What Can I Compost: 50 Items You Can & Can’t Put In Your Compost Bin

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What Can I Compost 50 Items You Can & Can’t Put In Your Compost Bin

Embarking on the journey of composting requires a keen understanding of what materials can be safely included and which ones are better left out.

This helpful guide presents a concise list of compost-friendly items alongside those that should steer clear of your compost bin.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can optimize your composting efforts for maximum efficiency and environmental benefit.

Join us as we unravel the mysteries of composting, item by item, to help you become a composting pro in no time!

What Can I Compost?!


Yes You Can Compost:

No You Can’t Compost:

Apple cores Bones
Banana peels Bounty paper towels
Bread Cheese
Brown paper bags Chicken bones
Cardboard Cooked food
Citrus Cooking oil
Clam shells Cereal boxes
Coffee filters In a plastic bin
Coffee grounds Meat
Corn cobs Napkins
Dryer lint Parchment paper
Egg shells Pasta
Grass clippings Pizza boxes
Lemon peels Plastic
Limes Raw meat
Newspaper Styrofoam
Orange peels Wax paper
Oranges Yogurt
Pine needles  
Pistachio shells  
Potato peels  
Rabbit poop  
Tea bags  
Tissue paper  
Watermelon rind  

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