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The UK's bestBladeless Fans2022 Review

What To Look For in a Bladeless Fans

If you want a bladeless fan for personal use, or to use in your home office, choose a small, compact desk fan. A fan of 60 cm or less is the best height to sit on a desk, side table, or bedside table

Choose a larger, free-standing tower fan to cool larger rooms. A fan that can move air at a rate of 100 m³/minute is suitable for standard living rooms/bedrooms (of approximately 20 m²). Tower fans use up floor space, so they aren’t the best option for smaller houses, but they are still reasonably compact.

Not all fans will oscillate, but they’re much better at circulating air if they can. For personal use, oscillation isn’t quite as important; however, the best bladeless fans will oscillate between 180 – 360°. This makes them more versatile overall, and better for use when more than one person is in the room.

Bladeless fans are generally quite quiet. If you only plan to use your fan during the day, a maximum noise level of 50 dB will be suitable. However, a decibel level of less than 30 is better for nighttime (and may help in the office too). A ‘sleep mode’ is also an excellent feature to look out for if using the fan at night – it’ll turn off after a set time.

The last thing to look out for is the fan’s speed settings. You’ll likely want a minimum of three speeds. If you’re sensitive to temperature changes, a fan with 8 – 10 speed settings can be more versatile.

My top recommendation is the Dyson AM06 Desk Fan. This is a compact 30 cm desk fan powered by Dyson Technology. It comes equipped with 10-speed settings, a 9-hour sleep timer and 360° oscillation. It’s quiet enough not to disturb sleep, and there’s also a remote control for changing settings from across the room. 

For more details about the Dyson AM06, as well as other bladeless fans, check out the reviews below.

What Are The UK's Best Bladeless Fans?

best-bladeless-fan Dyson AM06 Desk Fan
  • Small, compact desk fan
  • Powerful Dyson Technology
  • 9 hour sleep timer
best-bladeless-fan Dyson AM07 Tower Fan
  • Best bladeless fan for UK
  • Powerful Dyson Technology
  • 10 speed settings
best-bladeless-fan U ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan
  • Best value for money fan
  • Super slimline design
  • 9 speed settings & 3 wind modes
best-bladeless-fan U ULTTY Bladeless Fan with Air Purifier
  • Best bladeless fan and purifier
  • 11 speeds and 8hr timer
  • Easy operation and quiet
best-bladeless-fan electriQ Bladeless Quiet Tower Fan with Mood Light
  • Powerful fan for the money
  • Ambient lighting feature
  • Up to 7.5 hour sleep timer

Read Our Bladeless Fan Reviews

Small, compact desk fan, Powerful Dyson Technology, 9 hour sleep timer,

Dyson AM06 Desk Fan

best-bladeless-fan Dyson AM06 Desk Fan
  • Small, compact desk fan
  • Powerful Dyson Technology
  • 9 hour sleep timer
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Dyson AM06 Desk Fan Review

Dyson are pretty notorious for their bladeless technology nowadays, from hand dryers to heaters, and the Dyson AM06 Desk Fan is one of their most well-known home fan systems.

It’s small enough to sit on a desk or bedside table, offering the safety of blade-free cooling without the large size of the bigger AM07 model. One of its greatest benefits is how quietly it runs, particularly on the lowest of its 10 speed settings.

When set between level 1 and level 3, the fan emits a low-level hum that is suitable for sleeping, working, and watching TV. The higher settings are noisier, but offer more power.

There’s a remote control for changing the fan speed and oscillation settings, as well as a sleep timer that can schedule the fan to turn off after a set number of hours.

Coming from a well-known brand, this is more of a premium model than some bladeless fans and isn’t a budget option; however, it does seem to be a good quality option as a result.

Furthermore, it’s easy to clean and can be wiped over with a dry or damp cloth to stop dust from congregating.

It can oscillate through 360° and be tilted to direct the air depending on whether you are sitting or standing. There are some limitations on how much it can tilt though, so if positioned high up (such as on a chest of drawers) it can be difficult to tilt the fan sufficiently for the air to reach lower levels.

It’s one of the best bladeless fans if you want the reliability of the Dyson brand combined with blade-free technology. The price reflects the quality, brand and contemporary design, but may not be worth it for everyone when cheaper fans are available.


  • Safe for children and pets as there are no exposed blades or buttons for them to push
  • Easy to clean and wipe free of dust
  • Integrated timer function helps with sleep on hot nights - can be programmed to turn off at intervals from 15 minutes to 9 hours
  • Sleek and modern design looks good on most desks and bedside tables
  • Settings 1 - 3 are quiet enough for sleeping, working, and watching TV


  • Not powerful enough to be felt from across the room on most levels
  • Display light can't be turned off and may be disturbing at night
  • Remote control only works reliably when the fan's sensor is facing you - you generally need to wait for it to oscillate towards you before you can adjust settings using the remote
Best bladeless fan for UK, Powerful Dyson Technology, 10 speed settings,

Dyson AM07 Tower Fan

best-bladeless-fan Dyson AM07 Tower Fan
  • Best bladeless fan for UK
  • Powerful Dyson Technology
  • 10 speed settings
On sale at Amazon

Dyson AM07 Tower Fan Review

For bigger, open spaces, the AM07 Tower Fan combines Dyson’s well-known bladeless technology within a larger standing unit.

At 140 cm tall, this free-standing fan doesn’t need to be stood on a table or raised surface, and is a good height for cooling anyone at sitting-level. Whether you’re watching TV or trying to get to sleep, it’s an appropriate height and there are also some sufficiently quiet settings that aren’t distracting.

The Dyson AM07 has 10 fan speeds in total, and the two lowest (settings 1 and 2) are almost silent. This makes it suitable to use in any situation which might need a very quiet fan – from using it in the baby’s nursery, to keeping cool during video calls.

However, it should be said that the rest of the settings are not especially quiet, so you shouldn’t expect fan speed 10 to also be silent.

It’s easy to clean, simply by wiping with a dry or damp cloth, and is one of the best bladeless fans to go for if you’re looking for a larger, free-standing unit that’s safe to use around children and pets.

There’s a remote control, which allows the fan speed and oscillation to be changed from a distance, and it’s also possible to set a sleep timer. This will turn the fan off automatically after a set time.

Unlike the smaller AM06 unit, this fan can’t be tilted, so it’s not possible to aim the airflow upwards or downwards if required.

It also has a relatively high price tag, certainly compared to the other (non-Dyson) bladeless fans on this list. If you’re keen to buy a large bladeless fan from a well-known company, the AM07 certainly works well – but it does not necessarily deliver a whole lot more than a standard fan in terms of cooling power.


  • 10 speed settings with speeds 1 and 2 virtually silent
  • Remote control included so you can control the fan from a distance without leaving your chair
  • Integrated timer function is useful for hot nights - turns off at intervals from 15 minutes to 9 hours
  • Small footprint means that for a standing fan it does not take up too much space
  • Extremely modern design gives a highly contemporary appearance


  • Not overly powerful and effects are best felt if fan is angled towards you
  • Higher speed settings (4 - 6) can be quite noisy
  • Remote control requires sensor on fan to be angled towards you - often need to wait for fan to oscillate back round
Best value for money fan, Super slimline design, 9 speed settings & 3 wind modes,

U ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan

best-bladeless-fan U ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan
  • Best value for money fan
  • Super slimline design
  • 9 speed settings & 3 wind modes
Check Price on Amazon

U ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan Review

The U ULTTY Bladeless Tower Fan has features to make it suitable for both daytime and night time use. It has several higher-power settings to cool during the day, as well as lighter, quieter options that can come in handy at night. There is also a sleep timer and a remote control that works up to a maximum of ten metres away.

Standing at 128 cm, it’s not quite as tall as Dyson’s AM07, but is very streamlined and can be subtly stored in the corner of rooms without calling attention to itself.

When in use, this slimline fan oscillates through 90° and has a remote control from which you can select the fan speed, oscillation, sleep timer and working mode. As well as being able to choose between nine fan speeds, there are three ‘quick select’ modes – ‘strong mode’, ‘nature mode’ and ‘sleep mode’.

As an extra security feature, in addition to the fact there are no spinning blades, this fan will also automatically turn off if it is knocked over.

It’s also low power, running on 32 watts; however, there are negatives to its design as well.

Primarily, the remote control is not always very sensitive, which means it can be necessary to change the settings from the fan itself instead of the remote. This could be particularly inconvenient at night time, or for those with reduced mobility.

There are also some functions, such as the oscillation and sleep timer, that can only be controlled from the remote – inconvenient if the remote gets misplaced as well.

On the plus side, its LED display light can be dimmed, which is not the case for all bladeless fans, making it potentially less disturbing when sleeping.


  • Stylish, contemporary and premium quality tower design
  • Wide base means this fan is very stable, while tip-over protection will disconnect the power if it is knocked
  • Extremely quiet even on the highest setting
  • Comes with a range of effective settings including 9 speed settings, 3 modes and an 8 hour timer


  • The remote control is not always particularly sensitive
  • Some functions, like oscillation, can only be controlled using the remote control
Best bladeless fan and purifier, 11 speeds and 8hr timer, Easy operation and quiet,

U ULTTY Bladeless Fan with Air Purifier

best-bladeless-fan U ULTTY Bladeless Fan with Air Purifier
  • Best bladeless fan and purifier
  • 11 speeds and 8hr timer
  • Easy operation and quiet
Check Price on Amazon

U ULTTY Bladeless Fan with Air Purifier Review

Combining an air purifier with an oscillating fan, the U ULTTY Bladeless Fan with Air Purifier filters and cleans whilst it cools.

For this reason, it’s one of the best bladeless fans for anyone who suffers with dust allergies. The fan works to remove impurities from the air whilst delivering a cooling blast. Reports from customers suggest that it does improve air quality and make a noticeable difference for those who struggle with dust or pollen allergies.

It can oscillate 90° and also tilt through 15°, making it possible to angle as required; however, it does need to be positioned on a raised surface because at 68 cm tall it is more of a desk fan than a free-standing model.

The purifier uses a HEPA filter to capture dust, pollen, smoke and odours. These filters are replaceable, and replacements can be purchased separately (although one filter comes included). The fan can also be used without a filter, as a standard fan without any purifying function.

Also, for those who struggle with heat and air quality whilst nodding off, there is an eight hour timer so it can be programmed to automatically power down once you’re asleep.

There’s a remote control included, but the fan’s settings can also be adjusted by the touch-sensitive buttons on the unit itself.

Overall, it’s a good quality fan that can make a difference the the air quality as well as help with keeping cool during warm days and nights. One thing to bear in mind is that a CR2025 battery needs to be purchased separately for the remote, as one doesn’t come supplied.


  • Purifies the air as whilst cooling - good for people with allergies
  • Sturdy build that’s difficult to topple over
  • Fan is very quiet on sleep mode
  • Easy to install the air filter in just a few minutes


  • Power cable is a little short at 1.5 m, so some users may need an extension cord
  • Battery does not come included with remote control and needs to be purchased separately
Powerful fan for the money, Ambient lighting feature, Up to 7.5 hour sleep timer,

electriQ Bladeless Quiet Tower Fan with Mood Light

best-bladeless-fan electriQ Bladeless Quiet Tower Fan with Mood Light
  • Powerful fan for the money
  • Ambient lighting feature
  • Up to 7.5 hour sleep timer
On sale at Amazon

electriQ Bladeless Quiet Tower Fan with Mood Light Review

Bladeless fans are getting more multi-functional by the second, and the electriQ Bladeless Quiet Tower Fan is no exception. You might not even have considered combining a colourful mood light with a fan unit, but it can be a surprisingly useful feature.

The light is located in the centre of the fan, surrounding the ‘hoop’ opening; it can be either white, green, purple or blue and creates an ambient glow without being too bright. The result is a contemporary-looking lamp, combined with a fan, that doesn’t look unlike the modern EVE robot in Wall-E…

If you don’t want to use the light, either as a nightlight or colourful statement lamp, it can be switched off separately to the fan, so the fan function remains running.

The fan itself has three speed settings, can oscillate on its base, and has a sleep timer as well. The timer can be programmed for either 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, or 4 hours. This doesn’t give as many options as many other fans, but it will still help with saving electricity when sleeping.

On ‘quiet’ mode, which is the lowest fan setting, the noise is minimal, and suitable for most people to sleep with – it doesn’t deliver a particularly strong flow of air, but when positioned nearby seems sufficient for keeping cool on warm nights.

If you’re particularly sensitive to lights on at night, it might be worth bearing in mind that the fan’s current ‘mode’ is indicated by a small LED, and this can’t be turned off.

This is one of the best bladeless fans in terms of value for money, considering the included features and the price. For most, it may well seem like a purchase that’s easier to justify than some of the really high-end models. Plus, with the light included it could be positioned in a kid’s rooms, or in the corner of the lounge as an ambient lamp.


  • Ambien light is dim enough to be used as a nightlight
  • Quiet mode is sufficiently quiet for most people to go to sleep with
  • LED indicator lights make it easy to see at a quick glance exactly what mode the fan is on
  • Child friendly design combining light and bladeless technology


  • May not be quiet enough to sleep with on higher speed settings
  • Indicator LED lights can't be switched off and may be too bright for some people to go to sleep with

How to Choose The Best Bladeless Fan

Keeping cool during a heatwave can be difficult, especially in modern British homes which are built to retain heat (a blessing in winter, of course!).

When summer temperatures climb, having a cooling fan to hand can make it a lot easier to work, relax and sleep.

In particular, a bladeless fan is a good choice for families with children and pets. No spinning blades reduces the risk of accidents, and they tend to be a lot safer if knocked over too.

As with many products, there’s a baffling number of bladeless fans on the market; if you’re trying to work out which model to go for, the following information may help make things clearer:

Why Purchase a Bladeless Fan?

Bladeless fans boast a number of benefits over traditional fans, although they may not suit every household. If you’re wondering why you’d even want one in the first place, these are some of the most common advantages:

  • Bladeless fans are considered to be safer than traditional pedestal fans. This makes sense – there are no fast-spinning blades in sight. For this reason, they tend to be a better option for households with children or pets. Even though traditional fans have mesh grates, small fingers and animal fur can often still get through to the blades. Plus, if a rotary fan is knocked over, it’s not uncommon for the front grate to unclip and come off, exposing the blades.
  • Bladeless fans are easier to clean and harbour less dust than those with a metal grill or grate. A bladeless fan can generally be wiped down with either a dry or damp cloth. Unlike traditional blade fans, the dust has less places to gather; therefore, less dust is blown out into the room.
  • Bladeless fans tend to be quieter to fun than traditional fans – with no spinning blades, and no rickety metal casing, this seems logical.
  • Many people are attracted to the design of bladeless fans. Bladeless fans have a modern, minimalistic look, blending in with most contemporary décor. They’re generally sleek and understated, meaning they don’t detract from the space.

Power and Air Flow

Firstly, let’s briefly overview how a bladeless fan even manages to produce air. Bladeless fans work by pulling in air in several different ways. They often have a small bladed fan concealed in their base, which draws in some air. Then, the low pressure created within the fan’s hoop pulls in more air from behind. Air is forced out through the narrow slits in the hoop of the fan, and continues in this cycle.

How powerful the bladeless fan is will depend on its motor and how efficiently it carries out the previous steps.

Having more speed settings available doesn’t necessarily mean more power, it just gives you more choice to create your ideal environment for work, leisure or sleep.

Most fans do not work to cool down a room, as they have no way of cooling down the air – they only help it to circulate (which can produce a heat-wicking effect on skin). However, if you are trying to cool down a larger room, using a bigger fan (especially one positioned to draw air in from an open door or window) will be more effective than a smaller model.

Reading customer reviews online can give an accurate overview of how powerful a particular model is. Sometimes reading first-hand experience is the best way to get a feel for how a product really performs in the home.

Size, Shape and Style

Ensure you purchase a fan suited to the space you have available – bladeless fans are available as both free-standing and table-top models.

Tower fans are a great option for large rooms, and they can easily be tucked away in a corner. However, they will require more space to store away when not in use and might need to be left out. If you won’t want to leave the fan out year-round, make sure you have enough storage space as well. Alternatively, you could consider a smaller desk fan.

Desk fans stand at a height of around 60 cm and are good for side tables, bedside tables and desks. When buying a desk fan, it’s a good idea to check if there is a ‘tilt’ feature, because you may need to angle the airflow either up or down in order for it to reach you. 

Adjustable Settings

If you’re particularly keen to create a perfect working, relaxing or sleeping environment, you may want to look for a bladeless fan with more adjustability when it comes to settings.

Speed Settings

Even the most basic fan will tend to have at least two speed settings; however, more advanced fans can have around 10.

When there are fewer fan speeds to choose from, the lowest setting will likely be the least noisy. However, it might not be very powerful. The more speed settings there are, the slighter the gradient between each one. Therefore, you might be able to get slightly more fan power, whilst still keeping a volume that you can comfortably sleep and work with.


Some bladeless fans go one step further than just having speed settings and offer a choice of modes to choose from too. You may come across fans with:

  • Sleep mode: An easy way to put the fan on a quiet setting that shouldn’t be disturbing to sleep.
  • Nature/Breeze mode: This mode can simulate the eb and flow of a natural breeze. Instead of constantly blasting out air, the fan will vary the pressure with which air is expelled.
  • High-power mode: A pre-set mode that will instantly choose the highest power settings to give a strong blast of air.


Most, but not all, bladeless fans will be able to oscillate. The degree of the oscillation may also vary. Some bladeless fans are able to oscillate through 360°, whilst those designed for desktop use may oscillate around 90°. If you’re hoping for the fan to circulate air around a smaller room, 360° oscillation may help you better achieve this. Otherwise, for personal cooling, 90° will likely be sufficient.

Decibel Noise Level

Whether trying to sleep, work, or watch TV, you don’t want any loud whirring, buzzing or clunking disturbances interrupting your work.

Bladeless fans tend to be relatively quiet, although their higher-power modes may be no more silent than a traditional fan. It’s normally the lower settings that are touted as being particularly quiet. Their descriptions should mention how many decibels they produce.

If you’re after a particularly quiet fan, be wary of models that simply describe themselves as ‘quiet’ without including a decibel rating to back up the claim. Customer reviews can also be helpful to gain an honest overview about the noise a fan creates.

Likelihood is you’ll want to use the fan whilst sleeping in the summer, which means looking for something that ideally produces under 50 dB of noise. This is roughly the same level as the hum of a refrigerator.

If you’re a very light sleeper, you may need something quieter. For reference, 30 dB is considered equivalent to the sound of whispering, whilst 10 dB is considered similar to the sound of breathing.

As previously mentioned, fans with a lot of speed settings (over 10, for example) will allow more choice when it comes to noise. You may be able to have the fan on slightly stronger, whilst keeping the noise level down. If a fan has only three speed settings, the leap between each option will be more noticeable – you may find only the lowest option is sufficiently quiet.

Ability to Purify the Air

Some fans contain filters and can double-up as air purifiers. The ability to clean and purify the air is important for some people, especially those with allergies. A bladeless fan with a filter can actively capture dust, pollen, smoke and odours.

In general, bladeless fans seems a more logical choice for allergy sufferers than traditional fans. Not only because some models can actively purify the air, but because less dust gets trapped on a bladeless fan as well.

Bladeless Fan FAQs

How does a bladeless fan work? 

Bladeless fans have a very different mechanism to traditional blade fans. They use ‘Air Multiplier’ technology, which ‘multiples’ the air that is brought into it. Air enters the air at the base of the fan and is then pushed through a set of blades inside the fan. So technically the fan does have blades, we just can’t see them!

The air is then directed upwards where it is forced out of a narrow slip running around the circular hoop on top of the base. Where the slip narrows, the air is forced out faster and at a higher pressure. As the air flows through the slits in the tube, air behind the fan is drawn through the tube, while air surrounding the edges of the fan will also flow in the direction of the breeze.

How should I clean my bladeless fan?

Cleaning a bladeless fan is very simple.

Unplug the fan to prevent risk of injury, then wipe the inside of the hoop with a damp cloth. Use long, swift strokes.

Next clean the outer surfaces of the fan using a wipe or damp cloth. Then use the tube part of your vacuum cleaner to vacuum any vents that are visible around the base of the fan. Use a dry paper towel to remove any excess dust or dirt.

Remove the circular section from the base of the fan (provided this is possible with your model) and wipe away any dust from inside the fan with a cloth. Reassemble the fan once both pieces are free from dust and fully dry.

Are bladeless fans strong? 

As bladeless fans multiply the airflow that enters at the base, they do produce a good airflow. However, they don’t tend to be a huge amount stronger than pedestal fans, and instead are more expensive due to their design and technology.

Are bladeless fans better for allergies?

Dust can sit on the blades of traditional tower or pedestal fans and get blown into the room when the fan is switched on. Bladeless fans manage to avoid this issue which makes them better for asthma and allergy-sufferers. They deliver a steady and powerful airflow which, provided you clean your fan every once in a while, shouldn’t affect those with allergies.

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