Over time decking gets dirty, slippery and looks faded but don’t worry because you can restore deck to its former glory in one weekend.

The first job is to remove any furniture or plant pots and sweep away leaves or moss that have gathered there.

How To Clean Your Decking


Power washing is the quickest way to clean grime from wood. If you have one fire it up but if not you can get a good result with a stiff brush, decking cleanser, and some hard work.

When you powerwash your decking use the lowest setting so you don’t damage the wood.

Follow the lines as this enables water and suds to get into those grooved areas and come up really clean. If you have spindles, steps, or any fancy woodwork do that too.

As decking dries the wood will return to its lighter original shade. Now is a good time to inspect it for damage and make any repairs.

Once dry it’s time to sand the decking as scrubbing brings splinters to the surface.

Use an orbital sander or make small circles with a sheet of sandpaper. This creates a smooth surface that readily takes a new stain. Brush it down to remove dust.

Deck stains are available in a rainbow of colours and a bright choice will transform your garden instantly. If you can tie it to the colour of your fence or flower display it’ll pull the look together.

Apply paint in long strokes following grooves and leave it to dry overnight.

Your paint job will last longer if you seal it with wood protection paint the following day. Apply this as if it were another layer of paint.

Once all the coats have dried, scrub your furniture and plant up flower containers to enhance the new paint job.

That’s it!

Refreshing your deck is one of the simplest jobs around and it overhauls your useable outdoor space. It’s well worth the time.

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