In this guide we’ll take a look at the best wooden potting benches for the UK market.
I’ve compared design, features, build quality and cost
to give you my top recommendations.

What Is The Best Wooden Potting Bench?

  • Features
  • Three storage drawers
  • Metal worktop
  • Lots of hanging hooks
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Zinc galvanised worktop
  • Wire backed for extra storage
  • Extra wide worktop
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Deep fill compost tray
  • Storage drawer
  • Four hanging hooks
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Two wheels for portability
  • Deep plastic compost tray
  • Pressure treated softwood
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Galvanised metal worktop
  • Galvanised feet to beat damp
  • Pressure treated softwood
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Shorter height for compact spaces
  • Galvanised metal worktop
  • Three good sized drawers
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Galvanised metal work top
  • Three tier shelving for extra storage
  • Plastic wrapped feet to beat damp
  • Cost
  • Features
  • Great value
  • Extra struts for stability
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Cost

More Detailed Wooden Potting Bench Reviews

Pureday Potting Table

The Pureday Potting Table is a beautiful and practical wooden potting bench that’ll make your gardening life so much easier.

It’s packed with features – let’s take a look

This potting bench has three good-sized drawers to store your seeds, twine, scissors and marker tags instead of spreading them across the shed or kitchen. And how about some hanging hooks for your trowel, sieve and dibber?

This fab potting bench has plenty of hanging hooks to keep your tools safely within arm’s reach.

There’s a low shelf and a top shelf too, to help store bits out of the way if you need even more room.

This potting bench is made from sturdy pine and it has a galvanised metal worktop which adds strength and helps keep the potting area hygienic.

Wooden tops are lovely but they absorb water and fertiliser, whereas metal tops can be wiped and sprayed down easily. No worries if you spill your tea!

The measurements are 78x38x112cm. The worktop height is around 82cm so have a measure up before you buy. If it’s a bit short for you, stand it up on bricks. It’s lightweight at 19kgs.

Give it a coat of wood preserver and you can use it outside for years – how about a mud kitchen for the grandchildren or a clean place to put your BBQ food?

This practical and attractive wooden potting bench is the perfect place for a budding gardener to get organised and make the most of their space. It’s great value and a top notch buy.

Habau 695 Potting Bench

The Habau 695 potting bench is a strong table with lots of storage space. It’s well worth your consideration.

What I love about this potting bench is the wire back that you can add ‘S’ hooks and pegs to. Hang up tools, utensils or seed packets! It’s such a simple but effective idea that makes the most of your available space.

The Habau has a zinc galvanised worktop for hygiene and easy cleaning that runs the whole length of worktop – and that worktop! It measures 100cms wide! You’ll have enough room for compost, seeds, watering cans, and essential cups of tea without any crowding.

There’s a top shelf to pop essentials (it’s also galvanised) and a large bottom shelf for larger tools which is the perfect size for a big bag of compost.

This fab potting bench measures 101x55x117cms and has a working height of 80cms.

It’s lightweight, attractive and practical. I can’t fault this potting bench!

Kingfisher Potting Table

Kingfisher always makes great value gardening items and the Kingfisher potting table is no exception. It’s the perfect place to spend time with your seedlings.

I really love the two working areas. On one side you have a flat surface to place your seed trays, and on the other side, there’s a deep-fill removable steel insert that you can store compost in. It’s such a great idea – no more wasted compost all over the floor, and you can move it about with ease.

In terms of storage, you have the all-essential storage drawer, and two space-saving shelves. There’s one up top out of the way, and one larger slatted shelf beneath the worktop. Slats are important on a wooden potting bench as they let air circulate and prevent rot.

There are also four hooks to hang up your tools. This is a hard-working potting bench that makes the most of your space.

Christow Wheeled Wooden Potting Table

The Christow wooden potting table is good value and a best seller. It’s a great price but this potting table still has all the essentials you need to make potting-up a pleasure.

This is another fab potting table that incorporates a deep plastic compost tray on one side of the worktop. The removable potting tray measures 12×9.3 inches which is plenty for potting up and deep enough to wash your BBQ utensils in.

The working area has raised sides and it’s perfectly flat so you can sweep excess compost directly into the deep tray. If you need more, store your large compost bag on the slatted bottom shelf. It’s the perfect size.

Small pots and delicate items can be popped on the top shelf out of harm’s way and you can stash your smaller tools and seeds in the handy storage drawer.

Now, there’s a surprise with this wooden potting bench – it has wheels! I like it because the two wheels are on one end only, so it’s still stable when you’re working on it.

Moving this potting table is easy because the pine wood is light and it’s wheels run smoothly. You can head into the shade or chase the sun around your garden with ease.

This potting bench is made from durable pressure treated softwood and measures 120x90x120cms with a working height of 82cms.

It’s the perfect potting bench for gardeners and BBQ’ers who like to move around and still have all the essentials to hand.

Christow Wooden Potting Table & Greenhouse Staging

I love how this Christow wooden potting table is simple and fuss-free but still gives you all the room you need.

Made from pressure-treated softwood and designed with silvertone galvanised metal feet this wooden potting table is simply stunning!

In fact, this doesn’t really look like a traditional potting bench – and that’s good news for those of us who like garden furniture to double up. You could easily use this to display flowers, store the day’s BBQ food, or use it as handy staging in the greenhouse.

As a potting table I can’t fault it. The top is made from hard-wearing galvanised metal with raised sides to prevent roll off, and it has two slatted storage shelves beneath that can take larger garden equipment such as watering cans.

If you want to stand it outside those galvanised feet will make short work of the damp and prevent rot

This potting table has five hooks that are perfect for hanging tongs, tea towels, dibbers and trowels so you don’t lose them.

Overall this measures 89×76.5x37cms and the working height is 83cms. It’s a good buy if you like simple things or have a limit on height. This potting table only measures 89cms high so it will fit into a lot of spaces.

Wooden Potting Table With Metal Work Surface

This attractive wooden potting table doesn’t have a tall back, so it can fit into compact spaces with limited height.

It’s a great design with plenty of storage and perfect for the shorter amongst us as the working height is only 76cm. That said, if you’re taller it’s simple to place bricks or wooden blocks beneath the feet to raise the height.

This simple potting table has a galvanised metal worktop with raised sides that leave plenty of room for seed trays and lots of compost. You can easily brush unused compost forward into a dustpan and pop it back in the compost bag.

There are two slatted storage shelves beneath the worktop for tools, and three small drawers for seeds and tools.

Overall this potting table measures 78x38x82cms and comes in untreated softwood. Choose your favourite stain and make it your own.

This potting bench is suited to shorter people or those that prefer to sit down and work. It has plenty of features and will serve as a storage facility in the greenhouse or a side table for the BBQ too.

KCT Outdoor Garden Potting Bench

The KCT outdoor potting bench is a lightweight three-tier potting bench with protected feet to keep it safe from damp.

If you want an outdoor potting bench, or need to place one on the soil of the greenhouse floor, this is a good buy. I’d recommend you treat it with wood preserver too, to make doubly sure it’ll resist the rain.

This potting bench has a galvanised steel worktop which is easy to clean and keep hygienic. The worktop has raised edges to prevent roll off, and unusually the two storage shelves beneath have anti-roll edges too. This is great news if you’re forever on the floor trying to retrieve a pencil or ball of garden twine.

The storage shelves are slatted to help air circulation and it’s raised higher off the ground to provide protection against damp conditions.

Overall this potting bench measures 90x37x80cms and the working height is 72.8cms – a good height for the shorter among us!

This is a lightweight but sturdy potting bench at a really good price. It’ll serve in the potting shed, as extra garage storage, and as a BBQ side table too. It’s neat and compact so it’ll fit into most areas with ease.

HomeZone Garden Mile Wooden Garden Potting Bench

The Homezone Garden Mile potting bench is an affordable potting bench but it’s practical and good looking.

If you’re looking for a simple but effective potting bench that won’t break the bank, this one is worth consideration.

First off, it’s light as a feather and made from sustainable FSC firwood. You can easily move it around to provide snacks at the paddling pool or hold your BBQ food.

It’s really good as a mud kitchen too because it’s such a bargain buy you won’t worry if it gets hugely muddy.

But back to potting up!

This potting bench has a metal worktop to keep everything clean and hygienic. The edges are raised to stop plants and compost falling everywhere, and there are two bracing leg slats to prevent wobbles.

There’s one slatted storage shelf at the base for compost bags or larger items like watering cans. This shelf is raised up to avoid the damp.

Overall this simple, natural potting bench measures 90x70x41cms. That’s plenty big enough for a potting bench, and you’re not going to find a cheaper one around.

Potting Bench Buying Guide

Are you thinking about upping your gardening game with a potting bench this year? Good idea!

Potting benches are a must-have for gardeners that take their seeds seriously. They make planting seeds and thinning out seedlings so much easier – plus you can use them as part of your BBQ furniture or as a kid’s mud kitchen.

A quality potting bench creates a dedicated and decent sized workspace that can catch and hold compost without any fuss. The pricier ones have drawers, shelves, and hooks to keep your tools and seeds together in one place.

They range through simple table designs to larger multi-functioning potting benches with character. What you choose depends on your needs, but they will all eventually pay for themselves.

Think of the money you’ll save raising your own seeds efficiently.

If you want to grow your own from scratch, getting a practical potting table is going to make your hobby a helluva lot more enjoyable!

Let’s take a look at how to buy the right potting bench for you.

Choose Your Design

Potting benches are attractive creations. They always look so professional and the wooden ones really appeal to my love of rustic things in the garden.

If you’ll be looking at your potting bench throughout the year, make sure that you like it! The aesthetics of garden furniture are important.

Yes, it needs to be practical too, but if it’s an eyesore then it won’t be long before you forget that wood preserver and off it goes to the tip!

To blend a potting bench in with your surroundings, choose a stain that matches your fencing or patio slabs. That way, you won’t get fed up looking at it.

You will, of course, pay more for better design and materials. An occasional gardener won’t need to worry too much about all singing all dancing, shelves, hooks, deep-fill compost trays, and wheels – but serious gardeners will benefit from the extras.

In terms of height, the average height of a potting bench is around 80cms. This is about the same a dining table and should avoid backache for the average person.

Make sure you read the small print to find out what the ‘working height’ is though, not the overall height.

If you need to sit down to work, or you are shorter, the working height is extra important. Potting benches can be raised on bricks, but they can’t be made smaller unless you’re willing to cut the legs. Read twice to avoid disappointment!

Spend what you can afford and then take care of your potting bench to get the maximum lifespan.

I recommend you buy one with a galvanised top, a few shelves for storage, and a drawer. These features are always useful whether it’s a potting bench, mud kitchen, or BBQ side table.

Potting Bench Functionality

Think about how you’ll use the potting bench before splashing the cash.

Some come with utensil hooks and shelves which are all useful ways of storing and displaying garden tools. A great benefit of hanging tools on hooks is that they will drip dry of moisture and last longer.

If you want a potting bench that’s going to store all of your gear those hooks and shelves will help no end, but drawers are essential!

Seed packets are delicate things. They blow away in the slightest breeze and get wet very easily. Damp seed packets lead to germination before you’ve even potted them up– a big no-no for gardeners! Putting your seeds packets away in a drawer keeps them safe from accidents.

A lattice wire back is another great way to store even more garden equipment. Pick up some ‘S’ hooks and you have a whole area to store secateurs and snips so they don’t get in the way.

Pegging on seeds instructions and your glasses will be second nature in no time.

If you have little space, choose a potting bench with no back or top shelf to make the most of compact areas. These days we’re often struggling to find space.

Taking Care Of A Potting Bench

Potting benches come in wood, metal, and plastic, I’ve reviewed wooden potting benches because they are the most common and most competitively priced. Yes, gardeners are often tight – it’s sad but true and I’m no exception!

Taking care of the pennies means you’ll need to look after the potting bench, especially if it’s wooden. Plastic can be washed down, but wood comes with a care label.

Every time you use your potting bench you should clear away excess compost and wipe it down. This is because soil and compost will rot and eat away at the surfaces.

Some wooden potting benches come with galvanised metal worktops which are a great feature. Metal prevents water, spilt tea, or fertiliser from damaging the worktop. Simply wipe it over with a cloth to keep it dry and rust free. 

Other wooden parts of your potting table will benefit from a coat of wood preserver once a year, especially if they are situated outside.

To do this you need to rub the potting bench down with sandpaper to remove any loose bits, then coat it in quality wood preserver.

Choose outdoor wood paint if you prefer a bright and bold look. Painting a potting bench in bright colours makes a very attractive mud kitchen for kids.

Make It Weatherproof

So, we talked about using a wood preserver or wood paint on your potting bench, but is there anything else you can do to make it weatherproof? Yes!

Unless your potting bench comes with metal or plastic feet you should take some actions to stop damp climbing up. If you’re keeping it outside, then raise it up on bricks.

If you are short and need a lower height, sink bricks into the lawn and place the legs on top. That’s a good tip for any wooden furniture sitting on the grass, such as wooden benches and tables.

You should also invest in a heavy tarpaulin that covers the whole potting bench and has enough room to weigh down the edges.

Tarpaulins are a great way to keep the rain off, but when the wind gets up it can turn into a sail.

Potting benches are often lightweight affairs and a good gust of wind can knock one over in seconds. Place yours against a wall and weigh down the cover – just to be on the safe side.

Lightweight For Manoeuvrability

Lightweight potting benches are a consideration if you intend to move it around.

The weight of compost and accumulation of junk in the drawers (hey – we’ve all got a bit of hoarder hidden away!) can add to the weight, so a light option is a good idea if you garden on the move.

Some benches have wheels so you can move them around with ease. This is a great idea but mind your back and feet.

Don’t lift a potting bench if it’s covered with soil or objects that could roll off and cause injury. And be careful on a slope – I know it’s obvious when you read it, but an out of control potting bench can do considerable damage to the French doors or your dog.

What’s The Longevity Of A Potting Bench?

Extending the lifespan of unpreserved wood is simple – just get the preserver on!

You should try to keep a wooden potting bench clean and clear up the mess every time you use it.

OK, so cleaning isn’t the most exciting part of gardening, but it keeps the potting bench hygienic. If dust and dirt sticks to the wood it can cause rot which will destroy the table and potentially infect your baby plants.

Metal worktops and plastic soil sinks are good accomplices in the war on keeping a potting bench clean. If you’ve turned yours into a mud kitchen, what can I say! Get out the hose and pop it in the sunshine to dry the wood out quickly.

Get Your Potter On

Hopefully that’s given you something to think about in your quest for the best potting bench.

I love wooden ones because they have a rustic feel and they are better value than metal and plastic. Drawers are helpful, as is a metal top, but you should choose what best suits your requirements and budget.

May you enjoy many hours pottering around with seeds and compost. You can’t beat a few hours gardening, it’s good for the soul – and who doesn’t like homegrown flowers and veggies?