In this guide we’ll take a look at the best wheelbarrows for the UK market.
I’ve compared strength, load capacity, durability and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Wheelbarrow?

  • Features
  • Large 110 litre capacity
  • Best wheelbarrow for the money
  • Perfect balance when rolling
  • Cost
  • Features
  • 85 litre capacity
  • Puncture proof wheel
  • Heavy duty steel pan
  • Cost
  • Features
  • 66 litre capacity
  • Two wheels for great control
  • Can hold up to 150kg
  • Cost
  • Features
  • 90 litre capacity
  • Pneumatic Tyre
  • Comfortable hand grips
  • Cost
  • Features
  • 85 litre capacity
  • Attractive design
  • Strong puncture proof wheel
  • Cost

More Detailed Wheelbarrow Reviews

Main Gate County Clipper Wheelbarrow

This Main Gate County Clipper Wheelbarrow is very strong but also easy and comfortable to use. It wins my vote as the best wheelbarrow for the UK market.

The pneumatic tyre softens the bumps and makes steps and kerbs a breeze. The pan is constructed from an attractive green injection-moulded polypropylene making it tough but light. The frame is seam welded for strength and galvanised to protect it from rusting.

The pan is easy to clean and will not rust or distort. It also has wheels with double ball bearings for less friction and squeaks. The barrow comes with an inner tube for easy repairs in the case of a puncture.

The capacity of this product is 90 litres of liquid or 110 litres of material such as soil or sand. It comes comes boxed ready for self-assembly which is simple to do. If you need a large capacity, this is the best wheelbarrow for you.

The wheelbarrow can be converted to a twin wheel barrow with an additional wheel kit. A spare wheel is also available.

This wheelbarrow is a real pleasure to use, being light, durable and comfortable to push and unload. It is the ideal lifelong product for the keen gardener and it’s the best wheelbarrow for the money.

Walsall 85 Ltr Galvanized Wheelbarrow

This Walsall 85 Ltr Galvanized Wheelbarrow is sturdy and easy to use and has proved invaluable in my garden. I use it to move compost and soil as well as for larger jobs like shifting hardcore for a patio. Its 85-litre capacity allows me to move a lot on every trip.

The product comes boxed and ready for self-assembly. It is easy to assemble and only requires a screwdriver to complete the job.

One of the reasons I chose this barrow is because it has a puncture proof wheel. This is a definite consideration if you are working in rough areas such as when constructing foundations or hard landscaping. So far it has passed the test and even when wheeling it over rough surfaces has not let me down. Once the building work is finished it will be used for gardening and it is sturdy enough to cope with whatever I put it through easily.

The frame of this wheelbarrow is sturdy steel and the pan in made from pressed steel. This makes it tough enough to withstand all weathers. I am particularly pleased that this product is made in the UK, so I am supporting a local business.

This is really a great little barrow for a reasonable price. I am particularly pleased that the puncture proof wheel has stood up well and that it is made of steel making it a great all-weather wheelbarrow. If you are looking for the best wheelbarrow that is sturdy and reliable, this might be just the ticket.

Rhyas Twin Wheeled Wheel Barrow

This Rhyas Twin Wheeled Wheelbarrow is very easy to control, especially over uneven surfaces. This makes it ideal for moving bags of compost and other materials around the garden as it does not easily tip sideways when wheeling. The polypropylene pan is tough, durable and rust proof and is also a very nice shade of green. This barrow can cope with up to 150kg of weight. The pneumatic tyres make it easy to use even on steps and kerbs.

This wheelbarrow comes unassembled but is simple to put together and comes with excellent, clear instructions.

The two wheeled design means this is not the best option for tipping lots of heavy materials. So, if you have a lot of rubble, slabs or bricks to manoeuvre into a skip I would stick to a more traditional design. However, if you own a smaller garden this might be the best wheelbarrow for you.

DJM Heavy Duty Galvanised Steel Garden Wheelbarrow

This DJM Steel Garden Wheelbarrow has a 90 Litre Capacity and 180kg weight capacity. It comes unassembled and will require a spanner and screwdriver to put it together which can be done quite simply though it is a little bit fiddly. It also features a pneumatic tyre and comfortable to use easy grip handles.

This product might be the best wheelbarrow for moderate building, landscaping and gardening work.

Marko Tools Garden Wheelbarrow

This Marko Tools Garden Wheelbarrow is made from steel and painted black making it an attractive wheelbarrow that should resist the wear and tear of British weather conditions.

It has a capacity of 85 litres and can handle up to 150kg of weight. It is delivered flat packed for simple self-assembly. This barrow has a single solid wheel so there is no risk of punctures.

This wheelbarrow is easy to use and tip and is sturdily made making it perfect for many garden and DIY uses. The solid tyre means it is suitable for use over rough ground and will not go flat over time.

Wheelbarrow Buying Guide

The best wheelbarrow makes so many jobs easier. From moving manure to creating a garden feature, a well-made, reliable barrow will take the heavy work out of the job.

I use my wheelbarrow for all sorts of jobs around the garden, so I was looking for one that would last for years and require little maintenance. You may have different requirements, from simple light gardening to a one-off building job.

There are a variety of wheelbarrows available and you can choose from one wheeled, two wheeled, solid wheeled or pneumatic tyre versions. In addition, you can find products made of galvanised steel or those with polypropylene pans and steel frames.

There are a variety of wheelbarrows available and your choice will depend on your needs. While the Walsall barrow might be the perfect all-round choice for someone looking for a maintenance free barrow, someone whose primary purpose is general gardening might find one of the other products more suitable.

When choosing a barrow check that is will suit your needs. One wheeled barrows can be difficult to move when fully loaded as they have a tendency to tip. However, these barrows are easier to unload and are more manoeuvrable in small areas. However, if you primarily use your barrow to move around bags of compost or weeds then you may find the two wheeled type more suitable. You could also go for a barrow such as the County Clipper that can be used with both one or two wheels.

If you are comfortable doing minor repairs, then you may want to choose a wheelbarrow with pneumatic tyres. This takes the bumps out of moving loads over uneven surfaces. However, for infrequent use, a solid tyre may make more sense: you can leave it in the shed or garage for years knowing it will be ready for use whenever you next need it.

Many wheelbarrows have plastic pans and you might think these are not as hardwearing as steel. However, the polypropylene used to make these barrows is incredibly tough and has the advantage that it won’t rust, dent or distort.

Once you have purchased the best wheelbarrow for your needs, it will need looking after so that it provides you with years if use. If possible, store it in a watertight shed or garage. If this is not possible then store it upright so that water does not sit in the pan and cover it with a tarpaulin.


I am planning on purchasing a wheelbarrow, but I am not sure whether to buy one with a solid or pneumatic tyre. What is the difference and which type is best?

A solid wheel is usually made with a metal rim and a PVC tyre. This means it cannot be punctured. This type of wheel is an ideal option if you are using the barrow in a place where there may be sharp or rough objects that would puncture a pneumatic tyre. If you are only using the wheelbarrow occasionally, on relatively flat ground this makes a good choice.

A pneumatic tyre has a rubber inner tube that is inflated and protected by a rubber tyre. This makes it nice and bouncy so it is easier to use over rough ground, giving fewer jolts and bumps. The disadvantage is that these types of tyre can go flat over time or be punctured by sharp objects.

However, a pneumatic tyre is fairly easy to repair, and repair kits or replacement inner tubes are readily available.

How easy is it to repair a tyre on a wheelbarrow?

If the tyre on your wheelbarrow goes flat after not being used for a while you can simply pump it up with a bicycle pump.

However, if the tyre quickly goes down again this indicates a puncture. This is relatively simple to fix and all you will need is a puncture repair kit which you can buy from cycling shops. First, remove the wheel, take off the tyre and remove the inner tube. Then soak the inner tube in water, look for tiny air bubbles that indicate where the hole in the tube is. You can then fix this hole with a puncture repair kit. This is simply a matter of gluing a rubber patch over the hole with the glue and patches supplied in the repair kit. Then you need to reassemble the wheel and put it back on the barrow.