made in England, and replacement roses are available.

This may not be the cheapest watering can, but it is well designed and built to last for years. In my opinion it’s the best watering for the money!

Apples to Pears Singing Duck Watering Can

This Apples to Pears Singing Duck Watering Can adds a charming ornamental element to the home and garden.

This metal watering can is galvanized for a long life and is handmade in India, making each product unique. It holds 1 litre, making it perfect for houseplants or a few pots in the garden.

A definite talking point, this product will make you smile and adds a lovely ornamental feature to the garden. If you are looking for a product with charming quirks this is the best watering can for you!

Moulton Mill Metal Watering Can

This Moulton Mill Metal Watering Can adds a certain charm to the garden. I would probably use this myself but thought that the Haws one was more suited to the battering I am likely to give it.

The watering can is made from powder coated galvanised steel with copper painted details. It has a large 9-litre capacity so be careful when lifting as it is quite heavy when full. The top handle may be folded down for storage and doesn’t get in the way when filling.

The double handle makes it easier to lift than some other metal watering cans. If you are looking for a large capacity this is the best watering can for the money.

CrazyGadget Steel Watering Can

This CrazyGadget Steel Watering Can has a nice large opening at the top which makes it easy to fill. The handle is situated in front of this opening so doesn’t get in the way when you try to fill it under a tap. The capacity is 9 litres and it has a traditional brass rose which is removable.

The carry handle is adjustable and may be folded down for storage. Again, the double handle makes it easier to carry as you can use both hands. It is made from durable galvanised steel.

This is still a sturdy and attractive watering can for the price. If you are looking for a product on a budget this might be the best watering can for you.

Haws Heritage Watering Can

This Haws Heritage Watering Can has a 1 litre capacity making it perfect for taking care of houseplants or seedlings.

The can is a lovely shade of duck egg blue and looks nice sitting on a windowsill when not in use. It has a removable rose which can be attached to the can, so you don’t lose it. The rose has a nice fine spray making it perfect for seedlings. The can is engineered in England from premier grade recyclable plastic so should give years of use and will not have to go to landfill once it is eventually worn out.

This sturdy little can is a pleasure to use and seems likely to last for many years. It’s the best watering can available with a small capacity!

Fallen Fruits Watering Can

This Fallen Fruits Watering Can is really stylish and has a cool design – the handle and spout are formed from the same piece of metal. It is an attractive silver colour and made of sturdy stainless steel.

This small watering can is perfect for houseplants or small potted plants outdoors. The long thin nozzle makes it useful for tiny plants like cacti and succulents and you can direct the water straight to the roots. It is sometimes a little tricky to totally empty the last bit if water.

This is a stylish and practical watering can for taking care of all your indoor plants. Another one of the best small watering cans for indoor watering.

Young Gardener Children's Watering Can

Children need proper tools if they are going to learn and not silly toys that break as soon as they pick them up, so, this Young Gardener Children’s Watering Can is the perfect watering can for the little ones.

This small watering can is sturdy and bright and just big enough that kids can be useful without struggling and risking hurting themselves.

The double handle also makes it easier for children to carry. The rose is welded on, so it won’t get lost among the flower beds. It would also be useful for adults when just need a small amount of water is needed in the house or garden – just don’t let the children spot you using it! It is also available in pink.

This is an excellent product, well thought out and good value for money. It’s the best watering can for little hands.

Esschert Design Flamingo Watering Can

This Esschert Design Flamingo Watering Can adds something special to your garden. It is ideal for children as well as adults. However, it does splash a bit when you pour, so I wouldn’t recommend it for indoor use. It also only pours as there is no rose, so it would not be suitable for delicate plants or seedlings.

If you want something fun for the garden and don’t mind a few splashes, then this small watering can ideal for children and adults alike.

Ward Watering Can with Rose

This Ward Watering Can with Rose is a sturdy practical can with a 10-litre capacity. The round top opening makes it relatively easy to fill though the handle does get in the way a bit when you try to fill it at a sink. It is made of a durable plastic and is an attractive dark green colour.

Its not the most attractive design but it does a good job and the rose seems to stay put better than with many similar cans. It has a good flow and the fine, plastic rose provides a nice even sprinkle. It is quite heavy when completely filled so be careful when lifting.

All in all, a good practical watering can for a very reasonable price.

Watering Can Buying Guide

While a hose is most peoples’ first choice tool for watering there are times when only a watering can will do. Watering cans are invaluable in the green house and when taking care of seedlings as well as looking after house plants. Also, watering cans are essential if you have an allotment that doesn’t allow hoses or, of course, when we have a hosepipe ban. Using a can also makes us more conscious of our water use than when we just turn on a hose.

When choosing a watering can you want one that is going to last and not end up in landfill in a year. So, choose something made of a durable material such as galvanized metal or sturdy plastic.

Plastic watering cans are often lighter and easier to carry than metal equivalents and can also be a little easier on the hands. They also have the advantage of not denting or rusting. However plastic cans can tend to split over time, especially if they are frequently left out in the sun.

The size of your can is also an essential consideration. A 1 litre can is only really suitable for houseplants and the odd outdoor plant. Seven litres gives you plenty of water without too much weight. If you have a lot of watering to do, then go for a 10 litre can as long as it is not too heavy for you to carry.

The neck length is another consideration. Watering cans with extra long necks are useful for hanging baskets. Indoor versions with long necks are useful for getting under the leaves of African violets and succulents.

A double handled watering can may be easier to use if you are not particularly muscular. This design is great for children too.

The rose is one of the most important features of a watering can as it allows you to produce a fine spray that waters plants gently without flooding them or disrupting their roots. A can with a removable rose is essential if you need both a fine spray and a steady pour. But choose one that affixes firmly to the spout, so it doesn’t keep falling off. A removable rose also allows you to clean the holes if they get clogged more easily.


I don’t have a shed or any storage, but I have a little courtyard garden with a few potted plants. My question is, is it okay to leave a watering can in the garden all year round or will it deteriorate?

You may leave a watering can out all year although it will shorten its life somewhat. A plastic can is probably better for you if you have no dry place to store it over winter. Choose one made from a sturdy durable plastic and keep it in a shady place if possible.