In this guide we’ll look at the best window vacs for the UK market.
I’ve compared performance, usability, battery life and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Window Vac?

  • Features
  • Best window vac available
  • Small and large heads included
  • Lifetime warranty on battery
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Long battery life
  • Small and large heads included
  • Micro USB charger
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Two suction levels
  • Long battery life
  • Best window vac on a budget
  • Cost
  • Features
  • 60 Mins use on one charge
  • Good value for money
  • Quiet to use
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable window vac
  • Cost

More Detailed Window Vac Reviews

Kärcher Premium Window Vac Incl. Accessories

The Kärcher Premium Window Vac is a well-known and trusted product that performs really well. It wins top spot for the best window vac for the UK market.

The vac comes with a spray bottle with a microfibre head which you use to spray and wipe on the detergent to soften the dirt. You then use the vacuum unit to suck up dirty water leaving a streak free shine. The Karcher comes with two blades suitable for large and smaller areas. The waste water tank holds up to 100ml and is easy to empty.

The unit is rechargeable, and the battery life is great – it will clean up to 35 average windows on a single charge. The battery can also be replaced when it reaches the end of its life which means you don’t have to replace the entire product.

The product comes with the unit, charger, battery, two heads, spray bottle, and microfibre cleaning cloth so you have everything you need to get the job done.

This window vac did a wonderful job cleaning even very dirty outside windows and they have never been so clean. It was perfect for mirrors, tiles and shower screens, and can even be used to suck up spills. The unit is easy to use and lasts for ages on a single charge. All things considered, it’s the best window vac for the money.

Bosch GlassVac Cordless Window Vac

The Bosch GlassVac Cordless Window Vac is another effective window vac that is powerful and easy to use. It has an integrated Lithium Ion battery and is charged with a micro -USB charger which is included. The set includes a small and large head and these effectively suck up the water leaving a virtually streak free shine. The unit also has a battery indicator to let you know when it is running low.

You get around 30 minutes of continuous use from a single charge and the waste water tank holds up to 100ml. The set also includes comes with a spray bottle with a detachable microfibre cloth. This window vac does a great job leaving surfaces sparkling in no time.

Vileda WindoMatic Power Window Vac

The Vileda WindoMatic Power Window Vac runs on a powerful lithium Ion battery and can clean up to 120 windows on one charge. It has two suction levels which help you achieve a streak free shine and the flexible neck makes it easy to get into all the corners, too. The water tank is easy to remove and clean – you can even put it in the dishwasher – and holds up to 100ml.

This vac does not come with an additional head or a spray bottle, but if you just want a product to clean fairly large window this is not a problem. You can use a spray bottle and any cloth to apply cleaner to the windows before vacuuming the dirty water up with this vac.

If you are looking for a great product that is also affordable, this is the best window vac to buy on a budget.

AEG Rechargeable Window Vac

The AEG Rechargeable Window Vac has a run time of 60 minutes allowing you to get plenty of cleaning done on one charge. It recharges in two hours and is ready to use again. The head has a rubber blade that gives a good streak free shine. The 110ml water tanks means you don’t have to stop to empty it very often, too. This vac is a little heavier than some products but is still lightweight enough that it doesn’t make your arm ache when you use it for long periods.

This vac was easy to use and gives good results, however, it does only have one blade and doesn’t come with a spray bottle or cloth. It’s not as powerful as some other models but it does produce good results for the price. This is another one of the best window vac products to buy on a budget.

Beldray Cordless Rechargeable Window Vac

The Beldray Cordless Rechargeable Window Vac has a neat and compact design and is considerably cheaper than the most expensive window vacs.

It is light to use and does a good job of windows and shower screens. However, it can only be used in a vertical position so its not possible to use it to clean up spills or on vertical surfaces such as worktops or shower trays. The water tank takes up to 60ml so also needs emptying more often than the larger products.

This vac does a decent job on vertical surfaces but is not so good for awkward corners.

Window Vacuum Buying Guide

Window vacs have become a very popular cleaning product in recent years and for good reason. They make light work of cleaning windows quickly and efficiently and without the need for endless cloths or paper towels.

The best window vac will remove all the dirt from the windows and leave an almost streak free finish – sometimes a little wipe over with a cloth is required to finish off round the edges.

You can also use a window vac to clean mirrors, tiles, shower screens and pretty much any hard, flat surface in your home. They are also great for removing condensation from windows in the home, conservatory and caravan. Overall, the best window vac makes time consuming and labour-intensive household jobs a breeze to get through.

When choosing the best window vac, you want one that is going to make the job as simple as possible and that will leave a nice sparkling shine on your windows and other hard surfaces.

The best window vacs are powered by lithium ion batteries and these will give you enough run time to get all your windows clean and more. Many have an integrated battery which means that once the battery comes to the end of its life you will need to buy a new unit. However, some products, such as the Karcher have batteries that can be replaced.

The window vacs tested in this guide all leave a virtually streak free shine, however with some you may need to finish off by wiping the edges and corners. You should also check that the dirty water tank has a large enough capacity so that you don’t have to empty it too frequently.


Is it worth paying extra for the accessories that come with top of the range window vacs?

Some window vacs come with two heads, a small one and a larger one. This is handy if you want to use the vac for a variety of cleaning jobs or you have small paned windows. Those with one blade will be okay for larger windows and large areas like shower screens and tiled walls.

Some window vacs also come with a spray bottle that has a head to which a microfibre cloth can be attached. This makes it easy to apply the cleaning product evenly and will lift off stubborn stains and marks. If your window vac doesn’t have this, you will need to wash the window with detergent and water and then use the vacuum to suck up the dirty water.

What detergent should I use with my window vac?

Most window vac manufacturers sell a suitable detergent to use with their products and these have been designed to produce sparkling windows and a streak free shine on hard surfaces. However, the vacuum will suck up any detergent you choose to use.